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Siddharth Matty

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to ALL at Ladybird Nursery. I took a lot of time researching nurseries and narrowed it down to Ladybird. Ladybird is one view, goes above and beyond. What makes it different to their nurseries is the staff.

Between Ms Priscilla Palmer – The Headmistress, the teachers and the office staff, everyone is happy, and they spread this HAPPINESS J among the children.

Every teacher, assistant staff including Manoj at Security are exceptionally dedicated, warm and loving. Not only do the teachers and assistants know the children of their own respective class, but they take an extra effort to know the children of other class. This makes a child very comfortable and confident in the environment. Each morning, Siddharth eagerly runs off to school and each afternoon he shows the excitement about the day he has had.

We appreciate the comprehensive program at Ladybird and the emphasis that is put on growth and development of the ALL AREAS:- SOCIAL, PHYISCAL, EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE etc

Siddharth has been exposed to so much and we really feel that he has been enriched through the various lessons and experience he has had at Ladybird.

Siddharth is always fondly mentioning all his teachers at home, especially Ms Nicole, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid, Ms Sylvia and Ms Joanna. Ladybird is Siddharth’s second family and always will be. We would especially like to thank Ms Nicole, Ms Zee, Ms Joanna, Ms Ingrid, Ms Syliva, Ms Rita, Ms Kumari for the tireless effort you have put into out son’s growth and well being. We would also like to thank Ms Hania and Ms Angleyn who have taken special care of Siddharth when he was unwell, and to call and check on him when he was sick at home.

We would like to thank last but not the least, the woman who stands behind all the institution – Ms Monica Valrani- CEO I have seen her take personal hand on interest in the functioning of the Nursery.

You all have truly helped Siddharth come out of his cocoon and transformed him into a beautiful Butterfly. There is so much more I could say about Ladybird, it could might as well run into a book, pages after pages. We truly will miss you.

We sincerely wish LADYBIRD THE VERY BEST IN ALL their future endeavours.

Hemi, Deepak and Siddhartha