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We were looking for a Nursery after we moved to the Jumeirah Area. When I first visited Ladybird Nursery after a few Nursery tours, Seungchan saw the outdoor area and he was interested instantly interested in the Nursery.

I liked Ladybird’s curriculum, the safe inside environment and decorated with cute little Ladybirds. Ladybird was recommended to me by a friend who had sent both their children here.

Ladybird staff were very kind. I was also surprised and grateful to Mr Kez (security guard) who called Seungchan’s name when we entered Ladybird Nursery in the morning. Ladybird has a bike, sand play, playground and a splash pad. Seungchan especially liked the outdoor play area.

We were really worried about him because he didn’t speak any English. It was difficult for Seungchan because he was confused between his native language and foreign languages. Miss Andrea, Miss Donna and Miss Darshani always tried to understand him, were very caring and patient in this process.

With their friendliness and warm consideration, Seungchan started to understand English and began to speak little by little. These day, he talks and sings in English little by little at home.

I think Seungchan could learn how to do anything by himself while taking FS1 class and develop independence and social skills. It was very helpful for him, so he will prepare well for Big School.

I think it is difficult to get a class with children from other countries. It was able to complete everything with the professional and perfect education of the Green Class Teachers.

We will always recommend Ladybird Nursery to our friends. We will never forget and remember meeting such good teachers here and will miss you all.

Minkyu and Heeyoun