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Kaira Chhabria

Dear Miss Hania, Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking such good care of our Kaira! We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for her to start nursery with. The love and care you and the other teachers have given her – and the support you have given us- has been more than we could ever ask for. Kaira has grown so much in your care. From a little one who had never been without a grown-up from home to a confident little talker. She has learned so much – from knowing that Mommy always comes back to facts about animals, the moon, space and pirates. She has made so many friends, learned to sit and concentrate on activities and sing songs. You and your team of teachers have given her so much and to a working mother – you are a saviour! Thank you for taking care of her every day. Thank you for giving her so much love – I hope this is just the beginning of our time to be in touch. Thank you to Ms. Nalu, Ms. Jay, Ms. Jeramy and Ms. Chamika! Lots of love, Kaira, Sandhya and Pranav Chhabria