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Chloe Hutton

I heard great things about Ladybird Nursery so when we started to look for a Nursery for our daughter Chloe, Ladybird Nursery is on our list to visit. We visited few nurseries before but the moment we stepped into Ladybird Nursery, shown around the premises and spoke to the teachers we knew straight away that this is the Nursery we want for our little girl! It’s a very warm, friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment for the kids and parents alike.

At first we were a bit worried that our daughter will not settle in easily as this is her first serious Nursery but all our worries were gone on the very first day, Chloe loves her new nursery and teachers so much that she didn’t even cry when I dropped her on her first day.

We knew we made the best choice because Chloe’s always excited and looking forward to going to Nursery and come home very happy with loads of story to tell us about her day at school.

For us that’s the most important thing that our child is having fun while learning and at home with her new environment.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to her amazing teacher, MS Andrea for her outstanding teaching, patience and loving manner. As they say excellent teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget so I hope Chloe will love her new teacher as much as she love Ms Andrea!

Thank you also to Ms Donna for her kindness, support, caring and excellent teaching. Thank you Ms Darhsani for your help, patience and care.

Chloe had an awesome year at Ladybird Nursery, they bring out the best in her! We saw a lot of improvement on her and she is what she is today because of Ladybird Nursery and with that we will be forever grateful to the management, teachers, assistant teachers, helpers, guard and everyone in this one of a kind outstanding Nursery!

I would highly recommend Ladybird Nursery to anyone.

Keep up the good work and more power Ladybird Nursery. We will miss you…..

Chloe, Mark and Mitchelle Hutton