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I just wanted to say how lucky i am for finding ladybird as a nursery for my son, it is more than just a nursery, it is literally a second home for Hadi, you should just see how he runs excited to class every morning as if it is his first day. 

The days that i dont send him there he keeps asking about all of his friends at Bright butterflies class and his teacher, Ms. Seshni; he made new bonds, and talks about his best friends constantly. 

He grew this year alot in ladybird , learned to be independent and more confident of everything that he does. 

He always comes home and discusses what he did at ladybird, and when he brings his artwork with him he tells me happily that he is so proud of himself. 

Ms. Seshni is not only a good teacher that was able to gain Hadi’s love and make him listen to her (and i am saying that because i know my boy is not easy) , she is a great person that really cares for her students, she always makes sure to ask about Hadi whenever he is sick.

Lastly, I am glad to put him there during the pandemic because there is no safer choice, with all the precautions they took.   

Hadi loves Ladybird a lot, so thank you for all the love and space you gave my son to grow happily with you.