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Mustafa Aziz

When we were in the process of looking for a nursery for Mustafa, the most important factor was to find a setting in which he would be happy.

Naturally, an environment that provided structured play both indoors and outdoors was ideal but more importantly, we were looking for Mustafa to enjoy the people he spend the day with – both teachers and his peers. Ladybird Nursery and the wonderful Ms Tehniyat, Ms Julie-Anne and Ms Roshini have completely delivered well beyond our expectations.

Mustafa loves going in everyday and on the days that he doesn’t attend Nursery he complains that he really wants to go. We never expected him to love his time at Nursery so much. We never expected him to develop so much warmth for his lovely teachers in the two terms that he spent at Ladybird. He has grown in confidence and feels very comfortable communicating with his teachers. All there have clearly been very gentle and caring towards him and he adores them!

In terms of Mustafa’s development while in the Yellow Class. I can simply say that we are surprised everyday by how much he’s been learning. When he joined the Yellow class, I had concerns that he was not speaking as expressively as other children his age. He has only had a little over a term in the Nursery and he now is able to describe they key events of the day clearly. Similarly, he did not really know his shapes and colours and he’s picked them up very quickly. He likes to sing all the nursery rhymes he has picked up in class at bedtime every night.

All in all, Mustafa has absolutely loved his time in Yellow class. The warm and engaging attitude of his teachers coupled with the excellent facilities at Ladybird have resulted in an extremely fun and enriching time for Mustafa. As I try to prepare him to join his brother at his school next year I find him resisting and stating that he would want to continue at Ladybird.

I would not hesitate recommending Ladybird to other parents and am forever grateful for a chance encounter with a Ladybird Parent who introduced me to the Nursery. It truly is a very special place!

Madiha & Ali