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I am Lillia’s mom from Bright Butterflies and I would like to put in a word for Ms Seshni. We had started nursery in March 2021 and Ms Seshni was very welcoming and had a good strategy to introduce her to nursery days, Lillia had a wonderful time in the first week and felt like she fit right in. In the second week when Lillia started becoming fussy Ms Seshni managed her quite well and over time Lillia loved the nursery and I can see her thoroughly enjoying each day when I come to pick her up. I am ever grateful to Ms Seshni for having played a strong key role in getting Lillia adjusted to the nursery life even though she is a fussy and stubborn kid at times 😀
Ms Seshni also has a style of discipline that I immensely appreciate to manage the little ones interaction – we are going to miss her and I am sorry it was such a short time we had with her. Wishing her and the ladybird team all the very best for the next academic term and we hope to back. 
Also on a side note all of you are so welcoming and friendly and you have a wonderful atmosphere in the nursery that is positive and encouraging for the little ones. Thank you for all you do.