2018 – 19 SCHOOL YEAR


We had started Kabir at a previous nursery 2 years ago and decided to switch him to Ladybird shortly after.  We surely saw the difference in the approach of the teachers when we joined his previous (Yellow) class with Ms Tehniyat and felt the care and focus continued in his current Green Class with Ms Andrea as well.  Kabir seems to be an absolute fan of Ms Andrea, which we are very happy to see when we drop him off and pick him up.  Kabir has made some great friends and sits with us every day after his Nursery as daddy shares his office routine and Kabir shares his stories about his friends and activities from the day.  We will surely miss the teachers and staff along with all the amazing friendships Kabir has made.

Thank you to Ms Cilla (Principal) as well for always being around to answer any of our questions and share her advice with what’s next for Kabir following our move out of Dubai.

Thank you

Farha & Sushil Karam


Latifa is our third child that attended Ladybird for pre-school education.  We believe in the outstanding Montessori approaches being offered.  It has contributed to Latifa’s and her siblings motor and personal skill along with their love for exploration and learning.

The administration staff and academic team are all great, and we always leave to the big school with many beautiful memories.

Thank you

Maryam and Ali




Thank you Ladybird Nursery for a great experience that Sofia had since she joined.   Also us as parents, we are very very happy that we made a perfect choice by trusting you with our kids.

They have developed so much and every day they team so many new things so it is very obvious how much time, are and love you put into teaching them new things.

Special thanks to Ms Maryke and Ms Lynette we will really miss you.

Sofia is always excited when she has to go to Nursery, she loves the time she spends there.

To be honest, I am a bit sad that time came that she needs to change the school, I wish she can stay in Ladybird a bit longer …..   but eh they grow fast.

Big thank you!

From Mehawej Family

We will miss you……


Ladybird Nursery is remarkable!

Going the extra mile at every opportunity to make the children’s experience an amazing one.Over the last year we have seen Blake dramatically develop in all aspects of learning and character.

Blake absolutely loves every minute of his experience with Ladybird Nursery and he is growing, learning and blossoming into a confident and happy young boy.

The foundational structure of the school is the best we have ever experienced and has set a very high standard for us going forward.

Everything about Ladybird Nursery is excellent. The principal and the teachers as well as administrators and security staff are really in tune with each child’s needs. Always there for any questions and always helpful and informative.

Thank you to all the Ladybird Nursery staff for being truly compassionate and understanding individuals. Your care is appreciated.

Mike and Jen Beukman


Our daughter has been a part of the Ladybird nursery JVC, from 4 months of age, when I returned to work.

Like any new Mummy I was very nervous to leave my baby at such a young age, but from day one, I knew we had made the right decision.

The team at Ladybird is phenomenal from all the teachers; our daughter has had from the start to the end and all the support staff, who have seen her through her nursery journey with love, support and laughter.

A special mention, of course has to go to Ms. Helen, who as the head, teacher has often guided me through the various next stages / Parenting hurdles, with honesty, pragmatism, and with her own ‘Mummy’ lens cap on.

The facilities in the nursery are also World Class, from a tardis looking outside, the building opens up in to what can only be described as a Toddler wonderland, with Splash pads for water sensory play, reading corners, and nature areas.

We can only hope that the rest of Lara’s scholastic career goes along the same lines as this very first special chapter, which is one of the reasons we decided to go with the follow on school…Arcadia.

My husband and I would both like to thank everyone at the nursery, for everything they have done for us and especially Lara.  Graduation day will be an emotional one for all…but thankfully our son will join the brilliant team in September.


This was our son Tomás’ first year at Ladybird and it has been a wonderful journey.

We have seen how much he has learned in terms of play and knowledge (from numbers and planets to Music, French & Arabic), but have also seen him grow in confidence and independence.

We also appreciated as parents events such as the Winter Concert, the Sports Day, the International Day that filled us with pride and community spirit.

It has been special to see Tomás blossom alongside such multicultural, diverse peers and environment.

Thank you to Miss Seshni, Miss Louisa, Miss Rosie, Miss Nardjas, Miss Maysel for their brilliant work. And thank you to Ms Helen for all the chats and reassurance and of course for overseeing it all with such competence and motherly care.



Dear Team,

Being a part of the Ladybird family is so much more than just a nursery. Savannah has absolutely blossomed in the Delightful Dragonflies class this year and adores Ms. Sian, Ms. Fe and Ms. Jona.

The facilities, curriculum, interactive sessions and great activities like the petting zoo day and space dome activation is what makes this learning centre great. But what makes it truly special is the team.  The love and dedication they have shown for Savannah is incredible and makes being a working mum a bit easier to manage and less stressful. We know that when Savannah is at LB ELC she is in great hands.

Thank you for everything guys, we appreciate it.

Best Regards

Elsa & Nicholas Brooks


Finding a reputable nursery for our son was quite difficult and challenging. As we visited a few nurseries we had certain expectations of what we were looking for. From the minute we walked into Ladybird we felt that it was right place for Amir. We are very fortunate and extremely satisfied with the school performance as a whole. Offering lots of high energy and fun play learning. The variety of activities and open plan of the rooms are wonderful. The staff is truly amazing.

My son has settled into the nursery very quick and has loved it very much. As a parent I’ve been kept well informed of my child’s progress and I appreciate the teacher’s support, patience, and kindness which has helped inspire my son’s confidence. I would highly recommend Ladybird to anyone looking for a warm welcoming environment for their kids where they can thrive and achieve their best. Thank you Ladybird for your support and for giving Amir the opportunity to learn and grow.



My daughter SUMMER has been at ladybird nursery(dragonflies class) for over one  month. We love this nursery.At this nursery, glass replaces the walls, making children feel more free and more open,students  from different countries have a variety of feelings for children.

SUMMER has always been breastfed and taken care of by me. So she is more dependent on me than other children. To help her adapt more quickly, the teacher learned simple Chinese. With the teacher’s patience and professional step-by-step guidance, she has now adapted to the life at the nursery. I am glad to see her progress in the last month. English is not our first language, but now SUMMER  can speak more and more English. In fact, my English is not very good, but the teachers and the other staff are very patient to communicate with me at any time.

Choosing ladybird nursery is a very wise choice for us. Because all the staff at the  nursery are very friendly, you can feel that they really like children.



We really love Ladybird Nursery. The whole team are excellent and very supportive to the parents, especially Ms Helen and Ms Emmina who really helped to put my mind at ease when I left my little girl there for the first time and we are so happy to know how much our little girl really enjoys the time she spends there. From the moment you walk into Ladybird you feel it is a special place where you feel happy to know your little boy or girl are learning, making friends and enjoying their time there. We highly recommend it to any parent looking for that special place to send their child.





I remember Leana was just 6 months when she joined the nursery. Was really a bit confused on how she can spend long hours away from home at this very young age!

Fortunate, this has paid off positively & Leana is happy to be part of your family for the past 2 yearsJ

She has really learnt a lot with your various & effective teaching skills.

Lady Bird is really a caring & a cozy oriented environment in which Leana is everyday excited to go to nursery.

Every time we pass by the nursery in the weekends, she shouts “Ladybird”!!

On behalf of Leana & myself, I would like to thank all the staff & teachers at Lady Bird for their continuous smiles & care to all the kids out there!


Leana & Moun


Aedan has had a wonderful time growing up at Ladybird.

Miss Nicole and Miss Zee have helped Aedan to learn and develop sound foundation skills that we believe will enable Aedan to have a good start at school.

Aedan has gained confidence and developed in character.  My husband Iain and I would like to thank the team at Ladybird for all that you have done for Aedan.

Faith Murray




Ladybird nursery is more of a family than just a school, the administration and staff members are beyond amaizing in how they do their job with so much grace and patience,especially towards the little one’s.everyday I walked in my daughter Anna I left with peace of mind to know she is in good hands,.

Anna looks forward to attend classes everyday, shes learnt alot and made good friends..

Thank you ladybird nursery we will miss you!




Faisal has been at Ladybird for two years and it ceases to amaze us how much he has grown and learnt throughout those years.

During his time at the Red Class, he enjoyed a year full of happiness and positive nurturing.  His creativity has blossomed with all the wonderful arts and crafts activities he has done throughout the year.  He is always proud to bring his work home to hang on the walls and talk about what he has learnt.

Faisal is a very active little boy and as such has loved the outdoor areas in the Nursery.  He loves the sand area and being able to pretend he is at a construction site!

Ms Maryke has had a very positive impact on Faisal.  He constantly speaks of her at home and can’t wait to go back the next day to share his stories with her.  She has taken special care with Faisal and truly is dedicated in providing the best experience for every child.  She has adapted the way he learns to what best suits him and has thoughtfully brought in resources to match his interests in animals, construction even the colour green that he loves so much.

Ms Lynette has been with Faisal since his first year at Ladybird and as such he always will look for her when he is not feeling his best.  She truly is caring towards him and has helped him settle so well when he started this year in his new class.  Faisal also loves having her in his after school activities that he has also enjoyed so much.

Ms Ruvini and Ms Chandani thank you for also being a part of Faisal’s journey at Ladybird, thank you for taking care of him and allowing him to participate in all the different activities.

We really appreciate the love and care Faisal has received from his teachers and the Ladybird family and although he is saying goodbye his year to go on to “Big School” he keeps reminding us that he will be coming back next year to bring in his baby sister to join the Ladybird family once again.

Waleed and Muna

7th May 2019


After touring a ton of nurseries in Dubai we enrolled Miya into Ladybird because it’s clean, organised and its awesome staff.  They are all so kind and helpful.  They made us feel completely at home and comfortable.  Miya loves her teachers here, specially Ms Rita and team in Butterflies Class.  Ms Nicole and Ms Zee and team in Orange Class.

The teachers/Nurses call me anytime there is even a slight concern and ask for my approval before any decisions are made.  The parent’s posts/seesaw make you feel involved in the daily activities of your child.

Ladybird always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents.  Miya loves her teachers and also her friends and the last but not least, all the fun learning activities (especially the Splash Pad).

Ladybird is also a safe place for our child.  I know when I drop her off she’s going to have a great day and there is no worry on my part.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, especially being wonderful mentors to Miya.

Lots of Love

Miya and family


Both of our sons spent a couple of years each at Ladybird Nursery and it’s been marvellous.

All of their teachers have been wonderful, and every staff member has been lovely and caring, without exception.

The atmosphere is calm, very organised without being too strict, and entirely centred on the children.  Our boys have had so many enriching experiences!

Communication is excellent, whether with teacher, admin or management.  Even the security guard have been delightful.

Our experience with Ladybird has been wonderful and the Nursery has our complete confidence.  Thank you!  We would unhesitatingly recommend Ladybird to anyone, and wish you all the best.

Maxim, Alex, Maja and Andrew Whitworth


The Ladybird experience has been a hugely positive experience for both Amber and Allegra and ourselves, from the moment they joined to now we have seen so much growth in skills and confidence in both of them.  The care, professionalism and family feel has been a joy to be part of the Ladybird family.

A special thank has to go to the ladies who make Green Class so special, the enthusiasm and specialised focus has helped the girls hugely and we can start the unknown of “Big School” with the confidence that they are fully equipped to manage it, their skills, communication and confidence have grown leaps and bound over the last year.  We wish they could stay at Ladybird forever as they are so happy theses and have made some wonderful friendships over the past years.

Thank you again for all your care, guidance and comfort, we will miss you all hugely.

James, Isabel, Amber and Allegra



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faculty at Ladybird for all your hard work and care through the past year.

The staff are absolutely amazing.  They are kind, caring and friendly individuals.  From the moment we enter the Nursery and Mr Kez (security guard) greets us by calling Kollins’ name, it gives us a sense of comfort.

Ladybird has been a fabulous Nursery experience for Kollins and it has provided her with the best start to her educational life. We feel very fortunate to have had Ladybird a part of our lives for the past year.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to her amazing teacher Ms Andrea for her outstanding teaching, patience and loving manner.  At first we were a bit worried that Kollins will not settle in easily as she was so attached to us, but all our worries were gone on the very first day.  The setting in process was managed expertly by Ms Andrea and the result was a happy child who is excited everyday looking forward to go to nursery.

Thank you also to Ms Donna for her kindness, support, caring and excellent teaching.  Kollins is so blessed to have such amazing teachers.

Big thanks to Ms Chandanie for all your hard work and love.  Also Ms Darshini for your help and care.  Kollins had an awesome year at Ladybird and it has been Kollins’ second home.

As Kollins prepares to leave Ladybird for big school we feel completely confident that she has been give the best possible start.

A big thank you to Ms Cill and all her team for what has been a wonderful year.

We have had recommended Ladybird and definitely will continue recommending to all our friends in Dubai.

We will miss everyone at Ladybird next year.  Thanks a lot and we will miss you soo much!

Kollins, Mastaneh & Taeed


A friend recommended Ladybird Nursery as we had not found a nursery that felt right for our daughter.  Because of the distance we first hesitated, however from the moment we stepped in, we knew it would be special.  It wasn’t just the setting, but mainly the warmth of the place.  All members of staff seem highly engaged in the children’s learning and the children were confident and happy.


Aaminah has enjoyed every minute of her time in Green class at Ladybird Nursery.  The teachers are not only highly skilled, they are loving, caring and consistent.  She has become very independent and it has been great to see her grow from strength to strength.  Her learning experience has been captured through interesting topic choices and activities.  I am truly amazed by how much information she has retained.  The hands on experience of Montessori with Ms Chandanie has challenged Aaminah to become more creative in her thinking and learning.  For Aaminah, Green Class has been a fun place to learn and play.  Not only has she thrived in its environment in every possible way, it has given her a great foundation for her future learning and success.

Aaminah formed good relationships with her previous class teachers, but in her tiny little heart she as a very special place for Ms Andrea, Ms Donna and Ms Darshini.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  Ms Andrea I would like to thank you for always being so supportive and understanding.  We will miss you all!

Lots of Love

Abbas, Sonia, Aaminah and Baby Khadijah


We are so happy we chose Ladybird for Rheana.  We have seen her grow into a much more confident and an independent child since she joined the nursery.

The kindness and professionalis show by Ms Louise and her team was always beyond our expectations.  They make each and every child feel special whilst providing them the skills required to transition from pre-school to ‘Big school’. The genuine affection and care shown by each and every member of blue class is what impresses us as parents the most.  We definitely think our daughter has progressed beautifully under their care.

We would definitely recommend Ladybird Nursery to all our friends and family who are looking for a nurturing and a wonderful environment for their child.

Bhavisha and Mayur Raipancholia


When we first enrolled Hector at Ladybird, we knew instantly that this was not just another nursery, it was a community that ensured the very best for each and every one of the children in their care.  All the staff at Ladybird I’ve encountered have been highly committed and motivated, and have ensured Hector has been successfully engaged in learning in a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment.  You know you’ve made the right decision when every member of staff from class teachers, assistants, security and Head teacher know your son’s name, it provides you with confidence that individual strengths, gifts and talents of all children in their care are developed to their full potential.

Our experience at Ladybird has undoubtedly been made all the more special by the professionalism, endless enthusiasm and sense of fun that Ms Andrea, Ms Donna, Ms Darshini and Ms Chandanie have brought to the Green Class.    Hector has regularly come home with various stories from his day that have made us all chuckle – usually one that involves a superhero cape, friends and a bad guy!  They have all shown they care deeply about the academic progress of Hector, but in my mind, more importantly his emotional and personal development.  They’ve nurtured his confidence in fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy through a varied programme of interesting topics and activities.  Hector is a natural story teller and loves dress-up and role play, and I am grateful that Ms Andrea and Ms Donna have provided ample opportunities to allow Hector to do Show and Tell, perform in class shows or facilitate the re-enactment of a superhero rescue in soft play!

Hector has made such lovely friends in Green Class and we will be so sorry to leave.  I just hope Hector’s experience of FS2 is as successful as FS1 has been.  The memories he has made here at such a crucial time of his development and fostering a love of learning will not be forgotten.  Thank you so much!

Lucy and Ben


Milla joined Ladybird in April 2018 and has without a doubt loved every minute of her time here.

Our son went to Ladybird before starting school in 2017 and so it was a very easy decision for us that Milla wold have the same experience.  WE love the gentle settling in period which really helped Milla to know she was in a safe and loving environment.  The staff retention here really shows and gives a very friendly atmosphere, which helps to make the children and parents at feel at ease.

Milla skips in most mornings and has so much fun here.  Thank you to Ms Rita, Ms Rina, Ms Louise, Ms Kumari, Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-Anne, Ms Roshini for their expert care with Milla.  Milla will start school in September having only turned 3 at the end of August, but we are not worried as we feel Ladybird has really helped her to be “school ready” and wanting to learn more and to be independent.

Thank you for everything!

Kim, Lee, Oliver and Milla


Jenisha started Ladybird Nursery in September 2018.  Since then I am very happy with her progress there.  Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-Anne and Ms Roshini have been very warm and welcoming.

I am so glad to know that my daughter is in a very safe and caring environment.  After going to Ladybird, Jenisha has opened up so much and is now less clingy to mommy.  She has improved a lot in her personal social skills.

She enjoys going to the Nursery every morning and even at pick up time I can see her engaged in classroom activities.

I would like to thank Yellow Class teachers and the other staff for being so supportive and dedicated.

We will miss the Nursery.

Thank you

Bhatki, Mihir & Jenisha


Nina began her first day at Ladybird in April 2016, when she was seven months old.  Nina’s big brother Tommy was at Ladybird at the time and this nursery was the obvious choice of us.

Nina very quickly established herself at the top of her class (Bambino Bumblebees), for the sole reason that she was the only kiddie in it!  That didn’t last long and Nina very quickly had to learn to share both Ms Hania and all of the lovely toys and puzzles in the classroom, for the remainder of the year and the following year in Bumblebee Class.

In the next school year (2017/18), Nina joined Yellow class with Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-anne, Ms Roshini and a whole new group of friends to learn and play with.  Nina loved to pain and play with the paper and glue.  She learned all about shapes, colours and numbers and she has fond memories of playing dress up, the soft lay area and looking after Olly the Octopus!  Nina also loved dressing up for the National Day Celebrations and the winter and summer singalong concerts.  For Nina’s final year at Ladybird (2018/19), she joined the Green Class for FS1 Curriculum with Ms Andrea and Ms Donna.  These lovely ladies have really brought out the very best in Nina.  Nina loves Ladybird with a huge amount of wonderful memories and the confidence and skills to take things to “Big Girl School”.

Lizzie and I would like to thank all of the brilliant teachers and support staff who have helped Nina along with the incredible journey.  We wish the Nursery every success in the future.

Lots of love

Dom, Lizzie, Tommy and Nina.


Entrusting our children (Viraaj & Ishaan) to Ladybird Nursery is the best decision we have made for our kids.  The team is very committed, encouraging, patient and easy to talk to.

We have been particularly impressed with Ishaan’s language skills as English is not spoken as the first language at home, in fact, Ishaan would only talk in Hindi when he joined Ladybird.  In less than a month’s time with the efforts of Miss Louise, Miss Ingrid and Miss Kumari he started to talk only in English.

Ishaan wakes up every morning with a lot of excitement to go to nursery and has formed excellent relationship with Blue Class teachers especially Miss Louise and I just love the fact at the end of the day, I get to pick up a happy kid who has experienced yet another wonderful day in his life.

There is something very special about every member of the staff knowing your child’s name. Thank you Ladybird and all the wonderful people that make it such a happy place.  We highly recommend Ladybird Nursery to every parent out there, it is the best place you can choose for your child.

Loads of love and luck

Nicky, Ditika, Viraaj & Ishaan.


Yafa is our only child, we were and still are overprotective of her and that is why when we took the decision to send her to nursery, we conducted a thorough search and short listed (9) nurseries.

We visited all of them and eventually selected Ladybird to be the place we trust with Yafa.

What caught our eyes at first was the fact that they have been in business since 1996, then we came to know that Ms Priscilla (Principal) and a lot of her staff have been working at in Ladybird for many years, late we came to meet with the owner on several occasion and came to know that she is actively involved.

Other points that made us choose Ladybird were how diverse the school is in terms of the nationality and the background of the children and the staff, how happy yet very organized the children were every time we visited both in class and in the various indoor or outdoor areas of the nursery.

Ms Maryke actively engaged in a conversation with us regarding some concerns we had over how Yafa would settle in, she cleared all our confusions and worked on an action plan with us that made Yafa settle in less than a week.

Yafa achieved all what we wanted for her to achieve from her time at the Nursery and more, she never spoke English before and in less than a year she now can converse comfortably in it, we are very pleased with her physical and mental development but most importantly our hearts are filled with joy seeing how happy she is and how she developed socially, all of this is thank to the effort of Ms Maryke, Ms Lynette, Ms Ruvini and the rest of the Nursery’s team.

When the time came for us to take the decision for Yafa’s next step (the big school) we were really confused, Ms Pricilla and Ms Maryke provided us with guidance, their advice was helpful and would only come from someone who is genuinely caring for Yafa and her best interest and not the short term profit, this is something we value a lot and will never forget.

We are very happy and satisfied with the Nursery, we are thankful and grateful for the team and if we go back in time we will only choose Ladybird Nursery and the Red Class for Yafa and in the future and in the future if we ever blessed with other children we would only choose Ladybird Nursery and hope that they will be in the Red Class with Ms Maryke.

Manar and Ahmad

22nd April 2019

2017 – 18 SCHOOL YEAR


“Our daughter started at the nursery at 21 months and stayed there for 18 months before moving on to Foundation Stage 1 at another school and so our experience of Ladybird was extensive – and wholly positive.

First and foremost our daughter loved her time there. That was best illustrated by the fact that whenever we went to collect her she never seemed to want to leave. She always hung around, playing outdoors in the cooler months or simply riding around on the tricycles indoors during the hot spells. The fact she was always happy and relaxed to stay on after the time when she was due to leave was, to us, a sure sign that she was happy there.

From a parental point of view, there were many aspects of the nursery that we liked. The fact it wasn’t large meant it presented our daughter with a good transition from home to academic life, without overwhelming her. We also liked the fact that the staff were all so friendly and accommodating and all of them seemed to know our daughter’s name, whether or not they were teaching her. That gave us the impression of a real family feel to the place.

There was flexibility too. Sometimes, for example, if our daughter didn’t sleep well, we would bring her to nursery late and that was never frowned upon; similarly, when we wanted to transition her towards the longer school hours she would experience at FS 1, it was easy for us to extend her nursery hours without any hassle at all.

The teachers were wonderful and professional and our daughter loved every one of those she interacted with, and the teaching assistants, similarly, were wonderfully caring and nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble.

Additionally, the camps in the breaks between term-time allowed us to continue our daughter’s routine, something we valued a great deal.

We found the place to be a terrific community and our daughter found herself in a whirl of parties during weekends as parents interacted.

Ladybird was a fantastic way for our daughter to move from living and interacting with her family to a point where she was comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her peers. It meant that when she moved to school, the next stage of her education, she was able to do so seamlessly.”


Father of Aariana Sonia Dabas Murgatroyd, Ladybird student January 2017 – July 2018


“Ladybird” I am in love with this Nursery since years now.  My daughter was the one who didn’t want to leave after two years and so is my son, he’s extremely upset that he’s leaving Ladybird.  This Nursery has given all the values to both my kids, which includes manners, self confidence, power of talking, being friendly, respection food and they have become excellent in their academics.

He’s become so good at naming shapes, colours, numbers, alphabets and much more, I have less pages and a lot to write about “Ladybird” as it been very close to my heart.  Both my kids were so comfortable and got settled so well.  Earlier it was Miss Sultana who I still miss and its Ms Nicole, whose been the best teacher for my son.  Ms Nicole has been so supportive and so loving towards al the kids she gives all her time and effort to all the kids, I was glad I had Ms Nicole as my son’s teacher this year.  He’s built up a very strong base and is leaving this Nursery with all the beautiful memories and have created an extremely strong emotions toward all the class helpers.  Thank you sooo much.



There is nothing more precious to a parent than their child and one of the most important decisions to make as a parent is finding the right childcare where you can rest assured that your child is safe.  From the moment I met Priscilla, the front of staff team and the teachers I was very comfortable entrusting Isaac to them and I could immediately see that the Nursery is a caring and secure environment.  Isaac’s journey began with Ms Rita, who he built an immediate bond with due to her gentle and caring nature.  I noticed huge leaps in his social and emotional development which was then strengthened when he moved to Ms Nicole’s class this year.  I have been so happy and how settled Isaac has been in the Orange class and the team including Nicole, Amy, Nikki and Sylvia have far exceeded our expectations.  Isaac’s so excited to arrive every morning and I always walk away happily knowing that he will be having a great time participating in climbing or riding bikes outdoors, playing sand, music and movement or singing with Ms Maysel.  Ms Nicole and the team organize a range of activities to keep the children’s minds stimulated.  It’s wonderful to know that Isaac is happy, engaged and learning everyday he goes to nursery and I enjoy listening to all the stories of the day that he comes home with.

Isaac’s confidence has grown so much during his time in the Orange Class and it’s very clear how much experience the teachers have, the staff are incredible, gentle and patient.  My youngest son will be joining Ladybird next year, and I hope he’s as lucky to be taught by Ms Rita, Ms Nicole and their teams.  Isaac has had a brilliant start to his education, and that’s thanks to everyone at Ladybird, so thank you so much and see you next year!

Sarah and Ibrahim


From the moment my husband and I walked in to the Ladybird Early Learning Centre in JVC, we just loved it, from the friendly staff, to the modern well thought out building, and all the educational / fun based toys, we could not have been more impressed.

I believe as an ex pat it can be incredibly hard, especially, as a first time parent to make ‘day care’ decisions for your little one.  For us and our daughter, Ladybird from day one has delivered, it has been completely the right environment to develop her individuality, and nurture her as she has gone from a ‘baby in arms’ to a toddler, a little touch of ‘home away from home’ in a completely secure safe environment

Comments from our extended family as they have also expressed their amazement at facilities, the staff and all that it encompasses, have cemented further our own feelings towards the nursery.

We feel incredibly lucky that our daughter has hard this start to her educational life and can only hope that our future choices and expectations are so well met!

Thanks to all the team that have made it possible!


My son has been a student at Ladybird JVC Branch since he was a 1 year old baby and is now a flourishing 2 and a half year old boy. The teachers and staff at the school really nurture each child and they are in very safe hands. As for child development and academics, the curriculum is perfect for engaging with children at such a young age and teaching them the fundamentals. I am so happy with our choice of nursery; I feel that with Ladybird we have set him on the path for a life time of learning.






We have only been with Ladybird for a short amount of time but it has felt like we’ve been part of the family for years. The staff are caring and go out of their way to help as much as they can. The communication between school and home is great- I really feel I know what my daughter is doing and how she is getting on. I would happily recommend Ladybird to anyone who wanted a nurturing, happy, stimulating pre-school for their child.  Charlotte has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Ladybird nursery and will it miss very much when she moves on. Thank you for everything that you have done for us.

Lyndsay and Simon Wing




We absolutely loved Ladybird JVC from the day we first visited. The facilities are fantastic; such a light, airy spacious environment for our little one to be in. Amy started at Ladybird when she was 9 months old and has been so happy in the baby class. The teachers and staff are all extremely professional a well as being friendly, caring and trustworthy. We feel so comfortable leaving Amy in their care. The teachers use an app for sharing pictures and information on what the kids have been up to, and we love receiving these images showing how much fun Amy is having with her classmates and being able to see the activities she is taking part in. We thank the teachers and staff who have looked after Amy so well this year and encouraged her development and we look forward to seeing how she progresses in her next class next year. Richard & Clare (parents to Amy now 16 months).




I believe Ladybird is one of the top nurseries in UAE.

From the moment I entered the premises I was amazed by the cheerfulness that I felt & that was the main reason I decided to choose Ladybird for my child.

My child learned a lot going to nursery & she would ask me daily that she wants to go to nursery because she enjoys it a lot.

I would definitely enroll my next child to Ladybird without thinking twice!

We will miss you till we meet again 🙂



Amelia, Wilfred & Cauis have spent two very happy years at Ladybird.  It was recommended highly by several of our friends and we are delighted we went with the recommendation – it has a wonderful, nurturing atmosphere. We have all the different areas for the children to play in from bikes, to sand, to water play but most of all have love the fact that Amelia, Wilfred and Caius are so happy each and every morning to be going in to Nursery and this is a huge testament to the love, care and attention they receive.

A huge thank you to all the teachers and everyone at Ladybird!

With best wishes

Eric, Emma, Amelia, Wilfred & Caius



The last 2 years at Ladybirds have been amazing for myself and my son. The community feel of the place is unparalleled. This is the first nursery I’ve ever seen that is purpose built with so much open space and light. It’s a perfect environment for little ones  especially in a place like Dubai where the hot weather and dust keeps them indoors a lot. I will terribly miss Ladybirds and all it’s warm staff.






Our eldest son started at Ladybird in 2014, as soon as we visited we received a homely welcome and knew instantly it was the place for him, and it was the best choice we made.  Therefore without a doubt we knew Shaan would also be joining at Ladybird. And of course the same as our eldest son Sen, Shaan also enjoys his time at Ladybird Nursery.  He is very fond of Miss Nicole and all his teachers, who have helped in his learning and development.  We love Montessori philosophy applied at Ladybird, we have seen Shaan build his independence through this.

He loves music, singing, story time, Shapes we didn’t even know he knew and all this has come through the wonderful staff.  Shaan enjoys a cuddle with Miss Nicole, she is so caring and gives us a great peace of mind that he is in good hands.  We highly recommend Ladybird for early years learning.

We thank Miss Nicole, Miss Amy, Miss Sylvia, Miss Chandanie and all the Ladybird team in making our sons early years learning a truly amazing experience and giving them the best start to their primary education.

Hardeep, Sawan, Sen & Shaan


This isn’t our first wonderful experience at Ladybird Nursery; it is our second!  Our elder son went to the establishment “Tiny Home” Nursery and we were very pleased and impressed back then itself.  We knew right from then, that our second child would also definitely attend this nursery.

Aditi has progressed so well at “Ladybird Nursery”; she has really picked up on her grasp of English Language and has become a more confident and sociable individual.  She loves going to Ladybird nursery; right from the ever friendly and cheerful Ms Jenny to her wonderful teachers and staff in class – Ms Maryke, Ms Ingrid, Ms Chandnie – she adores everyone at the nursery.  They all make it such a warm, kind and caring environment for her.

Special thanks to Ms Sarah and Ms Elaine at the front desk for helping me co-ordinate with the class teacher for events, fee payments, field trips and any other assistance I require as I am working mom.

Aditi will definitely miss the Red class and her new friends who she keeps talking about.  We thank you from the bottom of our hears for helping us prepare her for big school.  We are always happy to recommend Ladybird to our family and friends.


Abhilash, Shilpa, Dhruv & Aditi


When we send our kids out into the world of education for the first time, we hope they receive an extension of the care and attention we give them at home.  Many thanks to the management, staff and teachers at Ladybird for providing such a rich, varied and stimulating environment to light the spark of learning; Mrs Nicole has set the bar high for Pranav’s future teachers!  Her diligence, individual attention and genuine concern for Pranav’s all round progress has shown in his social, emotional and intelligence growth over the year.

We are very happy with the Montessori Philosophy applied throughout and highly recommend Ladybird Nursery.

Thank you Sarah, Elaine & Ms Cilla and most of all Mrs Nicole for the wonderful year

Himanshu, Rashi, Pranav (& hopefully Dhyana soon)!


We love the “Ladybird Nursery” from the day we enter inside first time, we love the whole set up of Nursery which is very children friendly.  I still remember when we are looking for the Best Nursery for Kabir and we are checking with many of our friends then we came know about “Ladybird Nursery”.

Kabir loves “Ladybird Nursery” very very much and also his teachers Ms Maryke, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid and Ms Roshini.  He talks a lot about them.  We are very happy with his progress he knows every child’s name from his class even all teachers and staff.  He also talks and knows what he learns in the class.  Everyday I see him learning new things and so he looks so “refresh and in a happy mood” which gives me more and more confidence that my child is in “correct hands” (Ladybird Nursery and sweaty pie Ms Maryke).

I love to feel the experience of Ladybird Nursery’s warm welcome everyday by each and every staff member.

I am very happy with the “Bus Service”.  Ms Jenny is very co-operative and very lovely person with a big smile on her face always.  Kids love her presence.

Now term is going to be over Kabir is ready to move to “Big School” All Big Thanks to all his “Teacher” who taught him so much.  We are going to Miss Ladybird Nursery and it’s members big time.

Special thanks to you Ms Maryke, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid, Ms Roshini for always being there for Kabir to feel like a home in the Nursery.

Best regards

Amrit, Parvinder and Kabir


Even before Viraaj was born we knew our child would join only “Ladybird Nursery” as we had seen all our close friends children transform from shy kids to independent, confident kids.

Like our friends, our experience of the nursery has been fantastic too and we would definitely recommend it to others.   Viraaj has bloomed at the nursery.  We put much of this down to the care, love and attention he has received at the nursery.  He is definitely having the best time of his life.  He has made some amazing friends for life.  He loves all his teachers too and looks forward to “Splash pad” time every week.

Thank you to all our teachers for making the last two years of our life very very special.  By not only enhancing Viraaj knowledge but by supporting me to help him understand better.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude toward the entire Ladybird Staff, teachers, assisting teachers, the admin staff.   We will miss you all very much.  Wishing you most and more.

Warm regards: Nicky, Ditika, Viraaj & Ishaan


As parents we obviously wanted the best for our first newborn, so we went around looking at nurseries but we didn’t find a friendly and caring environment like the one we found at Ladybird!

Yescha joined the Nursery in the Caterpillar’s Class during the last of the academic year. But by the end of the first week, I was sure and comfortable that she’s in good hands.

The amount of care, development and dedication to each child, as well as bringing to our attention things that we may not be aware of was highly impressive.

Yescha is so in love with her Red Class friends, teachers and assistants, that she wakes up on a Friday/Saturday morning asking ‘Mama, is it Ladybird time?’

I have also noticed a huge improvement in Yescha’s social skills and confidence – thanks to the one-on-one time given by Ms Maryke and the assistants of Red Class.

It isn’t easy working full-time and sending my little one to Nursery, but having Ladybird as the place she goes to everyday certainly sets my mind more at ease.

I was also highly impressed and thankful to Ms Cilla and the team for introducing the Seesaw mobile application for parents to know what the children are doing on a daily basis and be able to get in touch with the teacher if needed.

We would like to genuinely thank the Ladybird community from the bottom of our hearts for creating such a welcoming and positive environment for the kids and the parents.

Yescha will definitely miss the Red Class family and thank you for preparing her as she would start her journey in BIG SCHOOL shortly.

We will always be happy to recommend LADYBIRD to family and friends!

Thanks and regards

Girish, Kamya & Yescha Kundani


Emerald Class (2016-2017)

Green Class (2017-2018)

We had just moved to Dubai, everything was new for us and choosing a best Nursery for Ameen was a big challenge for us.

Fortunately we came across good reviews about Ladybird Nursery and hence got an opportunity to get Ameen admitted here.

Ladybird teachers and staff are the best in terms of bringing up a child’s physical and social development.  Ameen has learnt lots of things being a part of Nursery.   He loves his ex-teacher (Ms Suzie) and present teachers (Ms Andrea & Ms Donna).  He likes going to Ladybird Nursery and returns home with lots of stories he heard and fun he has had.

We are proud of sending Ameen to Ladybird Nursery and would recommend to all my friends and family.

Nazia & Ameen


We were recommended Ladybird by our friends and the moment our first son Henry started at Ladybird we knew it was the right kit for our family.

We love everything about Ladybird, primarily its philosophy for the Early Years and its staff.  We’ve had wonderful staff teaching both Henry and Freddie.  Ms Nicole and her team have been great, welcoming Freddie into the class and getting him prepared for FS1.  A special mention to Miss Amy who was so warm and always up for a hug with Freddie.

The facilities and range of activities at Ladybird are first class.  Both of our sons have enjoyed all the different types of music lesson on offer, sports classes and arts and craft.

We would highly recommend Ladybird for early years as we have experienced smiles and laughter all round.

Thank you  Ladybird Team

Ally, Oliver, Henry and Freddie


We are the parents of Shalonica, and we are privileged to have our daughter in Blue Class.

Before Shalonica joined Ladybird Nursery, she had trauma in coming into the Nursery due to some accidents in her previous Nursery that really breaks our heart.  When we decided to inquire and check Ladybird Nursery we come up with our decision to try as the environment in the Nursery and the staff gave a positive point of view that helped our child to put back the confidence and enriched her knowledge specially the things we can’t teach her while away.  I can say our expectation meets more than we anticipated.

Teaching her how to use toys at a time specially on her first day in school gave us the impression of proper discipline, upon arrival from the school where to put things and where to get it; keeping shoes in the basket with name tags is rally one of the things that amaze me how you handle the kids.  Teacher parent conferences and open communication also gave us the proper understanding on how we need to help Shalonica and gave us confidence that she is in good hands.  Nursery activities, curriculum and the management have a big part of her growth as a child at Ladybird Nursery and will help her immensely to prepare for Big School.

Ms Hayley, Ms Jeanine & Ms Jenny we like to say that we are thankful for the nurturing care they have given to our daughter.  She is soo happy to see you always and doesn’t want to miss a day of attending Nursery.

I would say Shalonica admires Ms Hayley as an idol and a role model as she always tell us “Mommy I want to be like Ms Hayley, she is so beautiful and tall, I want to be like her”, she is telling us also what Ms Hayley is eating as she is curious of what she has in her break time and she will say “Mommy I want broccolis so that I can be like Ms Hayley” that’s why we are so happy that she eat vegetables now and she is happy to try things in a fun way.

This might be the last term for her but we are also looking forward in the coming year to join back with our 2nd one.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Aaron, Elerica & Shalonica


To the wonderful staff at Ladybird Nursery. A big thank you for being the most nurturing, understanding and loving home for Amalia and her friends for the past two years.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my little ones academic/educational journey.  Being a qualified Montessori teacher myself and having taught in Dubai, I understand the demands of dealing with the diverse/multi-cultural mix of students here.  Being mindful and respectful towards the cultural/religious sensitivities of everyone as well as celebrating those diversities is indeed commendable.

Ms Andrea and Ms Donna have been particularly instrumental in supporting Amalia’s strong personality and nurturing her leadership quality.  In the wrong hands it could have been mis-interpreted as stubbornness or non compliance and quashed which could kill their confidence and make them fearful/apprehensive of school and teachers.  Fortunately, I’ll be taking a happy, confident and eager learner into school in September.  Ms Andrea deserves a special mention for being such a patient and encouraging listener to my little story teller tales.  I am safely say that she is one of Amalia’s best friends J  Hope the nursery continues to be a loving home for many many more children in the years to come.  Wishing you all the very best.

Forever grateful

Amalia, Rabiya & Fahd

Leo McCreath

Dear Ladybird Team, We have been so impressed with the Nursery in Leo’s 2 year spell at Ladybird.  We had a general apprehension about Dubai Nurseries after 3 less than average establishments attended by our older daughter.  Ladybird has transferred our opinion and from day one we knew it was a class apart.  Leo joined Ms Dianne’s class and had an amazing year with Ms Dianne, Ms Beth and Ms Samadhi.  He really came out of his shell over that first year and we put much of that down to building his confidence in Ms Dianne’s class.  His second year has been just as successful and we really appreciate the way Ms Hayley, Ms Jeanine and Ms Jenny have got Leo and his buddies ready for big school.  We have particularly enjoyed the parental invitations to the different events: Sports Day, Christmas spring to mind immediately!  The good news for our family is that we’ll still be making our daily visits to the Nursery as our youngest child (Emi) is now also attending.  We had absolutely no hesitation about sending her due to Leo’s excellent experience.

Final mention to Ms Cilla and her team in the office, you guys run a very efficient and well-oiled machine – very impressive communication skills being a key factor for us.

Thank you so much for looking after our son, very MANY THANKS and MUCH APPRECIATED.

All the best: Ben, Rania, Tammy, Leo and Emi McCreath


When visiting Ladybird Nursery for the first time, it was obvious Suzanne would be happy and learn a lot.  It’s been more than 2 years now and we can only recommend Ladybird.  The fabulous staff, the teaching methodology, the extra care all the children receive every day; all this has contributed to the happiness and development of Suzanne (and Margaret who joined Ladybird 15 months after her older sister).

A big thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of our children.

All the best

Laura and Enguerran



We chose Ladybird Nursery because not only was it close to our house but its long history was one reason.  We were also recommended by few friends.

When we had our first nursery tour we felt the facility wasn’t too big and was well arranged.

Above all Dana was interested in outdoor play area during the tour so we just registered that day.  After one year we thought that we had made the best decision for Dana.

We were very concerned with Dana being very shy but now thanks to the teacher’s patience and consideration Dana changed and she loves going to her nursery.  We are very satisfied with the Montessori activities in the curriculum with Dana participated happily.

After attending the nursery, we found out that Dana loves’ to sketch and colour and we are very impressed with her learning how to share with friends and developing her social skills.  And Dana has made some lovely friends as well.

Ladybird Nursery place a high value on communication between Parents and Teachers.  We were very happy to hear and discuss Dana’s nursery life and education through Parents meeting.  The application which gave us live updates on how Dana was attending her class and how she was playing with her friends was very helpful.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-anne and Ms Roshini who were supportive and dedicated.  We really appreciate them to let Dana enjoy every single moment of her nursery life.  We are delighted that we chose Ladybird Nursery as her first step of education.  We will miss this place so much and never forget.

We wish you all the best

Kwihyun & Kyuyong


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and staff at Ladybird Nursery for the wonderful experience they gave our family throughout the past 10years!

Our three boys have attended Ladybird and throughout those years we never even considered any other Nursery as Ladybird was my kids “home away from home”.  The teachers and staff were also always there for us as parents as much as they were for the kids.  We agree with the culture of the Nursery and found that it mirrored our culture at home:- raising happy confident learners in a safe and loving environment.

Well done to the Ladybird teachers and staff for keeping a consistently high standard in an ever-changing and transient city!

We loved our time at Ladybird and will sorely miss our Ladybird family.

With all or love and gratitude

Nathalie and Riccardo Covezzi

Parents of Christopher, Marco & Alex


I remember the first time we came to Ladybird Nursery in 2011 for our first daughter was to start Nursery.  As soon as we entered we knew this was it and that the search was over.  In 2016, when it was time for Abdulaziz to start Nursery.  We came back directly to Ladybird.

Ladybird Nursery has a warm, kind and caring environment.  You can feel the positive energy as soon as you enter.

Abdulaziz loves going to Ladybird.  He is always telling us about the different activities he does. We are impressed with his development since he joined Ladybird.

A special “Thank you” to Ms Cilla, Ms Maryke & Ms Debbie and all the teachers and helpers.  Thank you for everything you have done!

We wish we could stay, but it is almost time to move to “big school”.  We will miss you!!!

Thank you once again!

Saud, Noora, Alia & Abdulaziz


When we were in the process of looking for a nursery for Mustafa, the most important factor was to find a setting in which he would be happy.

Naturally, an environment that provided structured play both indoors and outdoors was ideal but more importantly, we were looking for Mustafa to enjoy the people he spend the day with – both teachers and his peers.  Ladybird Nursery and the wonderful Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-Anne and Ms Roshini have completely delivered well beyond our expectations.

Mustafa loves going in everyday and on the days that he doesn’t attend Nursery he complains that he really wants to go.  We never expected him to love his time at Nursery so much.  We never expected him to develop so much warmth for his lovely teachers in the two terms that he spent at Ladybird.  He has grown in confidence and feels very comfortable communicating with his teachers.  All there have clearly been very gentle and caring towards him and he adores them!

In terms of Mustafa’s development while in the Yellow Class.  I can simply say that we are surprised everyday by how much he’s been learning.  When he joined the Yellow class, I had concerns that he was not speaking as expressively as other children his age.   He has only had a little over a term in the Nursery and he now is able to describe they key events of the day clearly.  Similarly, he did not really know his shapes and colours and he’s picked them up very quickly.  He likes to sing all the nursery rhymes he has picked up in class at bedtime every night.

All in all, Mustafa has absolutely loved his time in Yellow class.  The warm and engaging attitude of his teachers coupled with the excellent facilities at Ladybird have resulted in an extremely fun and enriching time for Mustafa.  As I try to prepare him to join his brother at his school next year I find him resisting and stating that he would want to continue at Ladybird.

I would not hesitate recommending Ladybird to other parents and am forever grateful for a chance encounter with a Ladybird Parent who introduced me to the Nursery.   It truly is a very special place!

Madiha & Ali


Miss Hayley has now taught both of my children and both of them lover her soo much.  Ella calls her “her best friend” and she looks forward to going into nursery and gets quite upset on the weekend that there is no nursery.
Miss Hayley, Miss Jeanine and Miss Jenny have done a fantastic job with a group of diverse and spirited children.
It is the last term that we will be coming to Ladybird as Ella is the youngest and that brings a tear to my eye (or twenty)!

Thank you to Miss Hayley, Miss Dianne and all the other teachers at Ladybird for turning my two children into confident little people ready to start their next journey at school

Thank you for everything and we will miss you.
Nicky, Daron, Oliver and Ella


When we started looking for Nurseries for Aria, we toured 11 Nurseries in Dubai.  Ladybird was the last one we visited and the kind of positive feeling we got from Ladybird was unmatched.

We are extremely happy at Ladybird Nursery and truly believe we couldn’t have given Aria a better start.

Aria had been at home for the first 2.5years and we were very anxious about how she would handle the separation when she started nursery.  However, our fears were put to rest right from Day 1.  It was heart warming to see how all her teachers engaged with her and made her feel comfortable.  Today, for Aria, her nursery is her favourite place and she is happy to go to “MY LADYBIRD NURSERY” every morning, and on most days she is reluctant to leave at pick up time.  Overall the teachers, the staff, the facilities and the activities are absolutely outstanding.

A special mention to Ms Maryke, Ms Ingrid, Ms Zee & Ms Roshini, Ms Angelyn and Ms Merjeree – you have been her first teachers and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We are truly grateful to you!

We will happily recommend Ladybird Nursery to everyone we know.

Neelu & Vijai


I will always remember this amazing feeling of reassurance when I entered Ladybird Nursery.  I was amazed to meet so many dedicated, passionate people as I was so afraid to leave my then 11mth old baby Alex, very precious little one, my one and only.  Ms Hania was so kind, lovable and patient with Alex and I.

See him growing into such an independent, strong yet sensible human being thanks to everyone Ms Angelyn, Ms Beth, Ms Dianne, Ms Hayley, Ms Jeannie, Ms Jenny and much more and Sarah and Ms Cilla!  Thank you for being part of our son’s first 3 years of life and helping him turn into a fine, young man ready for the BIG SCHOOL!  Probably more than his mum!  Please don’t mind me if I keep coming from time to time to say hello as all of you will be GREATLY MISSED!

Thank you again for Everything!

Warm regards

Simon, Leonore & Alexandre

April 2018


Alexander truly enjoys coming into Nursery every day and he loves his teacher Miss Maryke.  He is extremely happy at Ladybird Nursery and is developing into a confident, independent little boy.

Alexander is our second child to attend Ladybird Nursery and we are as happy now as we were then.  Ladybird Nursery has a wonderful feel to it – inviting and warm.

Everyone at Ladybird is extremely friendly and they all make each child feel special.  We are extremely lucky to have found Ladybird Nursery and we will miss it when we leave at the end of the year.  You have provided such a great start to Alexander’s education.  Thank you!

Rebecca & Jason, Alexander, Georgina, Jessica & Charlotte.



We could not have asked for a better start to Evie’s education than the one that LBN has given.

Evie has loved every minute of her time with you all, and has developed a very strong bond with all of her teachers, especially Ms Andrea who has such a wonderful way with all the children.  The patience and understanding of the Green class teachers has been exemplary, always willing to lend an ear or listen to any concerns we had.

It has been a lot of fun watching Evie come to grips with learning to count, learning the letter of the alphabet etc, but where Ladybird really stands out is the value and importance that is placed in teaching children the personal skills which will be so important to them in later life; Teaching them to care for one another, the value of empathy and showing them how to work and play together.

We will always cherish Evie’s time at Ladybird and the friends that she has made.  We cannot thank you enough for giving her the best possible start.  We will miss you all.

Jon, Jan & Evie.


We are extremely happy and satisfied with our experience at Ladybird.  Naiesha started Nursery in April 2107 with Ms Rita and it was an absolue delight to see the commitment of the teachers.

This year, it has been great as well with such an experienced and hands on teacher with Ms Nicole.  She has been very patrient, gentle and kind to Naiesha and always has the children’s best interests at heart.

The entire faculty of Ladybird is a friendly approachable and accommodating.  Sadly we won’t be continuing next year as Naiesha starts school, I would like to wish everyone at Ladybird all the very best.

Laveena (Naiesha’s mother)



Mohamed’s journey into the world has been set off to a tremendous start.  This is what I am thankful for the most and this is what I would like to open with.  Miss Nicole’s hand and Ladybird Nursery resources and teaching has taken his curiosity and perception for everything in the world to a higher level.  I cannot express the gratitude I have for being able to give my son this opportunity, and I know the love and care he was given while I was away was bountiful to the point where he wanted to stay!

I wish Ms Nicole all the best and hope to continue bringing my children here.





Amelia has enjoyed three wonderful years at Ladybird.  We have seen her grow from a curious baby with Miss Hania, to a growing toddler with Miss Debbie and now a happy little girl with Miss Maryke who is learning something new every day.  Amelia has made so many lovely friends, created so many special memories and laughed, smiled and sung her way through so many fun activities.  We have loved the special concerts, mother and father’s day parties, day trips to the park and aquarium and all the creative artwork mad by Amelia.  We have always been happy at Ladybird and will be so sad to leave.  What a special and wonderful place for Amelia to start her journey through life and school  Thank you to everyone!

Amelia, Carlie, Barry & Elliott xxxx




Arihaan has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Ladybird. During the span of 1.5 years he has developed a special bond with his teachers.  He looks forward to be with his friends every day and comes back home very happy.

A big thank you to Ms Andrea and Ms Donna for lending their ears patiently to this chatterbox of mine and answering all his whys and what kindly.  He just adores you for that.

Regular activities and events at Ladybird are very effective in channelizing his energy constructively.  Thank you Ms Rhea and Ms Darshini for all the help.

Big thanks for all the love that he gets from his teachers and friends!!

We will miss Ladybird very much!!

All the best to you!!

Yashi & Arihaan Misra


Ladybird has been a second home for Josephine since day one.  She started FS1 in Ladybird only a couple of days after moving from London to Dubai and in this unstable period, she found a caring and nurturing environment.
I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing teachers in Green Class, they are all so dedicated, professional, caring and understanding, exactly what every family is looking for when leaving your child in someone else’s hands.

I cannot thank enough Ms Andrea & Ms Donna who truly love Josephine and helped her settling in when arriving in Dubai, but they also helped me, guided and supported me as a newcomer mum in Dubai.  Their kindness and generosity are outstanding.

We will miss all the lovely Staff at Ladybird and we will miss coming to Ladybird

All the best xxxxx

Gaelle & Jospehine Cazavant


I chose Ladybird Nursery for Mahitt as its close to home, but that’s not the reason why I recommend this Nursery to everyone looking for an amazing Nursery.  The teachers of yellow class are so thoughtful, patient and loving.  I am so impressed by the topics they discuss in class.  Mahitt talks confidently about numbers, shapes, flowers and various topics.  I just get amazed when he talks about the planets, weather and countries.

In the morning he is always excited to wake up to go to school and meet all his friends specially Nina and Timothy.  Mahitt’s elder brother went to a different Nursery, but I would definitely – recommend Ladybird Nursery and Yellow Class.  I am so glad we chose Ladybird as Mahitt’s start to a beautiful future.




I loved Ladybird from the first moment I stepped inside.  There was a real feeling of warmth, love and happiness amongst the children and staff.  Big smiles and lots of colour everywhere you looked.  A place where children would want to go everyday and feel comfortable and safe.   My son started at Ladybird when he was 16mths old.  He was a very quiet, and sensitive boy, who didn’t like being separated from me.  The teachers at Ladybird worked very closely with myself to understand my little boys needs, so that his confidence could be built up and that he was reassured and settled.  Fast forward to today and I have a very confident, happy, outgoing little boy who absolutely loves going to Nursery, and adores his teacher and her assistants.  We will all be very sad when my son leaves Ladybird this Summer.  We’ve all loved being a part of the Ladybird Community, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Thank you so much for providing my son with a safe, nurturing and most importantly, a fun environment to grow.

We will miss you all.

Michelle & Arlo


We (Arav’s Parents) are delighted to have got the opportunity to pen down our words for Ladybird Nursery.

Arav started Ladybird Nursery in January 2017 with Ms Dianne in Dragonflies Class. He joined the Nursery in mid-year and settled in well with all the love, warmth and support he got from Ms Dianne, Ms Beth & Ms Samadhi.

The environment in the nursery is so nurturing and the classes are well equipped. It felt that Arav was always in safe hands and well take care of.

He then moved to Blue Class in September 2017 with Ms Hayley, Ms Jeannine and Ms Jenny. As his mentors they have brought out the best in him. He has become confident, communicative, expressive and disciplined. Arav has been exposed to so much when it comes to education through class activities, field trips, picnics and learning.

We love the fact that the nursery also tries to involve the parents in the school by celebrating different days and are so open to communication at any given time.

Arav has indeed come a long way in his 1.5 year journey with the nursery. What an incredible journey and foundation was laid for him to be confident enough to be able to start the “BIG SCHOOL”.

The fact that Arav is always excited and looks forward to go to his school and class every day and misses his school even on holidays show us the love and attachment that he has for the nursery. This is what makes Ladybird very special for us.

The nursery and all his teachers and friends have become a second family to us. We are going to miss the nursery and all its ever smiling, welcoming, helpful and supportive staff.

We wish LADYBIRD THE VERY BEST in all their future endeavours.



Nidhi, Viplv & Arav Jain

2016 – 17 SCHOOL YEAR

Callum McInnes

Dear Helen & the wonderful staff at Ladybird Nursery,We would like to thank you for an amazing 2 years that our son Callum has thoroughly enjoyed at Ladybird. It’s been an incredible journey for him and we are so grateful to you and your staff for providing such a fun, happy & nurturing environment for him to learn and grow. Also, to finish off his last year at the new JVC branch has been fantastic!! We feel blessed that we found Ladybird and a place Callum will have fond memories of. He is now excited to attend big school in September and we are looking forward to what this next chapter holds!

Best wishes to you all and we promise to visit one day soon!
Craig & Natasha Mclnnes

Qwen Snape

Though it was the first nursery we went to see from the moment we stepped through the door we knew that Ladybird was the right place for Owen. There was something about the atmosphere that made it feel like you were being invited to join a family, not a work place. Thanks to the amazing Miss Emma and the team in Rainbow class, Owen soon settled into the daily routine and within a couple of weeks it was obvious that we had made the right choice as Owen was clearly enjoying being there. Some days I didn’t even get a goodbye!
Owen started at Ladybird when he was 14 months old, and I can’t quite believe his Ladybird journey is over. The last 2 1/2 years have flown by. Owen has gone from being a toddler thrust into a new environment to become an inquisitive, precocious, caring and thoughtful young man who acts far older than his age.
I love watching him interact with his class mates and seeing how ‘grown up’ he has become. They way they all help each other, and create games with their imaginations is just heart warming.
The new facilities are amazing and Owen has enjoyed everything it has to offer, particularly the soft play area and splash pad; where I’m told he was usually the last to leave.
I can’t say enough good things about Ladybird, Miss Helen and the rest of the team. Every staff member makes Ladybird a warm and welcoming place and you can’t help but smile as you walk through the building watching all the children engrossed in their activities.
It is a privilege for Owen to have attended such an amazing nursery during our time in Dubai. I know he is going to miss you all, but I cannot thank you enough for the amazing start in life you have given him.
Sarah Snape


Ladybird Learning Centre truly is a gift in our community here at JVC! Before knowing about Ladybird, we did not have any plan of sending our son to a Nursery and was even considering a homeschooling program. However, as Isaac is growing, we saw the need of him to relate with other kids as well as with adults. As expats, our children would most likely get stuck in the four corners of our home without an active interaction with other people of their age group or even with immediate relatives on a daily basis.

Thankfully, as soon as we started hunting a Nursery for Isaac, Ladybird Ad was popping on the Internet quite often especially on Social Media. My husband and I were even more thrilled that it’s just within our area! As soon as we entered the Ladybird premises, we knew that this was the right place for our son’s foundational stage before hitting the big school. The warmth from the reception and the staff were remarkable. It has so much space for kids to move freely, the Montessori set-up caught our attention, the high standard of facilities and qualities of educational materials, the big playground, the ratio of pupils and teachers were superb and of course the safety of the Nursery – no high stairs or other floors; just one big area for everything!

After all, we were not only focused of how much our son could learn Academically but we were seeking a “second home” for him, where he could broaden his horizon and explore knowledge without stealing his childhood; a sense of a good community that is like a family for him.

We’re grateful that our son was able to experience, enjoyed and grasped the good quality of foundational learning from Ladybird Learning Centre. He learned so much already (though he only started half of the 2nd term) such as arts, writing of the alphabet, reading using phonics, fractions, social literacy, languages and a whole lot more! Most importantly, he would go home with excitement and always eager to share what he did and learned every time. The highlights of his days were driving the small car, riding on a bicycle with other kids and the slides in the playground. A happy child indeed!

Moreover, one of the best things at Ladybird was the involvement of parents. Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sports Day, and International Day were just some of the few moments that we truly treasured as parents. You knew the importance of having those “precious moments” with our child. Also, we loved the parents’ portal section on the website wherein we could login, access and download the Weekly Review or Newsletter (what the children learned from the previous weeks with supporting photos) as well as the Weekly Planner that helped us to be in-looped with the activities for the coming week.

Lastly, we thank you Ladybird for the wonderful opportunities of learning and friendship for our son, Isaac. He will surely bring so much wonderful memories even as he turns to be a man – you will always be part of who he will become. To Mrs. Das, Ms. Rosie and Ms. Loida of Clever Caterpillars group – thank you for all your efforts and passion of helping parents like us in unveiling our child’s potential.

Off to big school Isaac will go… Blessings!

Mr. & Mrs. Cudiamat


We were immediately sold on the 5 star building design and the bright atmosphere. I am happy to say the JVC staff and the structured activities they provide are also 5 star. I love the regular teacher updates along with the weekly photos. Our girls are so excited to wear their ladybird polo shirts every morning. We have definitely seen their confidence grow since joining and we look forward to spending another year at ladybird nursery.


I heard great things about Ladybird Nursery so when we started to look for a Nursery for our daughter Chloe, Ladybird Nursery is on our list to visit. We visited few nurseries before but the moment we stepped into Ladybird Nursery, shown around the premises and spoke to the teachers we knew straight away that this is the Nursery we want for our little girl! It’s a very warm, friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment for the kids and parents alike.

At first we were a bit worried that our daughter will not settle in easily as this is her first serious Nursery but all our worries were gone on the very first day, Chloe loves her new nursery and teachers so much that she didn’t even cry when I dropped her on her first day.

We knew we made the best choice because Chloe’s always excited and looking forward to going to Nursery and come home very happy with loads of story to tell us about her day at school.

For us that’s the most important thing that our child is having fun while learning and at home with her new environment.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to her amazing teacher, MS Andrea for her outstanding teaching, patience and loving manner. As they say excellent teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget so I hope Chloe will love her new teacher as much as she love Ms Andrea!

Thank you also to Ms Donna for her kindness, support, caring and excellent teaching. Thank you Ms Darhsani for your help, patience and care.

Chloe had an awesome year at Ladybird Nursery, they bring out the best in her! We saw a lot of improvement on her and she is what she is today because of Ladybird Nursery and with that we will be forever grateful to the management, teachers, assistant teachers, helpers, guard and everyone in this one of a kind outstanding Nursery!

I would highly recommend Ladybird Nursery to anyone.

Keep up the good work and more power Ladybird Nursery. We will miss you…..

Chloe, Mark and Mitchelle Hutton


Thank you so much for the amazing Year and thank you for everything.
We really feel blessed that Alya was able to join and graduate from ladybird ELC.
You should see how happy and proud she is today. She is showing off her Graduation certificate to everybody. Even to our Neighbours . She has progressed and changed a lot this year. Definitely I owe a big thank you to Mrs, Mrs Rosy and Loida. And on top of all thank you Ms Helen for orchestrating all of that. And thank you Ms Monica for building such a wonderful place & team.

Soha & Tarek Labib
(Alya Labib’s Parents)



Moving to Dubai at short notice was a daunting task in itself but with the added pressure of quickly finding a nursery which would provide the nourishment, care and attention for our most important possession (the kids of course) was almost too much to handle. Fortunately, we were directed to Ladybird Nursery and from the outset we were thankful for this recommendation. Ladybird is an extremely friendly, caring and family orientated nursery. This is notable as soon as you enter the doors from the security guard knowing all the children names and going above and beyond his duties in assisting to ensure the children arrive and leave safely, all with a smile on his face.

The facilities are first class with the newly installed splash pad being at the top of the list for both our kids. All the areas are safe and well maintained providing a variety of activities and play areas to assist in their development. The teachers at Ladybird are first rate. When your child runs to their teacher and embraces them every morning with one of their super big cuddles, you know the teachers are doing a fantastic job. The level of engagement and personal touches the teachers provide to each and every child as they prepare them for big school cannot be underestimated. Speaking from personal experience, both of our kids were not overall socially interactive with others but their teachers have helped them grow enormously both socially and mentally. When they are both so excited to go to school every morning you know you have made the right nursery choice.

Being in another country without the support from family is extremely difficult however the Nursery has become an extended part of our family helping to nurture and support our children as they develop into bright young stars (speaking more Arabic than their parents).

We could not be happier with our selection of nursery and greatly appreciate the effort, love and dedication the staff and teachers have applied to our children in preparing them for the next chapter in their lives. We would highly recommend Ladybird Nursery to all parents looking for that special nursery for their special little ones!!

Shannon and Natalie


Our family has been part of Ladybird Nursery for several years now. My son used to there and I always knew that Aya will too.

I have always loved the warmth of Ladybird. My kids were always happy to go in the mornings and had great stories to tell at pick up.

Aya has been at Ladybird for 3yrs now. She has grown and changed so much. Both Ms Dianne and Ms Hayley taught both my kids, and the least I can say is that I am in love with both of them J

I always felt that my kids are safe and well taken care of. They were given room to experiment and focus on what they love.

Ms Hayley is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure to meet. Aya loves her. She has managed to bring out the best in Aya. We can see that she is much more communicative and in control of her emotions. Ms Jeanine and Ms Jenny are awesome too.

I am really sad that our journey with Ladybird is ending. However, I am sure that both my kids will carry it with them for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for taking care of our kids and helping them become better and stronger.

Nadyn & Fouad.


As a parent, I entrusted Shaun to Ladybird staff in 2015. Words cannot describe what awaited for me, a year of crying pangs, no interaction, and language delay on my son’s part. The teachers and their assistant played a vital role in my son’s development despite the challenges. We have seen him thriving more and more every day. The layout of Nursery and facility are well equipped with excitement and safety. We love it so much there, that we drive 30 minutes to get there, 5 days a week even though it is quite out of the way, the quality of care my child receives is worth the drive. Shaun learns so much more when he was moved into a smaller class Emerald. Within a short span, Shaun was a chatter, confident, capable and diaper-free. The best part is that he is always excited to share the letter of the week and talk about the topic. So much so, he is a solar-system expert and could name all the 8 planets accordingly. School trips are structured and rewarding, to name a few: Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Dubai Aquarium, Little Explorer made my pumpkin a confident explorer in his own way. A little peep during pick up time I have observed the teachers quizzing them about the story they shared, shows the kids are still attentive despite the long hours – Kudos to Ladybird. It will always remain very special to Shaun and the family. We will sincerely applaud Ladybird a “7star”. The staff have lived out among their philosophy of It’s Kind, “hugs first”, mindful of the importance of loving a child. This is what makes Ladybird very special from the rest of the Nurseries. A heartfelt thanks to Miss Suzie, Ms Ingrid, Ms Zee, Ms Cilla, and Ms Chandanie the admin staff and the rest of whom has touched Shaun in many ways.

Grace, Murali, Desiree & Shaun


This year will be Muna’s last at the Ladybird Nursery. She is our second child to attend Ladybird, in fact our journey with Ladybird started when we were expecting baby number 2 (Muna). For our family, Ladybird Nursery felt like a second home from day one. We truly love3 the staff from the bottom of our hearts. The Nursery has been such an amazing part of both our children early development, manners, joyfulness, eagerness to explore are just a few of the fantastic attributes they have picked up. Muna loves her friends and teachers. The Nursery has been so specific about looking after her needs. When the new class opened (Emerald Class) and there were spaces available, Muna was offered a spot in the class, the smaller class room has allowed her to really come out of her shell, in fact the ration in general adult to child is brilliant. Ms Suzie has been a wonderful teacher to have leading up to “big school” she truly engages the children, allowing them to express themselves and the funny and wonderful things they come up with. We shall really miss it here. All our love The Skeen: Noah, Muna, Torsten & Dana

Luke Ranson


Ladybird doesn’t just nurture the children, it nurtures their parents as well!! As a new comer to Dubai, I found both the Nursery and School System a little overwhelming, but Ladybird were friendly, informative and helpful in laying out different options for Lalage. By the time she turned 3, Lalage had been to 3 different nurseries (due to international moves) but Ladybird is the only one she runs into with a smile on her face. She loves both the learning elements and her teachers and we particularly appreciate the extra touches, such as the amazing array of extra-curricular activities and the lending library. It’s simply a fantastic place to be……

Ladybird has been a positive experience for all three of us since the moment we walked in the door, and I think I shall miss it almost as much as Lalage will when she graduates! Thank you all, especially Miss Andrea, Miss Donna, Miss Beth, Miss Darshini. We will miss you.

Polly and Lalage Phillips



Adam started Ladybird Nursery in September 2015 he was with Ms Diane in Red Class to start with. He had never been away from us, so settling him in too a little time, but I cannot stress how patient the teachers were with him and even myself. He moved into Ms Cathy-Ann’s class and over the term my little boy grew confident and independent.

The environment that Ladybird has provided is one that is so nurturing, so touching. Every child is individually developed, encouraged and taught. Adam has learn so many skills, through all the activities and day to day interactions he is social, smart, witty and so very very happy.

We feel that it’s all really come together for Adam in this past year of being in Blue Class, all the pieces to his jigsaw have come together so make him the happy chappy he is today. This is credit to Ms Hayley, Ms Janine, Ms Jenny and the entire Ladybird experience.

Hand on heart, we can honestly recommend LDYBIRD to anyone, as soon as you step into the nursery there is a feeling of familiarity and home – the kids love it!!!

Thank you Ms Hayley, Ms Cilla and all at Ladybird, Adam is very ready for “Big Boys School” because you have helped prepare him. Thank you for loving him as much as you do, we feel the genuine care and positive energy that is in the classroom. Thank you for involving us as parents as much as you always do. What an incredible journey Adam has had with you all, what a wonderful foundation to his life and love for learning.

Thank you

Mumtaza & Akbar


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to ALL at Ladybird Nursery. I took a lot of time researching nurseries and narrowed it down to Ladybird. Ladybird is one view, goes above and beyond. What makes it different to their nurseries is the staff.
Between Ms Priscilla Palmer – The Headmistress, the teachers and the office staff, everyone is happy, and they spread this HAPPINESS J among the children.
Every teacher, assistant staff including Manoj at Security are exceptionally dedicated, warm and loving. Not only do the teachers and assistants know the children of their own respective class, but they take an extra effort to know the children of other class. This makes a child very comfortable and confident in the environment.
Each morning, Siddharth eagerly runs off to school and each afternoon he shows the excitement about the day he has had.
We appreciate the comprehensive program at Ladybird and the emphasis that is put on growth and development of the ALL AREAS:- SOCIAL, PHYISCAL, EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE etc
Siddharth has been exposed to so much and we really feel that he has been enriched through the various lessons and experience he has had at Ladybird.
Siddharth is always fondly mentioning all his teachers at home, especially Ms Nicole, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid, Ms Sylvia and Ms Joanna. Ladybird is Siddharth’s second family and always will be.
We would especially like to thank Ms Nicole, Ms Zee, Ms Joanna, Ms Ingrid, Ms Syliva, Ms Rita, Ms Kumari for the tireless effort you have put into out son’s growth and well being. We would also like to thank Ms Hania and Ms Angleyn who have taken special care of Siddharth when he was unwell, and to call and check on him when he was sick at home.
We would like to thank last but not the least, the woman who stands behind all the institution – Ms Monica Valrani- CEO I have seen her take personal hand on interest in the functioning of the Nursery.
You all have truly helped Siddharth come out of his cocoon and transformed him into a beautiful Butterfly.
There is so much more I could say about Ladybird, it could might as well run into a book, pages after pages.
We truly will miss you.
We sincerely wish LADYBIRD THE VERY BEST IN ALL their future endeavours.
Hemi, Deepak and Siddhartha

Vivyanna Hansen

Green Class 2016-2017

Blue Class 2015-2016

Jazyln Hansen

Also attended from 2011-2013

Our family loves Ladybird Nursery! Both of our daughters blossomed in the nurturing and friendly environment of the school. Over the last two years, we have seen Vivyanna grown in confidence and skill. She is happy to go to the Nursery everyday and delights in telling the family about her day. Vivyanna enjoys the variety of play experiences including soft play, water play, music and movement, art activities, story time and special events such as the pet visits, drumming, music concerts and field trips. As a family, we appreciate the regular and detailed communication about Vivyanna’s learning. The most important thing for us was for Vivyanna to have a positive, kind and engaging start to school – and she got all this and more at Ladybird. Thank you!


” Our daughter attended Ladybird Nursery Jumeriah for 3 years from the age of 9 months. Ladybird has been such an integral part of her development. We will forever be thankful to the Teachers, Assistants, Helpers and Administrative staff who at all times committed themselves to not just providing a high level of education but unmatchable care and support”.

Kate and Kris Ellingsen

Chloe – aged 3yrs


2015 – 16 SCHOOL YEAR

Arsham Meerlabbai

26Ahhhh!!!! How do we start….. There are so much to say about Ladybird Nursery….. Being parents of Arsham, We are proud that we had made the right decision to choose Ladybird Nursery.

Let us first “THANK” from bottom of my heart to the Management, the Teachers, The Assistant Teachers, Nannies, The Security Guards and the Driver ….

Arsham had spent almost two years in Ladybird Nursery, initially he was hesitant to go every morning, but when days passed he started to show interest to go and sometime even gets ready to go on weekend.

All this credit goes to his teachers, Miss Andrea, Miss Donna and his nanny Miss Suni/Miss Jenny who had supported and shown care for him all this year. You all helped him get organized, and brought interest in him to learn and always motivated him in all aspects.

You guys are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate all your efforts, patience and ability on making Ladybird Nursery a place of education, activities and advanced classrooms, with such beautiful and knowledgeable products inside the classroom.

Arsham has spent two beautiful years in Ladybird Nursery which he will cherish all his life, that he has started his education with such a lovely management and professional tutors. He is now mature, confident and ready to explore for his new “BIG SCHOOL”.

We once again like to thank from bottom of our heart Miss Andrea, Miss Donna for having such patience on handling all children in FS1 class at Ladybird Nursery. We thank you for all your support and for being an outstanding facility.

We would also like to thank Miss Suni/Miss Jenny who was always alert and kept an eye on Arsham always. We would also thank Driver Imran who picks and drops Arsham safely during his tenure.

Last but not least… Miss Cilla a kind and professional Principal who manages Ladybird Nursery with wonderful Management Team. A BIG thank you for all the work which you are doing at the Nursery.

We wish you all the very best and keep up the wonderful work.


Anas, Asma & Amra


25Ladybird Nursery was the first and only Nursery I looked at and enrolled Amber in straight away. The staff and Miss Cilla (Principal) have made it so welcoming and warm. Amber joined Bambino’s at 1.5yrs old and has loved every day with all her friends and teachers.

Her favourite days are with Miss Ochi (Jumeirah Music) and Miss Amanda (dance movement program) as she loves the singing and dance/movement class. She’s even taught us songs! Every day Amber comes home telling us what she’s done and learned that day. Sitting, reading us stories as Ms Nicole does. Ms Nicole, Ms Ingrid, Ms Chandni and Ms Suni have been amazing. After a rough start to the year all have helped Amber settle in so much, that every day Amber asks if it is a “Nursery” day increasing her week days from 3-5 days J.

Thank you to all involved, all have been brilliant and have done so much for Amber. It will be very sad and emotional when we have to say goodbye. Ms Cilla is the best Principal a parent could wish for!

Amber, Leigh & Rod


24Amely began attending Ladybird Nursery when she was 3 yrs old. It was not easy start for both of us Amely didn’t speak English and even didn’t understand. With the help of professional teamwork and teachers kindness, individual attention she settled in. Every morning she wakes up saying “Nursery! She always talks about teachers and friends. Her language is developing rapidly and the progress is obvious! Also we can see Amely’s musical development. She sings songs everywhere and all the time!

Learning and fun are combined perfectly! Blue Class activities are planned well. A daily routine is a mixture of learning, art, music, role play and physical activities. We don’t have “School” feeling Ladybird is more “family”.

We feel absolutely satisified and we are sure Ladybird was a right choice!!!!

Our family really appreciate the care that was taken with our daughter.

We thank you all for your patience, kindness and love!

We can’t imagine a better place for our Angel!

Thank you million times!!!!

Irina, Viacheslav & Amely


23My son started Ladybird when he was 2yrs old. Needless to say the staff and the teachers were so supportive and understanding and made sure he settled quickly. Miss Dianne and Miss Beth really lov3ed him dearly and took care of him very well last year. Moving in Orange Class with Ms Nicole and her team has made him grow rapidly. I love the way the team is so focused and I can see a difference in him. His thought process, communication skills, creativities and ideas are very well developed and it’s all thanks to the Nursery and the vision they have for kids. Teachers are very well aware of mental, emotional and physical developments and always focus on these key areas. Today while leaving the Nursery I can rightly say that WE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE for our son and it was the best decision to join Ladybird Nursery. I definitely look forward to coming back in two years with my baby no. 2 J

I would like to thank the entire team of Ladybird who were involved with Hridhaan since April 2015 starting from Miss Cilla, Ms Dianne, Ms Beth, Ms Nicole, Ms Ingrid, Ms Chandini, Ms Darshini, Ms Suni, Ms Jenny (Bus) security guard, bus driver and office staff.We truly appreciate each ones effort and going the extra mile always. Every morning while sending Hridhaan we felt he was going to a safe place and he will be taken care of.

Love Hridhaan, Muskan, Anil Sajnani


22We (Neil’s parents) are delighted to have this opportunity to pen down our words in support for Ladybird Nursery. Although we both have similar things to say, it’s me (Neil’s mum) who will take on to the writing approach.

I had one tour of the Nursery, and I would visualize my son being a part of it. From facilities to structure, from warmth to people, this place has unmistakingly been the greatest start of important developmental milestones in Neil’s life. All teachers and key assisting staff have been wonderful but I will occupy this space to highlight people who have changed Neil’s life over-time:


With that wonderful smile, she can instantly click with kids. Her playful nature and sweet voice will win you over and any mother will be happy to have her kid around her (Miss Samadhi). Not to forget her constant checks on Neil’s personal hygiene and regular habits of washing hands has helped him imply the same at home on us too!



She is the powerhouse of the class with the personality of a rock star; she is sporty, friendly, lovable and immensely active! Neil loved the reading sessions, the playtime and the endless talks and stories Miss Beth would talk about. Thanks to her, Neil has excellent communications skills now. He is always on the look-out for new stories, bed-time reading and cuddles – Miss Beth is Neil’s “Best friend” who he waits to hug and cuddle all the time!



Although we have known Miss Jenny for a shorter span, she is a fantastic person with extended help and co-operating nature. Miss Jenny is all smiles; loves to play with kids and spends quality time one-to-one basis. Miss Jenny has made Neil adapt to the bus ride ion such a fun manner that he looks forward to returning home in the bus just to be with her.



She is a charming lady who will connect with you in the first sight. Her inquisitive eyes are always looking to turn stones into precious gems! Her teaching of Montessori lessons made sure Neil repeats them at home. Neil asks all sorts of questions and we love answering them because that is how Miss Chandanie approaches it. Neil looks at objects closely and has become very observant of his surroundings.



And one person who holds them all together so wonderfully is Miss Dianne, who is not only a beautiful human being but an excellent teacher and a very special friend too. She is invaluable asset to Ladybird Nursery with an immense contribution in nurturing kids to confident little beings. My interaction with Miss Dianne from Day 1 has been very interactive, suggestive and always a two-way communication as Miss Dianne puts it “The best way to bring up a child in Nursery is when his teacher and mother come together as a team”.

I am grateful to Miss Dianne for her suggestions and support in raising Neil with me from the past one year.

From potty-training to eating his meals independently, from giving up the bottle to tapering his tantrums, Miss Dianne has nurtured Neil’s highs and lows and has surely turned him around.

Miss Dianne knows that Neil is ready for challenges but I know he still needs you and how I wish we could take you along to be with him for some more time! Miss Dianne’s contribution to the Nursery speak for itself from the records of previous years but I have seen how she puts her heart into it.



Informally known as Cilla, she is the wonderful principal behind the vibrant environment of the Nursery. Her supervision in all areas of a child can only be understood if one is a part of Ladybird Nursery. Miss Cilla would send reminders and emails of class participation to make sure the parent is well informed. Fun events, picnics, important calendar dates and celebration of all festivals has brought children of all nationalities come together under one roof. This multi-cultural environment was an important consideration as to why I was keen on having Neil at Ladybird.


Lastly, this testimonial is incomplete without acknowledging the Admin Support Team of Miss Mel & Miss Sarah who have been very co-operative in minor arrangements.

We are also very thankful to the security guard, Sister Hania – who has been checking on Neil’s health whilst at the Nursery. Sister Hania never fails to follow-up on Neil’s health irrespective of a busy day and schedule.



21As a parent, I try my best to focus my energy in dealing with my children on being loving, empathetic, kind, consistent, respectful and of course fun. I focus on my children’s emotional development, how they handle their feelings and relationship with friends and adults in our lives, harnessing respect even to animals and the environment and how to be a positive part of our community. I cannot begin to express how much it has meant to me to find all of these values reflected in the ethos of the Ladybird Nursery. Over the two and a half years that we have been part of Ladybird Nursery, we have grown to love and respect the staff as we do our own family.

Ms Hayley is an amazing and wonderful human being. She is so passionate about what she does, and her focus on the children’s development opens their beautiful little minds to the learning, living and loving behavior they take into the world, preparing them for all the adventures they have ahead.

Noah truly loves and respects Ms Hayley often paraphrasing both academic subjects. She teaches them, with obvious enthusiasm. At the dinner table he talks to us about the topics they learn, details about sea creatures and the Galaxy and Planetary positions, how eat healthy and his digestive system, skeletal and how his muscles work. He would not be so excited about all he has learnt if it wasn’t for the hard work and passion Ms Hayley and the staff have.

In her care and with her guidance we have seen Noah make a noticeable improvement in Noah’s ability to understand and handle his emotions.

Ms Priscilla (Principal) is one of the kindest, most gentle and loving human beings ever. Clearly a wonderful leader as is evident in the Nurseries environment.

I am so glad I still have one more child here, so that I can be part of this wonderful environment for at least another year!

Love and Respect

The Skeen’s

Rania Bhasin

20Ladybird has been Nursery to all three of my children. We couldn’t have found a better place for our kids. The environment is so homely and the teachers are all so loving. Rania started here in September 2015. She took a few weeks to fully settle but now she can’t wait to get to Nursery! She feels very secure with Miss Nicole, Miss Chandni & Miss Ingrid and Miss Suni. The love and care for her is just what she needed. She has learnt so much since she started and she’s looking forward now to big school. Miss Suni is very kind and helpful with the assistance in toilet training. The office and admin team are all brilliant and help comfort during the difficult times.

Miss Cilla has so much experience in leading a wonderful Nursery. The perfect balance for the right environment, fun and learning. She knows the children personally which is so reassuring. We feel sad our journey at Ladybird is now over but would love to stay in touch. Thank you for looking after all our children. We have shared wonderful memories that we will always remember. Thank you to the entire team at Ladybird and particularly Miss Nicole for all your efforts.

Rohini, Uday, Inaya, Simar & Rania


19Seher started Nursery in September 2015. This was the first time she was away from me since she was born. It was hard for both of us. She cried and howled her way through the first month. There were days I honestly wanted to pull her out and end the Nursery. Maybe she wasn’t ready for Nursery. The only thing that kept me going was Ms Hayley’s conviction that all she needed was a little time. She was my source of comfort that our daughter was in capable hands and will settle down any day.

The first month, for us truly exhibited the team spirit, caring nature and concerned ladybird Nursery has for each and every child. Right from Miss Priscilla (Principal) to every support staff knew Seher by name in that first month. They greeted her, encouraged her and cheered her on. They reaffirmed our decision to choose Ladybird Nursery. They were all fabulous.

Ms Hayley did everything possible for Seher and did not give up on one single day! Hats off to her! She has made Seher lover Nursery. The growth in Seher’s personality has been tremendous. Today she is confident, articulate and continues to surprise us at every step.

Ms Hayley, Ms Juliana, Ms Lynette and Ms Razana have been absolutely brilliant. Seher cares for them deeply.

Ms Hayley, thank you for seeing us through the tears and making the start of this journey of education so delightful. You all have handled Seher so beautifully. She will miss Ladybird, as will I.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love

Ravi and Aman


18Adam started the Nursery one year back. Before enrolling him at “Ladybird” I was very worried for him, because his mannerisms were of a very angry young boy. Two weeks in, and all my fears went away, and after a month he was a changed boy. Miss Tehniyat and Miss Julieanne took special care of my boy, and what he is now I owe it to them. In Miss Tehniyat’s words “Adam is very sensible”, and that he has become, thank you sincerely Miss Tehniyat and Miss Julieanne.

Personally, I am very disappointed that Adam only spent a year at Ladybird Nursery. I wish I had sent him a year earlier. Adam has been very happy at the Nursery, and so have I. Thank you for looking after my son and providing him an environment of love and laughter.

We will miss the Nursery and its staff!!

Adam Zaarour

17Dear Ladybird Team,

We thank you for taking great care of Adam for the last two years, as well as Jad for the few weeks during Summer Camp.

You have all been wonderfully welcoming with our boys. Little Mia is looking forward to seeing you next year!!!

Thanks very much!!!

Leila & Tarek Zaarour



16Not only has Ladybird changed our son’s life but our life too. Watching Al-Mur learn and develop as the days have gone by at Ladybird has made us smile more than we ever have. The love and care for, not only our son, but the entire Nursery is outstanding. Our words cannot express the thanks we owe and if you don’t believe us then we certainly have the video to show it!! Our son never wants to leave what has become his second home. It warms our hearts to see him singing the new songs he’s learnt and the development of his listening skills to pick up new words. Ladybird is definitely a place to start your child’s learning journey hands down. Miss Nicole thank you so much for caring for our son as if he was your own, Miss Ingrid, Miss Chandni and Miss Suni thank you for watching, guiding and looking after Al-Mur, we’re sure he’ll never forget you on this adventure. To all the staff from the bottom of our hearts, oh and the lovely security guard too, many thanks.

Shahab, Nissreen, Al-Mur and Baby Mohamed.


15Alex commenced Ladybird Nursery in October 2015. He settled in very quickly with the help of Miss Hayley, Miss Razana & Miss Juliana. They demonstrated great kindness, care, attention to detail and individual learning opportunities for Alex.

Most of all, they were approachable and welcoming, as indeed are all the staff. Miss Cilla (Prinicipal) is a wonderful leader and exudes a passion for children reaching their optimum potential. On a scale of 1-10 would I recommend Ladybird Nursery? 10

Sean & Niam Jordan


Aurora Ciccotosto

14We moved from Canada to Dubai one year ago and we needed a nursery for Aurora (even if it was almost the end of the year) as a support to “metabolize” that big change, to start discovering this Country, this City and new cultures.

After our first visit at Ladybird we knew it would be our choice, beautiful place, the right atmosphere, very kind and professional people both in the office and in the classrooms, very well structured and various plan of activities, special events Like concerts, field trips, Dubai Drums, Mother’s Day) that we always know thanks to the great communication system.

In September Aurora joined Yellow Class and we met Miss Tehniyat. She is an amazing teacher, very empathic, able to see and understand kids needs, we are so happy and thankful for all she did (still doing J) for and with our daughter. Miss Tehniyat helped Aurora learning new things along these months, developing her potential without stress, encouraging her doing her best. We saw Aurora’s progress on speaking English, listening and following rules, playing and sharing happily with her friends.

We will never forget you and we will miss you!!!

Love Mirella, Vincenzo, Aurora & Elenora

Aydan Singh

13Having our son Aydan in Ladybird for over two years may have been the best decision that we have made as parents. Aydan has blossomed and developed set skills that have excelled in core competencies set by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Having viewed many nurseries before, we came across Ladybird. Miss Mel, had given us a rather detailed tour, viewing all the areas that our child would be in and the vibrant colours and costumes that surrounded the Nursery.

Aydan’s teacher Miss Tehniyat is a great teacher with a great attitude towards learning and a positive role model. I appreciate how she would immerse herself giving parents a weekly planner at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week a Yellow Class review on how the children did (including pictures) so parents could join in with the learning to continue on.

I found all the staff of ladybird including Miss Cilla (headmistress) with a hands on approach with a open door policy ready to answer any concerns or questions we have as parents.

I would say that Ladybird Nursery is an establishment with all the tools that a young child can explore in safe environment and that is professional in every level and would recommend it to anyone in the future.

Keep up the great work guys!!!!

Raunika & Arjinder


12Ladybird Nursery was our first experience for our children for early education and for what we experience it won’t be our last.

Aysha began the year with fear toward going to Nursery, but thanks for the amazing environment and joyful staff, she overcame this fear with early morning demand to attend her class at Ladybird Nursery. We were so delighted to hear from her everyday about the friends she has in her class and what she enjoyed doing during class.

What made us so happy as parents and feeling the satisfaction of choosing Ladybird Nursery was our daughter’s attitude, speeding the adoption of the ability to share and to be a very confident talker. Also we were amazed by how the teachers taught her to be polite in her requests, and how she became very attached to the stories given by the Nursery with big demand to be read at bed time.

The best part is that every time we pass by the Nursery she screams out that this is her school, she recognizes the location as it’s a very important part of her life, also where when we drive long distances she starts to sing her Nursery songs for us, which add joy to us every time.

We would like to send special thanks and great appreciation to Miss Andrea and Miss Donna and would like to thank the management of Ladybird Nursery for all your support provided during this year.

We will miss all of you and hope we will see you soon.

Mohammed & Najla AlGhafli


11Beatrice has attended Ladybird since she was 18mths, and her big sister Georgina attended the Nursery before her. The environment that is fostered at Ladybird is one that is nurturing, caring, focused on letting your children explore and grow at their own pace. I also can say as I have an older child that has attended, that Ladybird has provided such a wonderful foundation and built my children to have confidence in themselves as they go onto school.

Ladybird is like a family, and whilst they have wonderful facilities it is the quality of the people working there who truly care about your children that sets it apart. My girls have been so happy at Ladybird, and their contact and support they provide to parents is wonderful. I recommend it to everyone I know as I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my children.

Thank you!

Clay Langdell

10Ladybird has been an invigorating and rewarding experience for Clay and ourselves. The beautiful set up of the premises combined with the ever-friendly staff, set the scene for a fantastic learning environment.

Clay’s enthusiasm to get to Nursery everyday is incredible satisfying as a parent. To know there is a friendly face and a welcoming class is a relief for busy parents. Miss Tehniyat and Mss Julie-anne are so approachable. I can talk to them about anything, anytime.

We owe Clay’s successful “Big School” assessment to Ladybird Nursery. He took turns, shared and joined in circle time, this is a direct result of Miss Tehniyat & Miss Julie-anne’s teaching.

We are provided with a timetable of activities in advance and a great follow up newsletter complete with photos each week. It gives us a great insight into Clay’s week.

Ladybird’s flexible drop off and pick up times sets them apart, as does their holiday camps. What a relief to know Clay and his brother go to Camp at Ladybird with properly trained professionals that we already know. Thank you.

Iris & Andy Langdell

Dimitris Sermpetis

9Dimitris being our third child, we knew exactly what we were looking for in a Nursery: a loving, safe clean place to help Dimitris make his first steps into independence and we found everything in Ladybird. We all felt that this is the right place.

Miss Diane, Miss Beth, Miss Darshini from last year gave him tones of love, hugs and affection. He became a lot more confident so when it was time to move on he was ready.

Miss Nicole, Miss Ingrid, Miss Suni and Miss Chadni took him a step further to this journey. Always with a big smile and a big hug well, welcoming his moods and embracing any difference he might have. They helped him settle well, make good friends, learn so much.

It has been an amazing experience these two years and we will be always grateful for this.

Many thanks to everyone!


8Georgina has loved her time at Ladybird Nursery! She joined in September 2015 and settled in instantly. We were very impressed that the Nursery staff took time to consider Georgina individually, thought carefully about which class would suit her best and moved her accordingly.

Georgina is extremely happy to go into Nursery every day and she obviously enjoys it there. She has developed in her independence. We think the teachers have all been great and all the support staff. Miss Hayley has provided an exciting, engaging learning environment for Georgina and I am seeing evidence of her learning in her speech and actions at home.

We would highly recommend Ladybird Nursery and will definitely be sending our son, Alexander, too.

Thank you

Rebecca and Jason


7Both of our children Harry 3 and Sophia 4 attended this wonderful nursery from the age of around 12 months. They both lived it there and had so much fun doing different activities each day. The staff are very professional but also very nurturing and caring and really go above and beyond to ensure that the kids have a great time. My first born Sophia was born early at 28weeks and was barely walking when we first visited the Nursery. I was very nervous about leaving her and needed to know that she would receive the attention and care she needed. I can honestly say that I never doubted the staff once and felt very reassured each time I picked her up and saw her smiling. Each day is structured differently and has a theme to keep the children interested and constantly learning. I have recommended Ladybird Nursery to all my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks so much to ALL the staff who have made my children’s early learning year’s pleasurable ones. We will miss you!

Luke Ranson

6Luke’s teachers have been amazing in providing a loving, safe and nurturing environment in FS1 for our son, Luke. He always asks “Do I have Ladybird Nursery tomorrow”. This extends to weekends and holidays! We know he loves it there, and his happiness is of utmost importance.

From a development and learning perspective, Luke has thrived. The topics and activities covered bring imagination, creativity and play together. We have noticed how genuinely engaged he has become and shares his new found knowledge with us regularly. He is very happy and keen to learn.

Undoubtedly, you’re reading this because you’re looking for a Nursery that can offer your child the very best start in life. In Ladybird, we know that we found ours.

Helen & Matthew Ranson


5Dear Prospective Parents,

We are so blessed to find an amazing Nursery for our daughter. Walking in and seeing the Nursery structure, colourful playgrounds and kind staff, we knew instantly that not only would she be welcomed but would fit in perfectly. Words cannot express how thankful we are to the lovely teachers for looking after Mackaila. It is at this age that children are challenging and difficult to cope with yet your patience, understanding and loving nature made everything possible and worth it. We will surely recommend other parents who are looking for a Nursery, where they don’t’ have to worry about the wellbeing of their children. You guys are an amazing, hardworking team and I am sure that many children can from that.

Thank you very much!!!!

Beryl and Patrick.


4Sasha has blossomed in her two years at Ladybird! Miss Tehniyat is a caring teacher who has helped Sasha develop her gross and fine motor skills, social skills and excitement about school and her friends!

Sasha has developed in a very well-rounded manner in the lovely yellow class.

Miss Cilla (Principal) has also been a fantastic leader of the Nursery and steward of our children. Our older son, Nicholas, spent a wonderful three years at Ladybird, during which time we came to know Miss Cilla as an extremely caring and compassionate person. The growth of the Nursery with it’s new space has been fantastic – more room without changing the cosy and comforting feel of the facilities which is so essential for the children.

Great job, ladies! We love Ladybird!


3Ladybird was our first and only choice for Sen, we loved that it has a homely feel and considered that very important when we first sent Sen to Nursery at 18months old. He has settled very well at Nursery and loves to come in each day, this is thanks to all at Ladybird staff, whom are very dedicated and take pride in each and every child, finding out their likes and dislikes of each of them and helping to build their personality. We can see how much Sen has learnt, with talking, which were only a few words when he started to now full conversational sentences, his use of please, welcome and thank you, colours, numbers. Sen comes home and talks about his day at “Nursery” and all his friends as well as singing. Many new learnt songs! We are thankful to all the Staff at Ladybird, Miss Dianne in Green Class and Miss Nicole Orange Class have taken a lot of care with our little baby to now a young boy. Sen often mentions Miss Beth and Miss Suni too! I wish I could name all but everyone has really helped to raise Sen into the young boy he is today. He will miss Ladybird very much! And we look forward to his younger brother starting in September 2016.

Many thanks to all the Ladybird Staff!

Hardeep, Sawan & Sen

Tiam Alavi

2We are deeply grateful to the entire team at Ladybird Nursery, particularly Tiam’s teacher Mrs Diane and the amazing Miss Beth. The personalized attention given to our son, Tiam, was excellent. Through daily real interaction with parents, as well as the weekly updates, we felt well informed and connected to the Kindergarten life of our child. We’re very happy with the quality of both the teaching and the facilities. This allowed Tiam to adapt very quickly and feel safe and comfortable at the Nursery. The team genuinely cared about him and wanted him to do well.

Thank you!!



Younus Ibrahim

Picture1It had been a great year for Younus at Ladybird Nursery. He enjoyed every moment, we have seen a dramatical change in his personality over the days. We believe that these changes had happened because of the great support of the one and only Miss Tehniyat and the lovely Miss Julieanne and the lovely staff at the late class. A big thank you to Ms Rupa.

We have to mention the big effort of Mrs. Priscilla the Headmistress of the Nursery for the way she supports and guides us.

Yara & Ahmed Ibrahim




Dear Helen

From the first day we met I could see how you are on top of things. Your wit and experience were obvious and made me feel that Adam would be in safe hands.
Adam is our first and only child, so we were understandably very picky when choosing a nursery for him. We took him with us every time we visited a nursery and he seemed happiest at Ladybird. He chose it himself and he chose well.
Thank you for a wonderful year.
Adam grew a lot and learned a lot, and all in a happy, healthy environment.
We couldn’t ask for more!
The Mechli’s

Nicky Vidaurre

IMG_6781-2Dear Ms. Helen,

Nicolas has had a phenomenal year in Mrs. Das’s Red class at Ladybird! We wish it would never end and that he could continue to learn and grow under her care and guidance. Nicolas has made tremendous progress socially, emotionally and academically this school year and his confidence has blossomed in Mrs. Das’s classroom.

Mrs. Das is a truly gifted teacher with an outstanding work ethic. She runs an extremely fun but organised and disciplined classroom. With her gentle yet firm manner she expects a lot from the children and is unwilling to accept less than their best. The children understand what is expected of them and as a result strive to be their best selves. She has constantly encouraged and motivated Nicolas with affirming words and has instilled in him a love for school and learning.

I believe Mrs. Das has a true gift for educating children. She was certainly the perfect match for our son and we will always be grateful for her hard work and dedication.

We would also like to thank you and the whole Ladybird team for providing such a nurturing, fun and inspiring leaning environment and for supporting our children and their teachers throughout.


Nicky Vidaurre

Shazia, Ovais, Aaiza and Mohammed Ali

It all started back in 2013 when we were on a Nursery hunt for our elder daughter Aaiza. Ladybird was the first one we stepped in and met with Mel (Nursery Manager). We were quite impressed by the responses to our numerous queries, finding out a good Nursery for our first child led us to carry out a detailed inquisitive conversation which she handled brilliantly. We took the right decision and admitted Aaiza to this wonderful Nursery.

Now at Mohammed’s time, it became all very easy for us to for none other than Ladybird. We as parents could not have felt more secure. Ladybird became like a second home to our children.

These are a zillion reasons (without exaggeration) why we love Ladybird Nursery but the one that tops us: the warmth and nurturing environment that you immediately feel when you step in the Nursery. All teachers/assistant’s (including Miss Hayley, Miss Cathy-Ann, Miss Ingrid, and Miss Razana) are very dedicated, accessible and make learning fun and engaging.

Miss Cilla, the Principal, is very hands-on and is undoubtedly the pillars to the reputation that the Nursery has earned over the years.

Ladybird has played a pivotal role in the overall development and shaping personality of our kids.

Thank you to all Ladybird staff for taking such good care of our kids.

Shazia, Ovais, Aaiza and Mohammed Ali

Nathalie & Riccardo Covezzi

Ladybird Nursery has been our favourite nursery since before we even had children! Both my niece and nephew went to Ladybird (as far back as 2008!) and our family hasn’t looked back since!

Marco is our second child to graduate from Ladybird, and we are very much looking forward to continuing our relationship with Ladybird when our 3rd son Alexander joins next year.

Over the years we did look around at other nurseries closer to where we live, but none would match the warmth, love and care we’ve experienced over the years at Ladybird. The time that the staff and teachers spend on building a positive relationship and trust with the child when they first join Ladybird has been an instrumental approach in making it feel like a second home for my children.

Another important factor that we’ve always held high on our list of priorities was the level of education and the Montessori curriculum offered at the nursery. Not many nurseries in Dubai offer that, and our experience at Ladybird has been amazing. Our children were very well prepared to join one of the best English schools in Dubai. The well rounded curriculum at Ladybird made their transition to ‘Big School’ very easy!

Our experience at Ladybird has been amazing. We’ve built years of beautiful memories and we have the teachers and staff at Ladybird to thank for that!

Nathalie & Riccardo Covezzi

Anita and Adil

Our triplets started their schooling in 2013 just a few months after moving to Dubai. It was a very big decision for us to find a perfect Nursery as the first institute of our children’s life for their strong base in life.

After researching several Nurseries we found Ladybird Nursery that answered all our questions and had everything that we were looking for. It took our kids no time to feel comfortable in the Nursery. We feel very satisfied about our kids learning and development within the Ladybird Nursery.

The staff is really friendly, well learnt, helpful and approachable. We have a very nice relationship with the staff. They recognise our children’s achievements and encourage them in the areas they need more focus and can benefit. The staff informs and involves all the parents all throughout. Most of all our kids really love their teachers and enjoy going to the Nursery every morning.

The Principal Miss Cilla and the Registrars Mel and Sarah are doing an amazing job by making sure that everything is convenient and helpful all around the Nursery for the students, parents and the staff.

Our children have come along away in these years especially in the Red Class (FS1) they have learnt a lot and have developed great confidence in them by being able to do so much ahead of their age. As parents we are very satisfied and happy and are very impressed by the system of the Ladybird Nursery.

The Nursery is very clean and hygienic and of course the children’s health and safety is very important to the Ladybird Nursery and have all the facilities for any emergency that might come up.

We would also mention about the clinic at the Nursery. They take the time to monitor all the kids’ health every month and have an amazing Nursing staff led by Miss Hania.

The activities all throughout the year are very useful and kids really enjoy them. The art and creativity is over the top and just brilliant in what the children are exposed to.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone including the staff and also the other parents to make the journey of the Ladybird Nursery so nice and it really feels like a big family.

Above anything else we would especially thank Ms Andrea, Ms Donna, Ms Chandani for being the perfect teachers and we could never have asked for any better.

We recommend the Ladybird Nursery to anyone who is looking for an excellent Nursery for their kids. We feel proud that our kids are leaving for the big school as very polished kids.

We genuinely appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much.


Anita and Adil

Marie-Cecile Viriot

I instantly had a great feeling at Ladybird Nursery. The school is vast, colourful, very clean and with so many things to play with. Axel instantly loved the place and asks every day to come to school. He was not talking at all when he started in September but slowly I could feel the progress and in January he finally started to speak. I am very grateful for all the efforts put by the teacher and assistants, the nurse, the security guard at the door etc.

The year has gone so fast and I am sad to leave the wonderful Nursery. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great Nursery and the years of expertise they offer.

Marie-Cecile Viriot

Lisa and Greg

We specifically picked Ladybird for Amaia as we were a little concerned that she wasn’t going to settle well into Nursery and the caring, kind and nurturing atmosphere that was presented to us hasn’t been a disappointment. Amaia absolutely loves her class mates, her teachers and all of the wonderful activities arranged for them each week – particularly “Boogie Babies”.

We have been really impressed with the class trips, outings, concerts and family inclusion days. We are very sad that Amaia is leaving this term but forever thankful that she had her introduction to learning at Ladybird. We’ll be back with Rafferty next year. Thank-you so much for all that the team at Ladybird has for Amaia.

Lisa and Greg

Raksha and Rajeev Gehi

Choosing the right Nursery for your child becomes such an important decision, with so many aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Ladybird has been a perfect choice for Anika. From a shy little baby who took almost three weeks to settle, she now looks forward to wake up in the mornings and head to Nursery. Miss Nicole, Miss Hania, Miss Lenka and Miss Suni have been a fabulous support and have really brought out her personality and her capabilities. From being reserved and very introvert, she’s really groomed to set foot into big school. Thanks to the fabulous staff at Ladybird, Anika has become such an independent and loving child, who’s always ready to share whatever she has. The environment is so homely and cozy and there is so much openness towards discussion, regarding any matter concerning Anika. Thank you Ms Nicole in guiding Anika so beautifully in the last year and getting her ready to set foot into big school. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories we will cherish for a very long time.

Raksha and Rajeev Gehi

Achile, Julienne, Darryl, Matteo and Zara

Matteo has had a very amazing, enlightening and interesting, fun-filled year at Ladybird Nursery. We feel very indebted to the loving family aka staff at Ladybird Nursery for all the cherished moments and love and patience.

Matteo joined Ladybird Nursery @ 2.5years old in September 2014. From then till now, we have seen an amazing transformation in him. Though he missed out on three months of school, during our stay away from school, he spoke so fondly of Ms Nicole, Ms Hania, Ms Lenka and Ms Suni. We are truly touched.

We have been able to remark that he counts fluently from 1-10 in Arabic, he sings a lot of songs, he speaks about finding a shape and sitting on it. He enjoys the bikes and paddling pool days so much and keeps ranting about it on our way back home from school. He loves the Montessori activities and we see a lot of improvement from the time he joined till now.

Having been former parents at Ladybird Nursery from when our older son Darryl was there, we were very assured that this environment/institution was the right place for our lil’ Matt. We have watched him grow out of pull-ups, improved on his speech and social skills. He has made a lot of friends whom he has become very fond of eg: Cian, Zaaydan, Riad, Georgina, Anika, Ummikaa, Remy, Scarlett etc

We would miss you all especially as Matty would be going to “Big School” next September 2015 and we pray that he will have an easy and smooth transition into FS1 at GWPS.

We are very grateful and for that, we want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Miss Cilla our lovely Headmistress, Ms Nicole, Ms Hania, Ms Lenka and Miss Suni and the rest of the fantastic and enthusiastic team of staff at Ladybird Nursery including the music teacher, Mr Kumar who always welcomes us and says goodbye to Matteo in a very polite civil manner. We believe you all are an amazing team and together have contributed in helping our kids fee and become the grown, confident and happy kids they are today. We also believe it has helped them build a very firm foundation to prepare them as they go out into the world. How time flies. We would continue to stay in touch, and would recommend your Nursery anytime we get the opportunity to do so.

On behalf of Matteo, and our family, we want to say thank you so much for this special experience and we hope to do so again in the future with our little one.

Lots of love

Achile, Julienne, Darryl, Matteo and Zara

Zaydaan Hussain’s Parents

Zaydaan’s journey at Ladybird has been a wonderful learning experience. He was a shy little boy who would not mingle with his peers at all, however after his year at Ladybird I have seen an amazing transformation.

Miss Nicole and her team have done an extraordinary job with my son. The patience and attention given to each individual child is very comforting to see. Zaydaan has been happy and excited to go to Nursery each and every morning, not only to meet his friends but to learn new things and spend time with Miss Nicole, Hania, Lenka and Suni. They have groomed my young infant into a charming young man.

I will be very sad this summer to say goodbye to Ladybird Nursery! We will all miss the lovely atmosphere, full of smiles and cheerful greetings every morning. I highly appreciated the personal efforts made by all teachers not only towards Zaydaan but also towards his mother. I will really miss our little chats every morning with all the teachers, not only about Zaydaan but other general life issues too!

A big thank you to Miss Nicole, Miss Hania, Miss Lenka and Miss Suni for taking such wonderful care of Zaydaan and preparing him for his next step in life!

Simon, Katerina, Sean and Scarlett

We spent a lot of time trying to pick out the right Nursery for both of our children. It was immediately obvious from the moment that we walked the door that “Ladybird” was the place for us.

Our first priority was the safety of our children and we liked the fact that the nursery was all on one level and every precaution had been taken.

We also wanted a Nursery where our children would develop and grow. In this the Nursery has exceed our expectations.

What has been truly amazing is the happy, caring family atmosphere that is so evident at Ladybird. This is mainly due to the wonderful attitude of all the staff. They really care for the children.

Scarlett really enjoyed the last 18months at Nursery and was very excited each morning that she attended. To Dianne, Nicole and all their assistants. We will always be grateful.

It’s hard to believe that we no longer will be a part of this family but rest assured that Ladybird will always hold a special place in our family’s hearts. We thank you for all that you have done for Sean and Scarlett.

We wish you continued success in the future.

Love from

Simon, Katerina, Sean and Scarlett


Ladybird Nursery has been an amazing nurturing second home for Riad. From a little boy who was shy from his peers his time spent under the loving care of Ms Nicole, Hania, Suni and Lenka transformed him into a confident, independent and creative thinking little boy.

I personally love and have loved Riad’s year in the Orange Class because the team headed by Miss Nicole have always made me feel that they are our partners in the upbringing of Riad. As a result Riad has had a very happy year at Nursery and we are very happy parents! Any problems that Riad may have had have been dealt with care, finding solutions, communication and humour!

My one wish would be to have Miss Nicole and her team move up in class with Raid to continue the wonderful benefits he has had with them!


Nadine, Saif

For Saif and me, choosing the right Nursery for Omar was a bit of a challenge. Like all parents we wanted to a good Nursery, close to where we live and a place where we feel comfortable when sending our son.

After looking around and asking friends, we heard about Ladybird. Our first visit to the Nursery we instantly felt that it’s the right place for him.

I still remember the first day I met Ms Mel, when she took me around the Nursery and its facilities, as if it was yesterday.

Now, and after 2 years for Omar with Ladybird, I can only say that it’s been nothing but great. The staff, the open door policy, the facilities, everything helped a lot in Omar’s advancement.

It’s sad that this is Omar’s last year at Ladybird, now that he is going to “The Big School” and we will definitely miss everyone, but Ladybird for sure is my choice when I have a second baby and will recommend to all my friends looking for a good Nursery.

Thank you

Nadine, Saif

Olivia’s Parents

When we moved to Dubai we were overwhelmed with the task of finding a good Nursery for our daughter Olivia. Luckily we were recommended Ladybird Nursery by a friend and we instantly felt this was the Nursery for Olivia. Olivia obviously felt the same way because she wanted to join the class outside in the adventure playground while we completed the tour.

Olivia started in September and has flourished throughout the year. The Nursery provides so many opportunities for the children to explore and learn about the world around them. I was impressed with the empathy, energy and enthusiasm of the staff. There have been so many opportunities for Olivia to learn through activities such as bake sales, trips to Dubai Aquarium, recycling day, little explorers, dress-up days, there are too many to mention. In short learning has been fun.

Academically the Nursery have been amazing at identifying Olivia’s strengths and weaknesses and she has become an avid reader, and is more than ready for big school. I am so pleased that she has been encouraged, not pushed.

The communication between Nursery, teacher and parent has been amazing and this has assisted a lot with Olivia’s emotional and social development. The teachers have been so understanding and caring throughout. A special thanks to Miss Andrea, Miss Chandanie, Miss Donna and Miss Jenny and the whole Ladybird Team.

In short, would I recommend Ladybird Nursery to a friend? Yes, and I do on a regular basis! Ladybird Nursery is a friendly, caring, nurturing, environment for children to learn and have fun. Olivia is now a confident, happy and inquisitive child, and my husband and I are two very happy parents.

We are very grateful for all the hard,

Thank you

Matthew, Helen

As parents my wife and I were looking for a nurturing, loving environment for our son. We found this in Ladybird Nursery. The teachers are calm, caring compassionate, trustworthy, responsible, creative, dedicated, cheerful and loving. Led from the top, each teacher is dedicated to seeing each child excel in every activity they are engaged in. The safety of the Nursery is excellent, overseen by the attentive and always smiling Mr Kumar. The activities used to engage Luke are always varied, interesting and stimulating and provide just the right balance of learning and fun.

Our 3year old son often experienced some separation anxiety when we would drop him off in the morning. Miss Hayley and her team were always there with a big hug, an abundance of patience, love and understanding and a fun activity to engage our son.

When invited, we engage with the Nursery’s activities which range from field trips to the Dubai Aquarium, winter and summer concerts to puppet show and of course sports day. As such, my wife and I have witnessed firsthand the superb organization, sense of humour, passion for learning and the wonderful positive attitude displayed continuously by every member of Ladybird team.

All the teachers and staff display an amazing understanding of how to relate to children and their parents and how to facilitate the children’s cognitive growth and development.

Our son has spent countless happy mornings playing, acting, singing and learning. He has really blossomed under the love and care of Ladybird Nursery. It is this wonderful nurturing and loving environment that makes us feel that we are leaving Luke with family.

My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ladybird Nursery to any parent looking for the best in childcare, and now look forward to Luke’s further adventures and development in FS1.

Matthew, Helen

Tania Smith & David Beatty

On arrival in Dubai, we were initially overwhelmed and quite daunted by the task of finding a quality school and nursery for our daughters. We were unwilling to send our eldest who was only 3.5years old at the time, to “Big School” because of the long hours and regimented routines. So we were overjoyed to find Ladybird where she could complete FS1 equivalent in a relaxed atmosphere. Ladybird Nursery provides everything we hold as important to our children’s’ development. From the small class sizes, to the caring and professional staff it has been a great choice for our girls. There is a truly creative environment for the children, loads of fun activities and masses of toys, costumes and play areas for them to explore.

After Ella finished FS1 at Ladybird she made the transition to big school with confidence and ease and hasn’t looked back.

Now Jessie is completing Red Class after 2.5 fantastic years here. We happily decided to keep Jessie at Ladybird even though we were offered a place in FS1 at Horizon School for her. I will never regret this choice! She has grown in confidence and creativity enormously under the careful guidance of her teachers Miss Dianne, Miss Hayley and Miss Andrea. The support staff has also been wonderful throughout.

Miss Cilla maintains a calm presence around the Nursery and is supported by such friendly and caring people in Mel and Sarah (front office). A very professional yet cozy environment for all the staff and children. It really has been wonderful to be a part of! We couldn’t be happier with our time at Ladybird and will be sad to say goodbye. I have already recommended it to all my friends.


Tania Smith & David Beatty.

Helen, Peter and Jack

When we first started looking for Nurseries for Jack, there was quite an overwhelming choice in the Jumeirah/Umm Sequiem area. Ladybird was the 3rd Nursery that I visited and right from the initial communication with Mel, I strongly felt that Jack (and I)! would be in safe hands. In fact, after our introductory visit to Ladybird, Jack said “ happy children” completely voluntarily as we got back into the car.

As he started his first few days, any worries I had about Jack settling in completely vanished. I was particularly impressed with Ladybird’s settling-in policy which is tailored to suit each family and child, it was incredibly reassuring to know that we wouldn’t be leaving Jack until we were 100% confident that he had happily settled.

The class size are such that the children get really positive 1:1 interactions with the teachers, but they’re not so small so as to discourage the very important part of group interaction and developing their social skills. Jack’s made some great friends over the last year.

Miss Hayley and her team have encouraged an open door policy and any time that I’ve had a query or concern they have been very responsive. This excellent communication extends to the core team of Miss Priscilla, Sarah and Mel who despite busy schedules, always have time to help. And I can’t leave without mentioning Mr Kumar, the security guard, who is always unfailing cheerful. Miss Hayley and the whole of the blue class team have also been exceptional at letting us know of any changes they’re noticed in Jack – be it noticing a particular interest in a certain activity, a health concern, and even some very sage advice about tackling certain behavioural issues! You are left with no doubt that they genuinely understand and care for your child.

We’d like to thank the whole Ladybird Team for a fun, rewarding, compassionate and happy year for Jack in the Blue Class.

Helen, Peter and Jack

Zlatka and Valeriy Ferdinando

We joined the Ladybird Family January 2011. My daughter Katherine was 2 years old and Ivan was just born. Two years later both of them were there. I will never forget my first impression when Mel showed us the premises. The attitude and the atmosphere were so welcoming and accommodating. A lovely friendly nursery, nothing too big or small for the kids. Lots of fun and educating things for the children to get involved. My kids made really good friends there and through them we met fantastic parents, who are now our friends.

The Nursery has a strong leadership team. The Headmistress, Miss Cilla assisted by Mel and Sarah in the office, support a culture of high level education, care and respect.

Our biggest concern here in Dubai was the early admission in the schools. We took the risk to leave our kids to stay as long as possible in the Nursery. They had some extra stress free time, while they continued to learn and advance academically. The Nursery organizes some interesting field trips, invite different artists to perform, have really exciting book fairs, book character days, cooking classes and very interesting playing activities through which children learn imperceptibly.

With the latest changes in the school system in Dubai Ivan would have to go from pre-school year in Ladybird straight in Year 1 in September. We cannot explain our gratitude to Miss Andrea who put extra efforts to speed up his preparation for the “Big School” without him even noticing it. He is still that happy playing kid.

Our vote for Ladybird Nursery is strongly based on the energy, enthusiasm, care and affection of the staff. The team works so hard to create a welcoming, happy and creative environment for my son and his class. There is a really good variety of themes and activities through-out the day/week and as a parent I feel informed about what my son has been doing and the general goings on day to day in the Nursery and his room in particular. I am really happy with the care and opportunities to learn the team provides. The Nursery is professional, clean and organised. They provide regular and clear communication with parents and quickly respond to any requests or queries.

Thank you Miss Andrea, Miss Hayley, Miss Dianne, Miss Nicole, Miss Cathy-Anne, Miss Chandanie, Miss Donna, Miss Julie, Miss Beth, Miss Jenny, Miss Razana and Miss Darshin!

Specials thanks to Miss Hania – the nurse at Ladybird who is always caring and available to give first aid to kids and advice to parents.

When we look at them today, we feel this tremendous sense of respect and gratitude for what they did for our children.

Zlatka and Valeriy Ferdinando

Ailsa Pollard

Choosing the right Nursery is such an important decision as a parent, I truly cannot give enough praise for the entire team at Ladybird led by Miss Cilla, and every single day makes me so glad I chose Ladybird. Miss Nicole and her team work alongside me every day as a parent, to help Georgina bring out the best in her. Taking her from a toddler to a young lady ready for School.

During the challenging periods where Georgina was testing boundaries, the team work with you, allowing your child to be an individual, creative, curious and respectful of others.

The amount and variety of activities is wonderful, and it is such a welcoming environment with a long seeming team who all know your children – from Kumar on the gate to everyone they interact with. What I love about Ladybird is that whilst it has fantastic facilities, it isn’t that, that makes it unique, it’s the quality of the staff, the caring environment, and their expertise of bringing out the best in children which makes it hard for others to replicate. Most importantly Georgina (and now Bea) loves it.

Thank you Miss Cilla, Miss Nicole, Hania, Lenka, Suni, Miss Rita and team, Mel, Sarah and the whole team that welcome us into the Ladybird family.

Ailsa Pollard

Kyle, Marianne and Ella

Ella started in Ladybird just before she turned 3. We were new to Dubai and a bit worried about the transition and finding the right Nursery. We did lots of research and visited several nurseries in the area. We knew right away that Ladybird was the right choice for us. The staff was very friendly and professional, the classrooms and play areas were clean and inviting. We like the Montessori setting and how they learn through play. Ella’s teachers are amazing, they see each individual and make sure they have the opportunity to reach the next level and develop their academic skills without taking away the playing and childhood a 3 year old should have. They value friendship and social skills, which makes Ladybird a warm and welcoming Nursery.

The communication between teachers and parents are also very good and the soft start in the beginning meant a lot for our little girl (and the mom) the first week at Ladybird. We get weekly newsletter so we always know what’s going on and we can see how prepared and organised the teachers are. And if there is every any issues and questions, they have a welcoming open door policy.

Ella has also been going to late class almost every day and she really enjoys it.

Since Ella was 1 she has attend two other Nurseries (in London and Norway) and despite good quality Nurseries, Ladybird is by far the best one. We are sad to see her leave, but with her experience and the development the last year we are now confident that she is ready for the “Big School”. And in a few months we can hopefully come back with our youngest daughter – no question this is our first choice!

Thank you

Kyle, Marianne and Ella

Robert, Anna

Choosing the right nursery in Dubai for your child could be a difficult task. However, when we first started looking at options where to put Aleksander almost three years ago, it didn’t take us too long to agree and decide that Ladybird was the best place for us.

Reputational, the Nursery care with excellent recommendations, and once we visited with Alek’s, he immediately felt comfortable in the environment. This was a key factor for us. In addition to the recently improved excellent facilities, we were also impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by all of the Ladybird staff from the outset.

Throughout Alexander’s time at the Nursery all his teachers, assistant, and indeed all staff, have been wonderful with us as parents, and Alek as a pupil. The reassurance that this gives us as parents cannot be over-emphasized. Not only their professionalism, their openness, friendly approach and “open door” policy is very welcome. The class sizes are such that you feel your child receives a good balance of personal attention from the teachers, whilst at the same time getting plenty of opportunity for group learning with his Nursery friends.

We would also like to commend the Nursery for the structured events involving parents and families of the children. These are great ways for us all to see how our kids are developing as small people, especially the concerts and Sports days.

Alek has most certainly blossomed over his 2 or so years at Ladybird, and as he prepares to graduate now at the end of the term and go to FS1 in September, we would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the staff at the Nursery for helping him grow.

Thank you

Robert, Anna

Cian’s Parents

The last 18 months that Cian has been attending Ladybird Nursery has seen out little Bambino grow and develop into a confident, outspoken and at time impetuous young man. We will be both sad that he has to say goodbye to his talented teaching staff and assistants, but elated that he will be starting his first year in school with such a solid foundation in life. Every day our little boy makes us laugh with stories about what has happened in Orange class throughout the course of the day. Sometimes, even going to such lengths as to make us ‘sit on our shapes’ while he sits in his chair and reads us stories, plays games, breaks into song and dance or tells us off for ‘interrupting the class’.

We cannot put into words how indebted we are to Miss Cilla and the Ladybird family for their steadfast commitment to our child’s development. In particular, Miss Nicole for having the patience and commitment to bring out the best in Cian when at times he has not had his listening ears switched on. Thank you for being such a huge influence on his life so far. He will miss immensely and will remember you for the rest of his life, no doubt. Our thanks also to Miss Hania, Miss Suni, Miss Lanka for taking such great care of Cian – from patching up his cuts and bruises to helping him with the unenviable task of potty training.

We are eternally grateful to the entire staff at Ladybird Nursery for their commitment and attitude towards the development of our son. What we learn with pleasure we never forget!

Cian’s Parents

Helen & Scott

I was very nervous about sending Olivia to Nursery when she was 2 ½ years old as I had never left her at all with anybody. However, after meeting with Priscilla, I was immediately at ease. Olivia settled in on her fist day and was at home immediately which is down to the fantastic team throughout the Nursery who are genuinely friendly, happy and professional. Ladybird is such a cozy environment that the children feel like home from home and are so comfortable. The open door policy and daily chats with staff and teachers is so refreshing and you feel part of the Ladybird family. I am currently expecting my second child and would not even consider another Nursery. I cannot speak highly enough of Ladybird. I will be very sad at the end of this term to be saying a temporary goodbye and sincerely thank everybody at the Nursery.

Helen & Scott

Nadine & Saif Omar

For Saif and I, choosing the right Nursery for Omar was a bit of a challenge. Like all parents, we wanted a good Nursery, close to where we live and a place where we feel comfortable when sending our son. After looking around and asking friends, we heard about Ladybird. Post our first visit to the Nursery, we instantly felt that it’s the right place for him.

I still remember the first day I met Ms Mel when she took me around the Nursery and its facilities as if it was yesterday. Now, after 2 years for Omar with ladybird, I can only say that it’s been nothing but great. The staff, the open door policy, the facilities, everything helped a lot in Omar’s advancement.

It’s sad that this is Omar’s last year at Ladybird, now that he is going to “the big school” and we will definitely miss everyone, but Ladybird for sure is my choice when I have a second baby and a recommendation to all my friends looking for a good Nursery.

Thank you.

Nadine & Saif Omar

Naisha, Kashish & Suresh

Naisha has been with Ladybird for 2 years now. As parents, we just don’t have words enough to thank the Ladybird team for shaping Naisha from an unsettled, unable to express herself child to a wonderful, outspoken, independent little girl. We are going to miss and cherish all the memorable trips, sessions we have had with Ladybird.

I can keep writing pages and pages on our lovely long journey (well sadly not so long after all!). But all I can state as I have once read :

“Great teachers engineer learning experiences that put students in the driver seat and then get out of the way”

Myself and Suresh thank you once again, Ladybird team and Mrs Cilla on setting Naisha on her path to the “Big School”.

Naisha, Kashish & Suresh

Anika’s Parents

Choosing the right Nursery for your child becomes such an important decision with so many aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Ladybird has been a perfect choice for Anika. From a shy little baby who took almost 3 weeks to settle, she now looks forward to wake up in the mornings and head to Nursery. Miss Nicole, Miss Hania, Miss Lenka and Miss Suni have been a fabulous support and have really brought out her personality and her capabilities. From being reserved and very introvert, she has really groomed to set foot into big school. Thanks to the fabulous staff at Ladybird, Anika has become such an independent and loving child who is always ready to share whatever she has. The environment is so homely and cozy and there is so much openness towards discussion regarding any matter concerning Anika. Thank you Ms Nicole in guiding Anika so beautifully in the last year and getting her ready to set foot into big school. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories we will cherish for a very long time.

Jackie, Amer, Alex and Audrey

I have had two children at Ladybird over the past 3.5years and now that the year is coming to an end an Audrey prepares for “Big Girl School”, I am sad to say “Goodbye”, yet very grateful to everyone at Ladybird for providing a warm, caring and safe learning environment for both our girls. The entire staff promote a love of learning and a love of children that provides the perfect environment for a child to grow and thrive.
Amer and I have seen such an amazing transformation in Audrey since the start of the year in the Blue Class. Despite a little bit of separation anxiety at the beginning of the year, Audrey has emerged as an independent and confident little girl, more than ready to start her early primary school years, both academically and socially. I have no doubt that the reassurance and patience that Miss Hayley and Miss Cathy Ann, as well as Miss Ingrid and Miss Razana have shown, were the reason she settled so quickly and continued throughout the year to learn and grow with such enthusiasm.
Communication between the Nursery and parents is so important to us and we found the weekly newsletters, invitations to concerts, sports days, field trips and Mother’s Day teas, the quick chats during drop off and pick up as well as the open door policy in the office and classroom to be very comforting. We loved the opportunities to see Audrey interact with her classmates and teachers as well as the activities she did whilst at school.
As well as the amazing teachers and staff, the Nursery itself is bright, cheerful, cozy and warm environment. The extension areas are beautiful without losing the warmth and coziness of the Nursery and I am so glad Audrey was able to enjoy the new areas during her last year.
As my youngest is poised to graduate from Ladybird, I find myself wishing I had another child so I could stay longer!
Thank you to Miss Cilla and her team for bringing out the best in my children and giving them the encouragement and confidence they need to go out in the world!

Jackie, Amer, Alex and Audrey

Olivia’s Parents

I was very nervous about sending Olivia to Nursery when she was 2.5years old as I had never left her at all with anybody, however after meeting with Priscilla I was immediately at ease. Olivia settled in on her first day and was at home immediately which is down to the fantastic team throughout the Nursery who are genuinely friendly, happy and professional. Ladybird is such a cozy environment the children feel like home from home and are so comfortable it bring s on their learning and enjoyment of learning.
The open door policy and daily chats with staff and teachers is so refreshing and you feel part of the Ladybird family. I am currently expecting my second child and wouldn’t even consider another Nursery. I cannot speak highly enough of Ladybird. I will be very sad at the end of this term to be saying a temporary goodbye and sincerely thank everybody at the Nursery.


Himani Ahuja

Our daughters Simone and Anushka have attended lady bird nursery right from the age of 18months upto 3years.

Their journey has been absolutely wonderful and enjoyable in all these years. All the staff and teachers are very humble, patient and extremely caring.

Ms Helen has been extremely efficient as the Head teacher , who is fully involved with the parents and has always been on her toes to address any issues .The nursery is truly amazing as they celebrate and explain the importance of every culture and their festivals which is so important in this place . They have always organized events like the sports day , International day and many more , which were done in the most perfect , well organized and absolutely enjoyed by both the parents and the children.

A big appreciation to Ms Kajal who has been a teacher to both my daughters. She is one of the most brilliant , efficient , well planned , friendly teachers I have come across. She exactly knew all the kids and worked on them so brilliantly . My daughter (Anushka ) still miss her and every morning wants to go back to lady bird nursery while she gets ready for her Big School. Thank you Ms Kajal for laying down a strong foundation for both of them. We cannot thank you enough for all your hardwork.

Ms Cindy , Ms Rosie ,Ms Emalda have been wonderful supporters and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Reji.. The school guard … a big thank you to him as he was very humble ,efficient and helpful at all times.

Thank you to all the staff of Lady Bird nursery for providing my kids the right foundation that any parents would expect.

Himani Ahuja

(Mother of Simone and Anushka)

Mona and Sam

What an incredible year this has been. Best decision we took for our little angel Samona to continue with Ladybird for another academic year. We are all very emotionally attached to this school.

Towards the end of last academic year, we noticed our daughter develop into a confident girl whereas this year we noticed further development in her character. She is now a confident talkative child who very expressively portrays her thoughts and feeling. She has made many friends this year as well. We can sincerely give all this credit to her wonderful teacher Mrs. Das and Ms Rosie and aunty Loyda, they have jointly worked very hard towards molding Samona and getting her ready for the big school.

What we appreciate about this school is that from the security guard to the Principal Ms Helen to all the members of staff have a positive and warm attitude towards the children, hence all the little ones feel wanted and look forward to attending school and that speaks a lot about the school.

Thank you once again for making Samona’s initial academic journey so wonderful and memorable and for looking after her these past two years.

Warm wishes.

Mona and Sam

Preeti Tolani

My son has attended LadyBird Nursery for the past 3 years. Prior to that my daughter attended LadyBird Nursery for 2 years. Both of my kids have such strong positive attitudes towards learning and school as a result of the wonderful staff and teachers at LadyBird. The attention and experience given to each child as an individual is priceless. We have seen our children coming home enthusiastically

singing and showing us what they have learned. Both of my kids were taught by Ms. Kajal who has been an amazing teacher and a great influence in both of their lives. My older daughter still remembers Ms. Kajal very fondly and likes to show her the new accomplishments she has made in ‘big school’. LadyBird has been a part of our family’s life for the past 5 years and we would highly recommend them to any family who wants to see their children grow into intelligent, caring, curious and happy

Preeti Tolani

Aurelia’s Parents

Our daughter Aurelia has attended Ladybird nursery for 2 full school years, from Summer 2013 to Summer 2015.

We couldn’t be happier with her journey at Ladybird Nursery. When she started, just shy of 2 years old, she was one of the youngest in the class, and now at 3.5 years old, she is one of the oldest ones. The Montessori approach to having multiple ages in the same class works very well – firstly she could pick up things from the older kids, and later on she could help some of the younger kids with tasks and exercises. Aurelia has used her ease with different age groups children and adults outside of the nursery and can plan well with kids from neighborhood of all ages. It has also helped her to develop nurturing skills, which we see now with her newborn sister.

Aurelia was able to stay with the same teacher for her whole time at Ladybird, with whom she built a strong bond. Likewise with the class helpers – they are life savers. We think her bond with her teacher and the helpers is the exact preparation for going onto primary school as she understand and is comfortable with taking direction and instruction from a teacher.

Over the 2 years she learned so many things: from counting and reading letters to how to approach puzzles and the concept of recycling. Her vocabulary amazes us on a daily basis. Best of all are the practical life skills she has learned: from the concept of a library and the responsibility of ‘borrowing’ something to show and tell, which taught her communicate not just fact about something but also help make choices and decide her opinions about that object. We have learned also that she likes and is interested in the creative arts – from painting, cutting and pasting, coloring, and yoga. The range of activities has helped Aurelia begin to find the things that she has a knack for and which we can now continue to help her develop and encourage.

The facilities at ladybird are excellent and unpretentious – it is a cozy and calm atmosphere that reassured us that children at such a delicate age would not be overly or negatively stimulated. Aurelia also found the special activities every term, ranging from School excursions to Class performances to National Day activities, great fun.

Overall we are extremely happy we choose Ladybird for Aurelia – it was a great fit.


‘We love this place. And we leave it with a very heavy heart.

Lady bird is not about the latest technology and gadgets but it is a nursery the way that I have always known it and that’s really the reason I was drawn into it. It felt real. It was our second home. From the second you get greeted by Reji in the morning to the minute we walk out we see nothing but real genuine people who are willing to accommodate us in everything.

The thank yous would be endless… starting with Ms Sonia from purple class. Layla has done 5 terms with her. She was her only teacher and I hope we could find a match when we go to ‘Big School’. Ms Sonia talks about the children like they are her own. You see pride on her face and tears and smiles and joy…. Just the same emotions we have looking at our own child. I feel she mirrored the way I would want to bring up my child and that’s why I felt at ease.

Ms Karishma, the kids love you. You will be a great teacher yourself

Ms Gemma, may God bless you with all the efforts you have put the kids.

Mr Reji! Sir, I see you heading a school once you move back to India! You’ve got a head to treasure!!

Ms Helen, you were the initial reason I knew I was making the right decision having Layla join Lady Bird. A great first impression…. But everything that followed surpassed expectations.

I can go on with the thank yous…. Ms Fal, Ms Loyda and everyone out there with the huge smile and warm greetings. Thank you!

We close this chapter. And we move on.

Layla’s Mom.


Azaan, Amaan and Ayaan Arfan’s Parents

As the academic year comes to end, its a sad time because my youngest will be graduating from Ladybird Nursery.

I have had a long association with Tiny Home and Ladybird nursery and especially with Mrs Das. My nephew joined Mrs Das’s class in 1998. He enjoyed his time in her class thoroughly and has fond memories of Tiny Home. He is a top notch student now who secured a 100% scholarship for his engineering university studies. The confidence Mrs Das instilled in him helped him takes strides in his adult life.
After seeing my nephews accomplishments, I could not entrust my own kids to any other teacher. I am over joyed to see my kids blossom into confident young boys under Mrs Das’s supervision.
The twins got accepted in grade one and are quite confident and happy. They still miss the wonderful time spent at the nursery.
Ayaan has got accepted in big school and will be joining his brothers next year.
I would like to thank the nursery and especially Mrs Das for giving my kids fond memories that they will cherish forever.
Once again thank you Mrs Das for doing such a superb job. Grateful to you for all the hard work, dedication, love and passion that you put into your teaching.


Parents of
Azaan, Amaan and Ayaan Arfan

Rakhee & Vijay Gandhi

Our son has been a Montessori child since September 2013. Vihaan started his first learning steps under Ms. Emma and Ms. Rosemary in Rainbow class where he developed himself as a toddler to improve his motor skills and had a solid foundation to learning. He then progressed to Red Class in September 2014 where Mrs. Das, Mrs. Rosie and Ms. Loida.

It is amazing- as parents, we want the best for the child to learn and develop and the day arrives when they have to move to the big school. After 2 years in Ladybird Nursery, we can proudly say that we made the right choice for our son who continues to have fun whilst learning. It wasn’t long ago when Ms Emma had to wipe his tears to bid good bye to us on the first day in Rainbow class where the caring environment helped him settle in a new place where he was truly welcomed and learnt to be independent. In one year, Vihaan’s move to Red Class helped him to be a confident, curious learner to ask the logic. There are no words to express how amazed and truly grateful we are as we bid an emotional farewell to the Montessori who prepared Vihaan to start as full-time student in a big school in Foundation Stage class after summer.

Ms. Emma (Teacher, Rainbow class): You will remain Vihaan’s first teacher and although he pretends not knowing you when he enters the big Red class, we want to share that you still remain a topic of discussion at dinner time. Vihaan became independent under you and for this we remain indebted.

Ms. Rosemary (Helper, Rainbow class): Your support was amazing for Vihaan who was so dependent initially to fit in (pamper phase!) and would fall asleep by noon for you to carry him. Many thanks!

Mrs. Das, Mrs. Rosie and Ms. Loida (Red Class): You make a great team. You truly are so caring, excellent in team work and complement each other. Vihaan is developing good social skills and is comfortable in different surroundings due to your efforts.

Mrs. Das (Teacher, Red class): You must know that you have made such a positive influence on Vihaan. He has grown from being a toddler in September to a boy coming his age. Thank you for all your love, support and drive that reflects the fantastic work that you do with 110% commitment & follow through. We as parents learnt from you how to strike a balance in teaching a child with love and firmness.

Mrs. Rosie (Assistant Teacher, Red class): We will forever be grateful for the things you taught that did transcend into our home. You helped Vihaan learn to share, develop interest in books, know importance of organizing things and putting things back to where he picks up from…and the list is endless. Your teachings wouldn’t be forgotten and your support is much appreciated.

Ms. Loida (Helper, Red class): We honestly thought Vihaan will never leave his bottle and will need potty training this summer too. You changed our perception, proved us wrong and helped him be independent and have more self-control to move to a big school. Your support and loving smile will remain in his mind forever and we appreciate your support through the year.

Rakhee and I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful place for Vihaan to learn, grow, blossom and see the world in a more meaningful way as a loving human being. You all have set him on a marvelous path and for this we are forever grateful.

Proud Parents,
Rakhee & Vijay Gandhi


Our family couldn’t be happier in choosing Ladybird Nursery for our child. From our first visit of the school, we received such a warm welcome, it was clear that the entire staff shared a genuine interest for the well-being and development of our child. Over the course of the school year we have seen our son develop into a confident, curious little boy who has made a lot of wonderful friends and who feels at home at school. He enjoys the structure that the Montessori-based program provides and also the versatility where he can pick and choose activities that interest him. The program is well-rounded offering various activities in the schedule such as library time, music class, yoga, water play, Arabic and a very engaged circle time. The school also organizes a number of events like the impressive winter concert, sports day and also assembly, which encourage and challenge students to participate in a confidence-building performance. The teachers at Ladybird are very experienced, highly trained and show a great deal of creativity, patience and kindness toward all of the students. We feel fortunate that our son spent part of his preschool years at Ladybird in such a nurturing and enriching environment, and we are so proud of his accomplishments. We will miss the school and staff dearly when we move back to the States !

Kind regards,


Hello Helen,
I just wanted to write you a quick note about how impressed I am by Noah’s progress bearing in mind he only joined half way through the year. Just to mention a few, I have noticed a positive improvement in his pencil grip and coloring (within lines). I generally feel his inquisitiveness is being well nourished at nursery and that he is a happy boy going in every day and being a part of your environment. I have to say a big thank you to Mrs. Das and her tremendous ability to help Noah adjust so well and to progress the way he has been and continues to; she is a superb teacher and teachers are what make all the difference in impacting a child. Thank you to all of you for making Noah’s journey so warm and memorable. I am so not ready for him to move on to big school in all honesty! But at least we won’t be cutting any cords thanks to Tamara :) I hope that she can get to experience such a rich learning experience with Mrs. Das next nursery year.
I just want to add that your entire nursery family are wonderful, genuine people, and a family is just what it is. Thank you Helen for making it all work so smoothly and keeping a laid back culture within.
Many thanks to you all!

Sarah and Hari

Lady Bird Umm Suqeim is amazing! Our daughter has attended this nursery for three years – from the age of 13 months through age 4. We could not be happier or more satisfied with our experience with this Montessori school. The staff are wonderful – all very caring and attentive to the children. The atmosphere is both peaceful and productive, and the overall mood completely positive. Underpinning these aspects are sound educational principles for early childhood development, and the principal and lead teachers are all experienced, articulate and communicative about any questions or matters parents may wish to discuss. Our daughter was appropriately challenged and encouraged to grow and develop in all areas – she loves attending school and her sense of confidence and independence have grown and grown. The past two years in the Blue class with Ms. Kajal have been great – Ms. Kajal is brilliant and stays closely attuned to each child and what they need to grow and develop. The result of her attentiveness is a very happy child who loves to learn and progresses in leaps and bounds. The administration of the school is efficient, personal and issue-free. We love you Ms. Kajal, Ms. Helen and everyone else at Lady Bird Umm Sequim. Our next child will definitely attend this wonderful gem of a nursery school!
-Sarah and Hari

Nishita Dodhya

Dear All,
As the academic year comes to an end I would like to appreciate all the staff for the great work done at Ladybird Nursery. ARHAN joined the nursery when he was 2 years old, in the Rainbow Class. I would like to Thank Ms.Emma Arhan’s 1st class teacher who helped him adjust to the school in a nice and warm manner. With her sweet smile, patience and loving care Arhan settled easily into the nursery and was happy from the 1st day he joined school, and would look forward to coming to school every morning.
In September Arhan moved to the Blue class with Ms.Kajal ,Ms.Cindy and Ms.Emalda,
He settled quickly in his new class under the loving care of the three teachers. I would like to thank Ms.Kajal for her efforts she has put into moulding Arhan from a little child to an Individual who is Independent, Confident, and Social. Arhan now has a wide range of vocabulary, a sense of right and wrong and can make his own decision. I truely appreciate the efforts of Ms. Kajal who is very affectionate, patient and a brilliant teacher and Ms.Cindy for the hard work they have put into the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT of my child, touching his life so beautifully.
Lastly I would like to thank Ms.Helen for being there at all times as the driving force behind the Nursery.
I would recommend Ladybird Nursery to other parents whom I know and tell them what a beautiful and fulfilling experience it was for me as a parent and Arhan as student of the Ladybird Nursery .
With lots of appreciation and gratitude,
Nishita Dodhya
(Arhan’s parents)

2014 – 15 SCHOOL YEAR

Alanna and Ellie Sheath

I found out about Ladybird after looking and visiting several Nurseries. We moved from Australia and wanted a place that would welcome our children “almost 3 and 4 and a half”. We wanted an environment that provided them with simple but key elements to help develop socially, helping to adjust to Dubai and also prepare them for school.
I chose Ladybird because I felt a warm and welcoming environment, where teachers (and the office) care about my concerns and that would just look after my girls, teaching them about daily life.

One of the best things about Ladybird was the communication with the teachers and the weekly newsletters. My husband and I enjoyed reading about the topics the girls were involved in and how their learning was coming along. I felt constantly involved in my children’s learning – Thank you for that!

We will be sad to leave and join big school, but are very proud to know that our girls had a great start in Dubai. Ellie improved her communication a lot more and Alanna adjusted right away and was looking forward to participate in circle time every day. Both of them brought home great stories about their activities, concerts, singing, dancing and continually telling us how much they loved their Ladybird friends and teachers.

Thank you to all the Ladybird team, we will miss you!
Paola, Tim, Alanna and Ellie


I first found about Ladybird Nursery from friends who gave me an excellent report. I took a tour and it felt cozy and had a homely environment. The Teachers and the Principal gave me the right vibe to pick Ladybird.

Bambino was a fantastic experience in Ladybird. Graduating to the Blue Class. I witnessed the teachers work hard to nourish and blossom Avanca’s growing up experience.
My experience with the Blue Class with Miss Hayley (the captain of the ship), Cathy-Anne, Miss Karen and Miss Razana, has always been delightful.

I have seen Avanca cross her hurdles with listening, writing, counting etc. with ease. Miss Hayley gave me a lot of tips and helped me understand Avanca’s needs and how to manage her strong personality. With Miss Hayley’s help potty training has been easy. Her listening abilities have improved. Her motor skills have developed because of all the Montessori exercises. She writes on dotted lines, and counts better which you have taught her well.

I feel very blessed to have a mentor like Miss Hayley for Avanca.
A big thank you for this lovely experience:
The Love with which you teach and nurture,
The guidance to overcome hurdles with ease,
The Care with which you have handled my child.
God Bless Miss Hayley, Miss Cathy-Ann, Miss Karen and Miss Razana.

Michele and Marwan Matar

Being our fourth child we wanted Marc to live a different experience than his brothers and sister. An English nursery seemed like a good start.

When I first visited Ladybird I was impressed by the warmth and kindness of the personnel. Since his first few weeks at Ladybird, Marc developed his interpersonal skills, be became outspoken (in a good way, not a shy little boy anymore), independent and capable of making choices in his daily interactions.

We really appreciated the serine relationship between Marc and his teachers. We also appreciate the rich and various activities during his academic year.

A special thanks to Miss Dianne, Miss Chandanie and Miss Darshani for taking care of our Marc and for making his journey at Ladybird an unforgettable one.
Michele and Marwan Matar


Our decision to send Noah to Ladybird was made an easy one. From the second we entered the Nursery, the welcoming and vibrant environment reminded us of our own Early Years education. The decision has been rectified with every passing week.

From his first week, Noah has relished his days in Nursery – a testament to the challenging and engaging curriculum. His social skills have developed exponentially, making him a thoughtful and respectful playmate (most of the time!) His personal development has also been proactively supported by his teachers Miss Dianne and Miss Chandanie, especially with trouble-shooting and potty training.

It’s only fair, however, that Noah have the last word! When we were most recently talking about moving back to the UK, Noah suggested that Miss Dianne should come and live with us – and sleep on the sofa!

What more can I say? Thank you all, (bus especially Miss Dianne, Miss Chandanie and Miss Darshani)
Suzie and Chris Von Standmann

Maarten and Sophie

Pim has been with Ladybird since he was 18 months. Before that he stayed home.
We chose Ladybird because it was such a nice transition from being home; the teachers were wonderful and caring and the class size was very small, which was great due to the amount of attention he received.

We are moving Pim to JESS big school next term. He has been very happy with Ladybird since his first day due to the number of teachers, the warm and supporting environment and the open communication within the Nursery.

Thank you for everything.
Maarten, Sophie and Pim

Maryam Allouz

Shamsa is our second child to enroll at Ladybird. I’m sure if we ever have our third or fourth we will also choose this wonderful Nursery. I would summarise our experience in the following bullet points:

Interesting focus on soft skills
Smooth transition from babies to toddlers
Learning through playing is always enjoyable
Open ears and hearts to parents concerns and challenges
Creative advice and cooperation between home and Nursery
Professional, real-time administration
I sincerely thank Ladybird for a great academic year.
Maryam Allouz

Brian and Deborah Scudder

Rebecca’s time in Ladybird Nursery has been a lovely period of our lives.

Brian and I have seen our youngest daughter bloom from a seed to a
flower, and it is safe to say that she is now fully prepared for the
transition to “big school” thanks to the love, care and educational
attention she has received in nursery over the past two and a half
years. We hope Dubai English Speaking School is as ready for her as
she is for them.

The nursery has always felt like an extension of home, not flash, not
high maintenance, just gentle and encouraging. The class sizes are
small in comparison to other nurseries and because of that there seems
to be a far better relationship between the children and their
respective caregivers and teachers. It also makes for a far less manic
atmosphere, something that keeps the kids relaxed and ready to learn.

Rebecca has particularly loved her time with Miss Cilla, learning her
ABCs, 123s and beginners phonics through the use of the iPad. One
point to highlight. Having worked in Ladybird for over 13 years, it is
massively impressive that Miss Cilla is still enthusiastic and totally
involved with every little person that passes through the Ladybird 

Having experienced a number of nurseries in the city, I can safely say
that the Ladybird staff are some of the finest nursery school
practitioners in the city and their combination of Montessori and
other learning methods has stood our “Becka Boo” in extremely good

The nursery management team is also very hands on. Through good times
and bad, Miss Cilla, Mel and Sarah have been as nice to us as parents
as they have been to Rebecca as a student, and we would like to
sincerely thank them for that.

I can highly recommend this nursery and wish the teachers, teaching
assistants and management team all of the very best as they move into
an exciting period in the school’s development.

Brian and Deborah Scudder

Meriem & Saad Salom

We arrived in Dubai end of September 23013. I was seven months pregnant and needed a good nursery for Yassine who was two and a half. After doing a quick search on internet Ladybird was first on our list as it is Montessori based and was established a long time ago. We then visited Ladybird and fell in love with it! We registered Yassine straight away and we are really happy we made this choice. Yassine has been in the Blue Class since then and thanks to the experience of the carers and their approach, Yassine adapted really well! Blue Class is a second home to Yassine and we are sure he will miss it next year (and so will we)! We would like to thank Miss Hayley, Miss Cathy-Ann, Miss Razana and Miss Karen for their love, attention and care to Yassine. Thank you Miss Hayley for all the tips on how to deal with baby sister and the move to Dubai!

We would highly recommend Ladybird to parents who are looking for a homey feel and good quality of care and a guaranteed development of their child(ren).

Thank you Priscilla, Mel and Sarah for your support!

Meriem & Saad Salom (Yassine’s Parents)

Amna Khalil

Ladybird was a great choice for my 2 kids nothing could’ve been better. Adam joined back in 2010 gained solid foundation and went to the big school with confidence and now it’s Zein’s last term before joining his FS1 stage and I wonder if he will be as excited as going to Ladybird every morning? He loves being there!

No words can express how thankful I am for a wonderful and safe 3.5years of our life, starting the moment I met with Mel and how encouraging it was to register Adam moving to experiencing great attention from Miss Cilla even to Adam’s eating habits and how creative solutions she came up with.

The effort by Miss Nicole for Adam to settle down and the great progress in Zein’s and Adam’s discipline, behavior, learning’s by Miss Hayley and the Blue Class team.

Zein had grown emotionally and socially as well as academically impressively.

I also have to thank Ms Cilla for maintaining a great support team that both my kids and I loved and felt comfortable to.

We will sure miss seeing the lovely cheerful Ladybird Team every morning.

I wish Ladybird team all the best!

Amna Khalil (Adam & Zein’s mom)

Piyali & Joris

Dear Sonia,
Thank you very much for being such a wonderful guide to Aurelia as she’s embarked on her life in nursery/school. We could not have been more reassured and glad that you were a part of her life as she starts this new journey of exploring, learning and making friends in a school setting. These are such precious years and we are so happy, you are such an important part of it!
Thanks to all! Have a wonderful holiday and see you in September!
With warmest regards,
Piyali & joris
(Aurelia’s parents)

Rehmat’s Parents

Today is Rehaan’s last day at the Nursery. And I can’t thank everyone at Ladybird Nursery enough for the care and dedication towards the children and making Rehaan’s 2 years so memorable.

Rehaan started Nursery in Ms Sonia’s class who was a brilliant teacher and who worked with so much love and affection towards every child in the class. Rehaan benefitted tremendously under her guidance. Ms Loida as well was so loving and caring. The fact is that Rehaan loves coming to School every single day and loved them so much. I had such a lovely first year that I then decided to put Rehaan in for another one year rather than shifting him to big school. I couldn’t have been more happier with my decision to do so. Mrs Das has been more than my words can describe. She is the most dedicated and experienced teacher I have come across. Her love for what she does comes across in the children making them shine on their own. She is exactly how Maria Montessori described a true Montessorian to be. I have accolades of praises for her and Mrs Das and Ms Sonia are definitely invaluable assets to the Nursery. I thank Mrs Das from the bottom of my heart for being THE BEST TEACHER to my son. Thank you Ms Ruth and Ms Maria to be of great support as well.

It is surprising with right guidance and push how a child can blossom like a flower. I have seen this not only in Rehaan’s academic growth where he can read and write, read time, know different artist, etc. but also in his personality development. He is confident and sweet natured child taking a lot from his teachers.

Not leaving behind the Principal, Ms Helen. She is a dynamic force behind all the teachers in the Nursery. Never did I feel that things were taken for granted or overlooked. In Ladybird Nursery, everything was pre-planned and executed to perfection. I loved all the events held in the Nursery and the sheer hard work of all involved reflected in it.

I am highly impressed with the teachers, staff back office and Principal. And I thank each and every one of you for the love and support. I truly recommend this Nursery to all parents and I wish each and every one the very best.
Thanks & regards,

Mrs Das and Mrs Ruth

Samona has had a fantastic year. From the moment she entered your classroom, she is completely transformed from a shy, timid child to a confident interactive one.

Samona is very excited about going to school and that tells us how secure and happy she feels about being in the school environment.
I know teaching Samona colors, proved to be very challenging, but your perseverance and patience were encouraging.

Your Mrs Ruth and Aunty Maria have brought in a positive, energetic atmosphere and attitude that has brightened the classroom.
“A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.”

We can’t thank you enough for the work you have done with Samona. We are very lucky for Samona to have been assigned to your class this year and the next.
Parents of Samona

2011 – 12 SCHOOL YEAR

Sarah Boardman

Freya has had a wonderful experience at Ladybird. She loves it and especially enjoys doing lots of art work and the specialist activities such as music & movement. Above all, what has made it such a good experience is the staff. They are so warm and caring. Their enthusiasm shines through and I think that has really helped Freya get the most out of her nursery experience. They allow the children to be themselves, embracing their individual styles rather than trying to mould them too much.

There is no doubt that Freya has learnt a lot and is well prepared for school. Most of all though, she has has a huge amount of fun in a caring, stimulating environment and has made lots of lovely friends.

The teachers were all very supportive over Freya’s eye condition and really respected my wishes over her treatment. They always did what I asked them to do at the nursery to support what I was doing at home with Freya, keeping me informed of any changes and helping me monitor progress with her vision. Miss Kirsty even invented a game about going to the opticians for all the children to play to make Freya feel good about it! Aside from the real practical help, the moral support was fantastic!

Thank you so much to all the staff at Ladybird. Special thanks to Miss Kirsty, Miss Donna, Miss Jenny, Miss Beth and Miss Emily.

I have already recommended Ladybird to several friends and would not hesitate to do so again.

Mrs Sarah Boardman

Mrs & Mr Gilbert

We were blessed to learn about Ladybird Nursery before we officially moved to Dubai in Oct 2009. Many of our friends children attended Ladybird so it seemed like a wonderful place for Pryor. Little did we know the immense impact it would have on her life! Pryor entered at 2.5yrs old after never attending school and moving to Dubai. She entered as a shy toddler and is leaving as a mature, independent thinking, inquisitive and thoughtful little girl. I credit Ladybirds philosophy, teaching and staff with helping Pryor become the girl she is today. Miss Kirsty, Miss Donna, Miss Diana and Miss Jenny were such influential forces in her life. They focused on helping build the ‘’entire’ child, teaching both the fundamental learning skills, but also the ‘soft’’ social and manners skills. In addition, they encouraged all parents to interact with each other – which made for a more enriching experience for both the parents AND the children! We have already and will continue to recommend Ladybird to friends!

With love,
– Tindley, Pryor and Huw Gilbert

Cynthia Bake

The Bake family had the good fortune of discovering Ladybird Nursery when we first moved to Dubai in 2006. Alice joined Miss Sue and Miss Heather’s class in Jan when we moved mid year and was warmly reassured and brought immediately into the fold of the classroom. Alice had a wonderful experience and was ready for ASD that Fall.

Willem is the youngest of the family and sadly our last Ladybird student. He started at age 3 in Miss Kirsty’s Blue class and continued in his 2nd year with Miss Kirsty in Red class which has been a wonderful experience for him and his classmates. Willem has gained so much confidence, so many practical life skills and has the tools in place to start writing letters, recognising sounds while under the care of Miss Kirsty, Miss Donna & Miss Jenny. Willems enthusiasm is embraced and he is encouraged positively at all times. Miss Kirsty has been so helpful with Willem – understanding his need to be reassured, helping him become more independent.

We have had a consistently positive experience at Ladybird and we recommend the school highly to all families.

Cynthia Bake


David is our 3rd child to attend Ladybird Nursery over the years. As I am fortunate enough to work at a well respected primary school in the area, my children are expected to attend the foundation year at this school. Nonetheless, we have opted to keep them at Ladybird an additional year. WE felt that here they were given an ‘’education’’ that was well on a par with the best available, yet afforded the freedom of a smaller nursery, with paddling pool days, spells on the bikes and in the sand. Children grow up so alarmingly fast we loved being able to keep them free from uniforms and library and PE for one year longer without feeling that their education was compromised. As his older siblings have done, David will slot seamlessly into ‘’big school’’. We know this for a fact.

Mrs Holly

Kirsty Brunskill

As parents sending our babies into the world for the first time its important that we feel secure in our choice of nursery – Easier than it sounds!

I’ve been in Dubai for a long time. My children were born here; my siblings were schooled here; my daughter went to nursery here. All in all I have a pretty well informed opinion of the best places to educate children but I still did the obligatory nursery visits to find a place for my son.

On my travels I discovered I had a choice; either send Lucas to a pristine, soulless education institution or send him to his second home that is Ladybird Nursery. An easy choice, the best choice I ever made.

Ladybird is a family and I never worry to leave Lucas with family. He has been nurtured and loved and has developed socially beyond my expectations. My only concern is that he never wants to leave to come home at the end of the day.

A big thank you to Cilla and all of her team for what has been a wonderful year. Lucas will miss ‘’Ladybug’’ next year, as will I.

Kirsty Brunskill

Sahia Amad

With my fourth and youngest child graduating from Ladybird to primary school this year, we feel we are bidding farewell to a member of our family.

Our children have thrived in Ladybirds nurturing and loving family like environment. The teachers have consistently through the years, provided a stellar standard of care and top quality education both in the academic sphere and in terms of soft skills. The selection of staff ensures that each teacher provides a personal touch in how they deal with the children, creating a home away from home for the. We have particularly admired the emphasis Ladybird puts on substance rather than form. By retaining the small size of the nursery and keeping class sizes small the teacher student ratio gives the children the attention they need as they develop in these crucial years of their lives.

All four of our children emerged from Ladybird a polite and independent individual ready to face the challenge of primary school. The older children who left the nursery some years ago look back at their years with nostalgia and fondness.

My only complaint is that we have been so spoilt by the level of education the children have had at Ladybird that it is difficult for any school to match it afterwards!

Thank you Cilla for looking after our little angels. We will miss you all dearly.

Sahia Amad

Kimla Saba

We feel so blessed and fortunate to have had Ladybird a part of our lives for the last four years.

Under the wonderful and wise guidance of Ms Priscilla, Ladybird offers the most nurturing and stimulating Nursery experience in Dubai. My children have been very well prepared for ‘’big’’ school – in fact, they are academically advanced. Ladybird builds such a strong foundation and does it in a way that the children have fun doing it! I love that Ladybird encourages and develops all parts of the child – music, movement, scientific thought, creative thought, self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others. On top of what the school offers, the staff are what makes Ladybird so excellent. Having 2 teachers in each class makes a huge difference at this age group. The amount of love, care and dedication the teachers give is truly unique and special. Truly we feel Ladybird is a basic part of our lives – part of what makes Dubai a ‘’home’’ for us. Thank you for all you’ve given to our family.

Kimla Saba


Hema Sankaran

Dear All
I am writing this letter to share my experiences and appreciation for the great work done by all at Ladybird.
Sahana joined Ladybird when she was 2 year old into the Rainbow class. Just like any toddler of her age, one had to put up with lot of resistance and crying. Special thanks to Ms Mumtaz and her team who handles the youngest children and grooms them to get used to, and enjoy the school. Within two weeks, Sahana was completely at home in the Rainbow class. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Suma who used to make Sahana every morning comfortable and play with her on her favorite swing. Ms Mumtaz encouraged me to start sending Sahana in the bus and I have no regrets in the same. She got into the discipline of going by bus and be on time for the school.
Soon she moved to the Green class where she started enjoying the Montessori materials. The Montessori style of teaching allows the child to think outside the box.
But I would say that the perfect stage for her graduation from pre-nursery was at Mrs Das Red class. When she moved into the Red class, Sahana was known to be a soft spoken child. During her stay at Mrs Das class, Sahana evolved into a loud spoken and confident child. She started moving with other children. Her singing in the class became louder and audible. She learnt to write and we noted that her improvement during her stay at Red class under Mrs Das and her team was simply remarkable. The scrap book that was prepared by Mrs Das spoke for itself immensely of her passion, perseverance and commitment in every child’s development. It had photographs of Sahana doing various project work and this book had been prepared for every child in the class.
I would also like to thank Ms Marie, who with her smiling face was always a comforting hold for Sahana during all the field trips and in the bus.
The numerous events initiated by the school were excellent; however, the graduation ceremony celebrated for the children finishing off the pre-nursery requires special mention.
The journey over last 1.5 years has been very enjoyable and enriching and I would like to thank the entire team at Ladybird for helping Sahana experience it. Sahana never wanted to miss a day at school and that is probably what the school has achieved in every child.
Wish you all the best at the new premises.
Hema Sankaran (Mother of Sahana Kumar)


Habeeb was over 3 years old and he had not started talking yet. I was too apprehensive while selecting a Nursery as I was not sure whether Habeeb would be able to adjust anywhere and express himself openly. However my first visit to Ladybird filled me with confidence that this will be right place for him and the next day I admitted him.
Habeeb attended just two terms in the Nursery and his world has changed.His quick settlement in the Nursery made us realize his attachment and interest towards the activities here. I have no words to express my gratitude to Mrs.Das and Mrs.Sonia for taking care of him so well.They always addressed my concerns and queries and encouraged Habeeb to do his best . Mrs.Das always gave him utmost attention and under her guidance Habeeb learnt many things very soon . He felt so comfortable in the teachers’ company that undoubtedly the Nursery had become his second home.
Habeeb started narrating with great enthusiasm every task he did every day. At Ladybird learning was always made fun. Various events in the Nursery and the field trips gave him an opportunity to imbibe knowledge about his environment easily. He gradually improved his colouring skills and learnt the concepts of phonic sounds. He has now got a placement in Delhi Private School. We were quite surprised, when we observed that he was always putting back his toys in place after playing and that was again because he had inculcated disciplinary habits enforced in his classroom.
I thank all the staff members of Ladybird in their efforts for laying down the right foundation of Education and ensuring the personality development of every child. I wish you continued success and prosperity in the coming years.

2010 – 11 SCHOOL YEAR

Parents of Vivian & Lauren

When it came time to put our oldest child into nursery school we sought the advice of the head of kindergarten at ASD. The only school she recommended was Ladybird. Upon touring the facility we were impressed and felt it was above the others we’d seen in Dubai. When Vivian began Orange class, her first school experience, Miss Alison and Miss Ingrid were wonderful in helping her make that transition. She had a great year! When it was then time to enrol Lauren, Ladybird was the natural choice. Lauren has had a great year in Blue Class with Miss Kirsty, Miss Diana and Miss Jenny. They embraced her quirky style and made her feel welcome each day. Thanks Ladybird for preparing them for ‘’big’’ school.

Mrs Claire

We have had both Erin and her older brother Josh attend the Ladybird Nursery. From the start the Ladybird as been the perfect choice for our children. Having come from another nursery and changing to Ladybird because of proximity and a recommendation, we were hesitant to change. However, from the moment Josh attended Ladybird he loved it and the nurturing and special environment ensured we as parents loved it too.

Both Josh and Erin have thrived in the Ladybird environment both socially and educationally. Ladybird provides the perfect platform and springboard into primary school with a solid learning foundation.

Josh and Erin left Ladybird confident, happy and ready for the next stage of their education journey, thanks to all the teachers but in particular Miss Cilla who taught Josh and Ms Karal who taught Erin. Both teachers got to know both of them and were sensitive to their different personalities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ladybird to anyone.

Thanks to you all.



Kopal Bansal

The most difficult step for every parent is to let someone else take care of your child and send him to school. When we started looking for a school for Atharv we were sure of just one thing…..it has to be an extension of home…he should be comfortable and looked after just like he did at home! Though it seemed to be least demanding…we realized it was the most difficult thing to find in a school…..we were disappointed with every school we visited….until we entered Ladybird. I think the name of the school suits it perfectly…..it is truly a Ladybird for these little kids. Just one walk in the school….looking at the smiling faces of the staff and the children I made up my mind immediately….this is going to be Atharv’s Ladybird!

The ordeal was not over…..my son took a long time to settle……I only went on because of the patience shown by Mrs.Das and Mrs.Sonia and of course Ms.Marie for letting me sit in her office for hours. It took a long time but when he settled he loved coming to school and I found myself saying “Atharv if you don’t eat your food I will not send you to school” regularly, I actually felt proud each time I said it!

I don’t know what to say for Atharv’s teachers in the red class – Mrs. Das and Mrs. Sonia! All I can say is that what they have given to my son in the last few months is going to last him for life. His school memories are going to very pleasant. There has been so much change in him, he has learnt so much from them…not just academically but overall development has been phenomenal. I still remember the day Atharv came to me saying, “Mummy can you help me do this”…..for a moment I just looked at him but realized where it was coming from. Thank you very much for giving me these small pleasures; these will be treasured for life!

I am so emotional at this point of time that I can go on forever. I want to thank every one in the school for making it so pleasant and comfortable. I have always been greeted by smiling and friendly faces. I have myself worked in schools and do realize how stressful and tiresome working with such young children can be…but I have never seen any staff member even with a frown….it is highly commendable and I really appreciate all of them for this.

Ritika & Fareed Ahmed

Dear Marie, Sue , Kaajal , Gillian & staff of Ladybird,
Ladybird has been Mehak’s home away from home the past year. She has blossomed into beautiful and a confident child thanks to all your relentless efforts.Especially as she was a late talker and refused to recognise basic colors we worried about her future weather she would cope in school later on and what kind of a future would she have. But all our fears were put to rest when we saw the changes in her personality -she started talking, asking us questions ,finally we were having conversations i cant tell you how much joy that bought fareed and myself. Our efforts at home had borne no fruit but Ladybird changed all that. We cant Thank you all enough. As parents we are absouloutely thrilled to see her expressing herself in all ways possible and eager to learn. Also her love for puzzles was discovered at Ladybird. A special thank you to “Ms. kaajal & Gillian”. Mehak will miss you both a lot shes constantly talking abt Kaajal miss this and that.
Ladybird will always have a special place in our hearts.


Rupal Goradia

My association with Ladybird started over 6 years ago when my son joined the Rainbow class. With my daughter joining Ladybird a little over a year ago, it has been a lovely journey for my children. The concepts and techniques used by the School and Ms Mumtaz and Mrs Das in particular have been a revelation and made a lasting impression on my children. I could not have asked for a better stepping stone for my children on their journey of learning. I would like to thank all the teachers who have been involved with my children and wish the school and the teachers continued success.

Bhavna & Sumeet Mishra

To : The Ladybird Family & specially teachers of Red Class :

Teaching a child is a responsibility that a school shares with his parents. What I really liked about Ladybird was this perfectly synced partnership with us from the day one. I believe it is the open, welcoming & happy atmosphere that makes the child so comfortable and secure. Each and every member of the staff knows every child by their names and look after them very well.

Sumbhav enjoyed school every single day and looked forward to coming back every morning. Mrs Das taught him like a teacher & loved him like a mother with constant encouragement, constant appreciation and also enormous patience. Mrs Sonia was also very calm and encouraging. From developing gross motor skills to pencil control to now doing such beautiful sketching, Sumbhav has learnt a lot from Ladybird. We as parents have all the reasons to be very thankful to all of you.

Wish you the very best & happy holidays.

Payal & Mohit Malhotra

This is to inform you that we have enrolled our Daughter Gunn Malhotra in KG I in Dubai Modern High School and hence she is going to Modern High from this term .

We are extremely grateful to the entire staff especially Mrs Das and Ms Sonia for all their efforts during Gunn’s tenure with Ladybird. Gunn is our only child and her development has been of top most priority for us. Gunn has spent two terms in the Montessori and the changes that we have witnessed truly speak volumes of the effort that has been put to train her by her class teacher Ms Das and Ms Sonia.

A special mention of thanks to Ms Sue and Ms Marie for being ever so patient with a worrisome mom like me !!! Cheers to you!

We would like to get Gunn back to Ladybird, hence please keep us posted for future summer/winter camps.

We once again thank the entire staff of Ladybird for all the support . We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Would definitely recommend your school to people I know.

Thank you so much !

Payal Malhotra( Mother)

Mohit Malhotra(Father)


Ami Hrishi Dave

Sending one’s child to a pre-school is always a tough decision. From the moment I walked into Ladybird Montessori, I knew it was the right choice for my little one. Although Hriday has been there only for a term but it has spent the most memorable time of his life. Hriday settled in very quickly. He is exceptionally fond of his teachers, Mrs Das & Mrs Sonia. He looked forward to Ladybird Montessori everyday. I particularly appreciate the open-door policy that the school has and how approachable the staff are. It is an excellent start to my child’s early education. We have seen how much Hriday has grown in the last few months.
Mrs Das in particular is wonderful, and we can see how much she invests into the children and brings warmth and fun to the classroom. Also, the assistant seem lovely and work well with her and the children.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Das, Mrs Sonia and the staffs of Ladybird for making Hriday’s experience in the nursery a positive one. I shall always be grateful for the attention Hriday received and the welcome that we as parents are given.
Ladybird Montessori is a wonderful place for small children to grow in independence while still feeling safe and loved.
Mrs. Ami Hrishi Dave
Parent of Hriday Dave

Rupal Goradia

My association with Ladybird started over 6 years ago when my son joined the Rainbow class. With my daughter joining Ladybird a little over a year ago, it has been a lovely journey for my children. The concepts and techniques used by the school and Ms Mumtaz and Mrs Das in particular have been a revelation and made a lasting impression on my children. I could not have asked for a better stepping stone for my children on their journey of learning. I would like to thank all the teachers who have been involved with my children and wish the school and the teachers continued success

Mrs Rupal Goradia

Nehal & Jay Uttamchandani

Our daughter MYRAA started her first journey of ‘LEARNING’ with Ladybird about 2 ½ years back.

She has come a very long way since – from learning how to hold a pencil in the correct way, to recognizing her colors, numbers, to sharing her things with friends.

Sharing, caring and love are things that you learn when you see them around you and Ladybird’s team has played a great part in doing so.

I would like to thank all of you at the nursery for being an integral part of MYRAA’s important growing years.

Thank you to Ms Kajal, Ms Gillian and Ms Mary and the rest of the teachers at Ladybird.

With best Regards,
Nehal & Jay Uttamchandani

2009 – 10 SCHOOL YEAR


Dear All, 

My daughter Arhum Kamlani has been a part of Ladybird Nursery for about two and a half years and now the time has come for her to leave the familiar comforts of her second home and start school life.We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Ladybird who have given her so much love and have taught her so well that she is well equipped to face the challenges that she is about to encounter. 
Arhum had started in the Nursery when she was just a baby, only 15 months old, and after the few initial days of tantrums and tears there has never been a day that she has wanted to stay away from school and I believe that this is the most important achiement for any educational establishment; that its pupils enjoy themselves in their school and want to be there everday. We would like to extend our special thanks to Arhums rainbow class teacher, Miss Mumtaz ,whom Arhum still adores and who really put in so much effort in those initial days to settle her in and win her affections, to Miss Maria and Mrs Das who have been really great teachers and have taught her so much and all their helpers. 

We really appreciate the efforts of the administration and the teachers at Ladybird and hope that you flourish in your efforts to provide quality education. 


Mrs Asiya Kamlani


My daughter, Kashish, started her nursery when she was 2 years old. She started with the Rainbow class with Ms Mumtaz as her class teacher and Ms Rosemary as her helper. Ms Mumtaz was very patient with my child. During my observation, I have seen Ms Mumtaz handling all the kids with lots of love and care. She taught my child to be independent; she taught her how to behave, how to speak and gain confidence in whatever she does. Also with Ms Rosemary, I have had a good response always while answering any question of mine regarding the school, kids, teachers, etc.

When Kashish got promoted to Red class, Mrs Das and Ms Noor had been very loving and caring. My daughter, being diabetic, was always given special attention throughout. During my experience of 3 years with Ladybird, I would say that Mrs Das is the best experienced teacher who knows to handle kids with lots of patience and love.

The method of teaching the concepts is good for the kids to learn better. Mrs Sonia who has joined recently is also cool and calm and is extremely polite towards the kids and this nature makes them feel comfortable.

Kashish has learnt a lot both from the Rainbow class and the Red class. Mrs Das and Mrs Sonia have been a constant support to Kashish and have also adjusted with her mood swings from time-to-time.

I am looking forward to the same experience with everyone for my second child too.

Mrs Ritika Bulchandani

2008 – 09 SCHOOL YEAR


Mrs & Mr Jaffer Nini

My daughter Hafsa joined Ladybird Montessori in September 2007. She had a wonderful year. Her teacher, Mrs Das, helped her in all aspects of her first year schooling especially gross motor skills. Hafsa has become very independent now and sings the nursery songs with a lot of confidence. The teachers in the nursery are doing a good job of making a child ready for the proper school.

I myself never had a problem talking to Mrs Das. She is always there to listen and updates you with your child’s progress. Hafsa also enjoyed the late class. She loved to paint and read. In the end I will just mention that I feel really sad that Hafsa has to leave this nursery because she is moving to school where her elder sister also goes. She really enjoyed the atmosphere here and all the teachers were so friendly.

Homa Milani

Ladybird Nursery was such a great and delightful experience for my son Hirad who never was in any other nursery before.

He entered Ladybird barely knowing or understanding English and thanks, many many thanks to Mrs Lucia and her assistants who have been patient with him and let him learn a new language, a new world and so many other subjects. He explored a lot during this time. In fact, I myself learned “how to let my son do the things by himself”, based on Montessori method which was very helpful.

Finally I would like to express my pleasant feeling about the management, his teachers and other staff.

Message 2

Dear Mrs Monica,

I want to say thanks for all your effort and kindness with my son, Hirad and all other kids in Ladybird.

Ladybird was a great start for my son’s educational journey.

Homa Milani

Ritu Jain & Amit Jain

Dear Principal and teachers,

Letter of appreciation for taking excellent care of Manya Jain

As Manya completes almost two years with Ladybird Nursery and puts her tiny steps into the schooling phase of her life, we have to thank all who made this possible and it is certainly the staff of the Ladybird Montessori Nursery.

Manya was slightly delayed in speech development but with all the efforts of the staff and the teachers at the Montessori, she has been able to learn not only to speak but has also become confident in number of day to day activities. The care shown to Manya by the teachers and other staff have bee overwhelming and one of the best in the nurseries. We have been given a numerous occasions of smiles seeing the development of our daughter especially in the last one year.

We have no appropriate words to thank you all for all the happiness you have provided to our small family. Manya is the only child and her development was the top most priority for us. The learning and the steps learnt at the Montessori will remain with her in all her life and we will feel deeply grateful to the Montessori all our life. We thank all the teachers and staff and would like to personally thank Ms Kajal, Ms Rushika and Ms Mumtaz for all their efforts during Manya’s tenure with the Montessori.

We would like to wish the Montessori, the teachers, the staff and all the students all the very best in their future endeavours and will always recommend the Montessori to other parents looking for an excellent nursery for their children.

Your sincerely,

Ritu Jain/Amit Jain
Parents of Manya Jain


Mrs & Mr Hussain

Raaid has been so happy at Ladybird and we have seen him grow into a knowledgeable, confident, friendly, caring child. Ms Lucia and Ms Amina have been wonderful teachers and I’m sure Raaid will miss them both. Everyone at Ladybird is so kind, helpful and professional. I applaud you, Monica, for running a fine Montessori.

Noriko Hikita

Dear Ladybird staff,

It is a pity that my daughter, Honoka has to graduate from Ladybird soon. She is so settled in this school and enjoying all the activities so much, she will miss this school very much.

I look back the day we came to visit the school for the first time. Honoka was 3 and half years old and she was really dependent. She could never be apart from me. It looked as if she was glued to me. I was worried if she can spend even an hour without me in a strange place, but when we looked in the classroom, she looked at so many interesting works and happy children. Especially, she was very impressed and attracted to the work, washing dishes of snacks. As she was so interested in those Montessori works, she looked forward to the starting day of the school and there wasn’t any trouble on the first day. Cleaning dishes was the first thing she enjoyed doing after joining Ladybird.

Although she started without trouble, she didn’t get settled so easily, because she didn’t understand English at all. Ms Kajal must have had lots of extra work to make her understand what she had to do, but I thought that Montessori method would help her come over this difficulty. In a Montessori, children can work in their own pace, with their own interest. There are more showings than oral instructions. As she didn’t like to be forced to do something, she seemed to be relaxed in Montessori way.

Honoka still doesn’t speak English so much, but lately she has come to be more confident and has started to speak some easy phrases. I appreciate Ms Kajal and Ms Rushika. Thanks for your patience and gentle encouragement. She is now opening her shell little by little.

The other thing, I liked about Ladybird was its group activities like music class and monekeynastix, show and tell , etc. Not only individual work, there were some group activities and the balance was very good. Honoka was not very social at the beginning, but through those activities, she has come to be social gradually.

Finally I thank Ms Monica, Ms Kajal and Ms Rushika for the well-preapred classroom and good curriculum. I thank all the staff for the friendly atmosphere. Every morning, you all said Good Morning, Honoka. Even though she didn’t reply, she felt that she was welcomed in this school and that she belonged to here. I am really glad that I chose this school for my daughter’s first step.

Noriko Hikita (Honoka’s mother)

Rina and Rakesh Rachwani

Mrs & Mr Rachwani

No one can love your child like you. However, no one can teach your child like a teacher.

To open up new world of potential to your child and to help them tap hidden gifts and talents at an early age, it is so important to take the 1st steps right.

Your Montessori has not just laid the right foundation for our daughter, but has also taught her how to take off from there.

We are confident that she is ready to move ahead in life and attain new heights. We owe it all to Ladybird and the adorable team you have who have guided her little steps into bigger strides towards a brighter future.

We as parents, are thankful to you all and would have to honestly confess that Ladybird Montessori is the best thing that has happened to our daughter and our family.

Lots of warm wishes and regards,
Rina and Rakesh Rachwani
Proud parents of Reet Rachwani who graduates from Ladybird Montessori today on the 11th of June 2008


Mrs & Mr Ahmed

Thank you so much for giving Hatim a home these past few months. He has come to love Ladybird and we know he will miss being here.

We wish you luck here and in all your future endeavours and hope that we will meet again.

All the best!


Mrs & Mr Mhawej

I will always be grateful to you and your professional team, in particular Ms. Mumtaz, for having helped Marco develop his language, polish his manners and most of all forge his personality.
Ms Mumtaz’s assistance was much appreciated during the challenging potty training time. Thanks to her care and patience, Marco was clean (day and night) within a couple of weeks. And he is so proud of himself! 
Marco loves going to the nursery every morning and he will surely miss all of you.