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Nicolas Carse

Ladybird is a truly special place, and the team is absolutely phenomenal. Of course the focus is on caring for, nurturing and developing children, but my experience was that they not only helped my child, Nico, to thrive; they also guided me in how I could best help Nico to navigate changes and other challenges.

 We started at Ladybird in September 2019, so Nico did have a few months of normalcy before Covid hit. He took a few days to adjust to going to nursery, and when he struggled to let me go at drop off, Ms. Sian took him in her arms and Ms. Helen took me aside and comforted me. Those words meant so much to me at a time when I was new to Dubai and had searched high and low for the best nursery for Nico after finally having made the decision to enrol him (for his own development and for my own personal sanity!)

After a bit of a bumpy start, he loved going to nursery. He was socialising, learning, and most importantly, having fun! During the unfortunate lockdown of 2020, Ladybird did everything possible to make online learning fun and to keep the children engaged. I really appreciated the efforts made by the entire team, and although keeping Nico’s attention during online learning was not easy and we only managed to do it for about a month, it gave me a new perspective on how passionate teachers need to be!

Once Ladybird reopened, Nico was so happy to go back. As part of Ms. Wendy’s class, he quickly made incredible progress in his speaking and writing skills, and also, learned how to socialise, state his preferences, and carve out a space for himself in a group setting. We couldn’t be more pleased with his development and the guidance that we have all received from the team at Ladybird. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. We are sad to leave, but happy to know that Nico is absolutely prepared and ready to embark on his next adventure at big school!