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Adam Hussain

Adam started Ladybird Nursery in September 2015 he was with Ms Diane in Red Class to start with. He had never been away from us, so settling him in too a little time, but I cannot stress how patient the teachers were with him and even myself. He moved into Ms Cathy-Ann’s class and over the term my little boy grew confident and independent.

The environment that Ladybird has provided is one that is so nurturing, so touching. Every child is individually developed, encouraged and taught. Adam has learn so many skills, through all the activities and day to day interactions he is social, smart, witty and so very very happy.

We feel that it’s all really come together for Adam in this past year of being in Blue Class, all the pieces to his jigsaw have come together so make him the happy chappy he is today. This is credit to Ms Hayley, Ms Janine, Ms Jenny and the entire Ladybird experience.

Hand on heart, we can honestly recommend LDYBIRD to anyone, as soon as you step into the nursery there is a feeling of familiarity and home – the kids love it!!!

Thank you Ms Hayley, Ms Cilla and all at Ladybird, Adam is very ready for “Big Boys School” because you have helped prepare him. Thank you for loving him as much as you do, we feel the genuine care and positive energy that is in the classroom. Thank you for involving us as parents as much as you always do. What an incredible journey Adam has had with you all, what a wonderful foundation to his life and love for learning.

Thank you

Mumtaza & Akbar