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Muna Skeen

This year will be Muna’s last at the Ladybird Nursery. She is our second child to attend Ladybird, in fact our journey with Ladybird started when we were expecting baby number 2 (Muna). For our family, Ladybird Nursery felt like a second home from day one. We truly love3 the staff from the bottom of our hearts. The Nursery has been such an amazing part of both our children early development, manners, joyfulness, eagerness to explore are just a few of the fantastic attributes they have picked up. Muna loves her friends and teachers. The Nursery has been so specific about looking after her needs. When the new class opened (Emerald Class) and there were spaces available, Muna was offered a spot in the class, the smaller class room has allowed her to really come out of her shell, in fact the ration in general adult to child is brilliant. Ms Suzie has been a wonderful teacher to have leading up to “big school” she truly engages the children, allowing them to express themselves and the funny and wonderful things they come up with. We shall really miss it here. All our love The Skeen: Noah, Muna, Torsten & Dana

Luke Ranson