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Commitment stands at the heart of everything we do at Ladybird. We are committed to supporting our children to meet their development goals every day. We are committed to the well-being of our children. Last but not least, we are committed to our parents for the trust that they have placed in us to care for and develop their child.


Compassion is central to our ethos at Ladybird. We believe we need to stand by our children, parents, and staff and support them in any way we can as they go through their respective journeys. We also believe we can teach compassion and we have inculcated compassion within our pedagogy and through our community service.


Our community is our family and every child, parent, and staff member who has touched our lives is a member of the Ladybird community. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our community, on the equity of our approach, and the inclusiveness of our philosophy. Our community is our strength, our pride, and our joy.