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Kabir Gadhoke

We love the “Ladybird Nursery” from the day we enter inside first time, we love the whole set up of Nursery which is very children friendly. I still remember when we are looking for the Best Nursery for Kabir and we are checking with many of our friends then we came know about “Ladybird Nursery”.

Kabir loves “Ladybird Nursery” very very much and also his teachers Ms Maryke, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid and Ms Roshini. He talks a lot about them. We are very happy with his progress he knows every child’s name from his class even all teachers and staff. He also talks and knows what he learns in the class. Everyday I see him learning new things and so he looks so “refresh and in a happy mood” which gives me more and more confidence that my child is in “correct hands” (Ladybird Nursery and sweaty pie Ms Maryke).

I love to feel the experience of Ladybird Nursery’s warm welcome everyday by each and every staff member.

I am very happy with the “Bus Service”. Ms Jenny is very co-operative and very lovely person with a big smile on her face always. Kids love her presence.

Now term is going to be over Kabir is ready to move to “Big School” All Big Thanks to all his “Teacher” who taught him so much. We are going to Miss Ladybird Nursery and it’s members big time.

Special thanks to you Ms Maryke, Ms Zee, Ms Ingrid, Ms Roshini for always being there for Kabir to feel like a home in the Nursery.

Best regards

Amrit, Parvinder and Kabir