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Nina began her first day at Ladybird in April 2016, when she was seven months old. Nina’s big brother Tommy was at Ladybird at the time and this nursery was the obvious choice of us.

Nina very quickly established herself at the top of her class (Bambino Bumblebees), for the sole reason that she was the only kiddie in it! That didn’t last long and Nina very quickly had to learn to share both Ms Hania and all of the lovely toys and puzzles in the classroom, for the remainder of the year and the following year in Bumblebee Class.

In the next school year (2017/18), Nina joined Yellow class with Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-anne, Ms Roshini and a whole new group of friends to learn and play with. Nina loved to pain and play with the paper and glue. She learned all about shapes, colours and numbers and she has fond memories of playing dress up, the soft lay area and looking after Olly the Octopus! Nina also loved dressing up for the National Day Celebrations and the winter and summer singalong concerts. For Nina’s final year at Ladybird (2018/19), she joined the Green Class for FS1 Curriculum with Ms Andrea and Ms Donna. These lovely ladies have really brought out the very best in Nina. Nina loves Ladybird with a huge amount of wonderful memories and the confidence and skills to take things to “Big Girl School”.

Lizzie and I would like to thank all of the brilliant teachers and support staff who have helped Nina along with the incredible journey. We wish the Nursery every success in the future.

Lots of love

Dom, Lizzie, Tommy and Nina.