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Yafa is our only child, we were and still are overprotective of her and that is why when we took the decision to send her to nursery, we conducted a thorough search and short listed (9) nurseries.

We visited all of them and eventually selected Ladybird to be the place we trust with Yafa.

What caught our eyes at first was the fact that they have been in business since 1996, then we came to know that Ms Priscilla (Principal) and a lot of her staff have been working at in Ladybird for many years, late we came to meet with the owner on several occasion and came to know that she is actively involved.

Other points that made us choose Ladybird were how diverse the school is in terms of the nationality and the background of the children and the staff, how happy yet very organized the children were every time we visited both in class and in the various indoor or outdoor areas of the nursery.

Ms Maryke actively engaged in a conversation with us regarding some concerns we had over how Yafa would settle in, she cleared all our confusions and worked on an action plan with us that made Yafa settle in less than a week.

Yafa achieved all what we wanted for her to achieve from her time at the Nursery and more, she never spoke English before and in less than a year she now can converse comfortably in it, we are very pleased with her physical and mental development but most importantly our hearts are filled with joy seeing how happy she is and how she developed socially, all of this is thank to the effort of Ms Maryke, Ms Lynette, Ms Ruvini and the rest of the Nursery’s team.

When the time came for us to take the decision for Yafa’s next step (the big school) we were really confused, Ms Pricilla and Ms Maryke provided us with guidance, their advice was helpful and would only come from someone who is genuinely caring for Yafa and her best interest and not the short term profit, this is something we value a lot and will never forget.

We are very happy and satisfied with the Nursery, we are thankful and grateful for the team and if we go back in time we will only choose Ladybird Nursery and the Red Class for Yafa and in the future and in the future if we ever blessed with other children we would only choose Ladybird Nursery and hope that they will be in the Red Class with Ms Maryke.

Manar and Ahmad

22nd April 2019