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A friend recommended Ladybird Nursery as we had not found a nursery that felt right for our daughter. Because of the distance we first hesitated, however from the moment we stepped in, we knew it would be special. It wasn’t just the setting, but mainly the warmth of the place. All members of staff seem highly engaged in the children’s learning and the children were confident and happy.

Aaminah has enjoyed every minute of her time in Green class at Ladybird Nursery. The teachers are not only highly skilled, they are loving, caring and consistent. She has become very independent and it has been great to see her grow from strength to strength. Her learning experience has been captured through interesting topic choices and activities. I am truly amazed by how much information she has retained. The hands on experience of Montessori with Ms Chandanie has challenged Aaminah to become more creative in her thinking and learning. For Aaminah, Green Class has been a fun place to learn and play. Not only has she thrived in its environment in every possible way, it has given her a great foundation for her future learning and success.

Aaminah formed good relationships with her previous class teachers, but in her tiny little heart she as a very special place for Ms Andrea, Ms Donna and Ms Darshini. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Ms Andrea I would like to thank you for always being so supportive and understanding. We will miss you all!

Lots of Love

Abbas, Sonia, Aaminah and Baby Khadijah