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We enrolled Hamad in the Ladybird Nursery based on my friend’s recommendation.  Once I stepped in the Nursery during the Open Day, I felt happy about the level of professionalism shown.  On the other hand, what attracted me more that Ladybird uses Montessori teaching methodology which is a plus point for selecting Ladybird Nursery.

Hamad joined the Nursery in November 2081.  I had to be with him for some mornings, but it didn’t take long time for him to settle in.  This was not going to be easy without the love and care shown by the teachers and assistant teachers that made him feel he is in his second home.

In fact, we have seen an amazing transformation in Hamad’s personality and language.  He emerged as an independent and confident.  Considering that Arabic is the main language used at home, his English level developed so well.  We are so proud of whom he is today.

We are sad to say “goodbye”, yet grateful for equipping Hamad with tools and right knowledge needed to start his next journey in the school.

Thank you soo much from the bottom of our hearts to Miss Louise, Miss Ingrid and Miss Kumari.

Will miss you all.

Mahfoodha, Bader and Hamad