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Sophia Burman

Dear Ms. Hania and the teachers who support the Butterfly and Bumble Bee Class, We enrolled Sophia into the nursery at just 14 months old, 3 times a week to give her more exposure to her peers, being born in Covid times we decided that the class was then a small group and the teachers were taking good Covid safety practices. Sophia enjoyed school so much that we increased the classes to 5 times a week! From the age of 14 months to 22 months old, we have witnessed such wonderful developments, her confidence and independent little girl. She enjoys music, drawing and tells me all her friends names, Adam, Chico, Naser, Kayla, Sami, etc. It’s been highly beneficial for her personal development. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy some well deserved time off. Best wishes, Victoria, Saket, Sophia B.