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Armaan Ramchandani

Armaan absolutely loves Lady Bird, Ms. T and all his friends. I cannot believe there has been so much change in him since he joined. At that time, I almost felt that he is perhaps not ready for nursery or is just a very stubborn kid that didn’t want to go to nursery. However, with the constant support by the admin team as well as Mrs. Valrani, I was reassured that he will settle, we just need more time. Today when I see Armaan dress him and earger to go nursery, I can’t believe he is the same kid months ago!

Ms. T has been an amazing teacher for Armaan and really made him feel that nursery was “home away from home”. She has been very nurturing, extremely patient and always doing her best for all the kids. Armaan is very lucky to have her as his first teacher! He has become a very happy kid, always happy to share his ideas and toys with other children and enjoy painting, arts crafts. I have noticed that after nursery Armaan is able to express himself more, speak English in full sentences (as it is not his first language); has also picked up the Arabic language. Thank you Miss T and to the whole Ladybird team for giving Armaan this foundation. He is definitely well prepared for Bog School and will miss you all so much!