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Little Legends’ Soccer Program has been designed through acollaboration of FA & Barcelona FC certified coaches and child specialists. The games are specifically designed for children aged 2-6 yrs to complement the 7 learning and development requirements as outlined in the EYFS curriculum, to optimize your child’s early development. With 300+ games and 50+ structured lesson plans, we aim to inspire a love of soccer and ensure your child is always kept engaged.

Encourages an active lifestyle at an early age
Taking part in a competitive match or simply having a kick around with some friends encourages children to get outside and keep themselves active. Enjoying an activity means you’ll want to do it more often, so make sure children have fun whilst taking part.

Develops communication skills
Children even at the early years can discuss their tactics or talk about other teams and the schools they’re from. Spending time with each other on a regular basis will encourage the development of deeper communication skills and more involved conversations.

Enhances team skills and teamwork
Children learn to play together and from their experiences work out how they can be most effective as a collective unit. Being part of a team will also give children a sense of belonging and encourage them to think of others.

Helps to stimulate social skills
Friendships will form and football may have started out as the common factor but it will soon become just one of the things that children have to talk about.

Develops fundamental movement skills
Children develop fundamental movement skills between the ages of three and six. These skills including running, kicking and leaping are the building blocks that enable children to foster a complete set of skills. Playing football presents children with an opportunity to use these movements.