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Before choosing Ladybird we had visited many different nurseries. For the most part Ameera stayed safely tucked away behind me, not saying a word. But, when we walked into one of the classrooms at Ladybird she left my side for one of the first times and went to play with some toys. This was the deciding factor for us and we enrolled her very confidently.

To me, the fact that she chose Ladybird herself, at the tiny age of two, speaks volumes about the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ms Andrea, Ms Donna and Ms Dharshini you are amazing! The work you do is amazing! You will be so very missed.

Thank you, for all the love you’ve shown Ameera and the support and kindness you’ve shown me.

Ameera, Shuaib, Sahar and the next student in line Sumayya.