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Our Splish ‘n’ Splash programme is based on our creative interactive Splash Pad at both our locations. The splash pad brings out the curiosity and joy in all our children. Our themed showers and climb on frogs and turtles add to a wet and wonderful experience. The children discover the properties of water by splashing, pouring and scooping over and over again!

The Splish ‘n’ Splash programme transforms imagination into new dimensions in water play with dynamic custom designed splash pad that delivers adventure, visual excitement and imaginative fun. The programme engages five senses in different ways:

Sense of Sound can be engaged using:
– Various Types of Water Splashing
– Audio packages with sound FX and music built into features or the project as a whole

Sense of Touch can be engaged using:
– Variety in Textures of Water (aerated, solid stream, broken streams)
– Variety in Textures of Materials (soft paint, smooth paint, rough paint, carved in textures)

Sense of Movement in muscles and joints can be engaged using:
– Buttons, Wheels, Other Moving Parts
– Various Water Pressures

Sense of Sight can be engaged using:
– Water or Feature Movement
– Feature and Surfacing Colour
– Feature Shape

Sense of Balance can be engaged using:
– Choreographed Water moving in circular patterns
– Over-head spinning features