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My daughter SUMMER has been at ladybird nursery(dragonflies class) for over one month. We love this nursery.At this nursery, glass replaces the walls, making children feel more free and more open,students from different countries have a variety of feelings for children.

SUMMER has always been breastfed and taken care of by me. So she is more dependent on me than other children. To help her adapt more quickly, the teacher learned simple Chinese. With the teacher’s patience and professional step-by-step guidance, she has now adapted to the life at the nursery. I am glad to see her progress in the last month. English is not our first language, but now SUMMER can speak more and more English. In fact, my English is not very good, but the teachers and the other staff are very patient to communicate with me at any time.

Choosing ladybird nursery is a very wise choice for us. Because all the staff at the nursery are very friendly, you can feel that they really like children.