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Isaac Cudiamat

Ladybird Learning Centre truly is a gift in our community here at JVC! Before knowing about Ladybird, we did not have any plan of sending our son to a Nursery and was even considering a homeschooling program. However, as Isaac is growing, we saw the need of him to relate with other kids as well as with adults. As expats, our children would most likely get stuck in the four corners of our home without an active interaction with other people of their age group or even with immediate relatives on a daily basis.

Thankfully, as soon as we started hunting a Nursery for Isaac, Ladybird Ad was popping on the Internet quite often especially on Social Media. My husband and I were even more thrilled that it’s just within our area! As soon as we entered the Ladybird premises, we knew that this was the right place for our son’s foundational stage before hitting the big school. The warmth from the reception and the staff were remarkable. It has so much space for kids to move freely, the Montessori set-up caught our attention, the high standard of facilities and qualities of educational materials, the big playground, the ratio of pupils and teachers were superb and of course the safety of the Nursery – no high stairs or other floors; just one big area for everything!

After all, we were not only focused of how much our son could learn Academically but we were seeking a “second home” for him, where he could broaden his horizon and explore knowledge without stealing his childhood; a sense of a good community that is like a family for him.

We’re grateful that our son was able to experience, enjoyed and grasped the good quality of foundational learning from Ladybird Learning Centre. He learned so much already (though he only started half of the 2nd term) such as arts, writing of the alphabet, reading using phonics, fractions, social literacy, languages and a whole lot more! Most importantly, he would go home with excitement and always eager to share what he did and learned every time. The highlights of his days were driving the small car, riding on a bicycle with other kids and the slides in the playground. A happy child indeed!

Moreover, one of the best things at Ladybird was the involvement of parents. Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sports Day, and International Day were just some of the few moments that we truly treasured as parents. You knew the importance of having those “precious moments” with our child. Also, we loved the parents’ portal section on the website wherein we could login, access and download the Weekly Review or Newsletter (what the children learned from the previous weeks with supporting photos) as well as the Weekly Planner that helped us to be in-looped with the activities for the coming week.

Lastly, we thank you Ladybird for the wonderful opportunities of learning and friendship for our son, Isaac. He will surely bring so much wonderful memories even as he turns to be a man – you will always be part of who he will become. To Mrs. Das, Ms. Rosie and Ms. Loida of Clever Caterpillars group – thank you for all your efforts and passion of helping parents like us in unveiling our child’s potential.

Off to big school Isaac will go… Blessings!

Mr. & Mrs. Cudiamat