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We had started Kabir at a previous nursery 2 years ago and decided to switch him to Ladybird shortly after. We surely saw the difference in the approach of the teachers when we joined his previous (Yellow) class with Ms Tehniyat and felt the care and focus continued in his current Green Class with Ms Andrea as well. Kabir seems to be an absolute fan of Ms Andrea, which we are very happy to see when we drop him off and pick him up. Kabir has made some great friends and sits with us every day after his Nursery as daddy shares his office routine and Kabir shares his stories about his friends and activities from the day. We will surely miss the teachers and staff along with all the amazing friendships Kabir has made.

Thank you to Ms Cilla (Principal) as well for always being around to answer any of our questions and share her advice with what’s next for Kabir following our move out of Dubai.

Thank you

Farha & Sushil Karam