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Ladybird Nursery has a gradual settling in process for new children over the first few weeks of term. Some children starting with us will have been to playgroup or another Nursery before, others not, but for all of them Ladybird Nursery will be a new experience.

Young children have little experience with change and need time to adjust to a new environment. At Ladybird Nursery, we are experienced at settling children into the school environment and will work together with you to achieve success. Extra staff is always employed during this busy period. We ask you to be patient at this time as it may take a month for all the children in the school to feel fully settled.

We recommend that all children start by attending Nursery at reduced hours for the first week. If required, we ask a parent or a guardian to stay with the child within the classroom or on-site to enable the child to feel safe and secure whilst they become familiar with our setting and staff. It is important to us that both you and your child are as comfortable as possible with this new experience. Since the needs of new families differ, we always aim to be as flexible as possible until everyone feels happy and secure.

During the second week we recommend a longer stay – every day, the routine of coming to nursery daily helps with the settling in process as we find the routine of coming to Nursery daily, helps with the settling process. By week three your child’s teacher will discuss your child’s progress with you and agree on how long your child can be left.

When you first leave your children, we recognise that you may be concerned about your child’s comfort in his/her new environment. We are more than happy for you to telephone the Nursery to check-in on how your child is settling on any particular day. Finally, please be assured that if your child is truly distressed, we will telephone you.