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Faisal has been at Ladybird for two years and it ceases to amaze us how much he has grown and learnt throughout those years.

During his time at the Red Class, he enjoyed a year full of happiness and positive nurturing. His creativity has blossomed with all the wonderful arts and crafts activities he has done throughout the year. He is always proud to bring his work home to hang on the walls and talk about what he has learnt.

Faisal is a very active little boy and as such has loved the outdoor areas in the Nursery. He loves the sand area and being able to pretend he is at a construction site!

Ms Maryke has had a very positive impact on Faisal. He constantly speaks of her at home and can’t wait to go back the next day to share his stories with her. She has taken special care with Faisal and truly is dedicated in providing the best experience for every child. She has adapted the way he learns to what best suits him and has thoughtfully brought in resources to match his interests in animals, construction even the colour green that he loves so much.

Ms Lynette has been with Faisal since his first year at Ladybird and as such he always will look for her when he is not feeling his best. She truly is caring towards him and has helped him settle so well when he started this year in his new class. Faisal also loves having her in his after school activities that he has also enjoyed so much.

Ms Ruvini and Ms Chandani thank you for also being a part of Faisal’s journey at Ladybird, thank you for taking care of him and allowing him to participate in all the different activities.

We really appreciate the love and care Faisal has received from his teachers and the Ladybird family and although he is saying goodbye his year to go on to “Big School” he keeps reminding us that he will be coming back next year to bring in his baby sister to join the Ladybird family once again.

Waleed and Muna

7th May 2019