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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faculty at Ladybird for all your hard work and care through the past year.

The staff are absolutely amazing. They are kind, caring and friendly individuals. From the moment we enter the Nursery and Mr Kez (security guard) greets us by calling Kollins’ name, it gives us a sense of comfort.

Ladybird has been a fabulous Nursery experience for Kollins and it has provided her with the best start to her educational life. We feel very fortunate to have had Ladybird a part of our lives for the past year.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to her amazing teacher Ms Andrea for her outstanding teaching, patience and loving manner. At first we were a bit worried that Kollins will not settle in easily as she was so attached to us, but all our worries were gone on the very first day. The setting in process was managed expertly by Ms Andrea and the result was a happy child who is excited everyday looking forward to go to nursery.

Thank you also to Ms Donna for her kindness, support, caring and excellent teaching. Kollins is so blessed to have such amazing teachers.

Big thanks to Ms Chandanie for all your hard work and love. Also Ms Darshini for your help and care. Kollins had an awesome year at Ladybird and it has been Kollins’ second home.

As Kollins prepares to leave Ladybird for big school we feel completely confident that she has been give the best possible start.

A big thank you to Ms Cill and all her team for what has been a wonderful year.

We have had recommended Ladybird and definitely will continue recommending to all our friends in Dubai.

We will miss everyone at Ladybird next year. Thanks a lot and we will miss you soo much!

Kollins, Mastaneh & Taeed