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Lalage Phillips

Ladybird doesn’t just nurture the children, it nurtures their parents as well!! As a new comer to Dubai, I found both the Nursery and School System a little overwhelming, but Ladybird were friendly, informative and helpful in laying out different options for Lalage. By the time she turned 3, Lalage had been to 3 different nurseries (due to international moves) but Ladybird is the only one she runs into with a smile on her face. She loves both the learning elements and her teachers and we particularly appreciate the extra touches, such as the amazing array of extra-curricular activities and the lending library. It’s simply a fantastic place to be……

Ladybird has been a positive experience for all three of us since the moment we walked in the door, and I think I shall miss it almost as much as Lalage will when she graduates! Thank you all, especially Miss Andrea, Miss Donna, Miss Beth, Miss Darshini. We will miss you.

Polly and Lalage Phillips