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Entrusting our children (Viraaj & Ishaan) to Ladybird Nursery is the best decision we have made for our kids. The team is very committed, encouraging, patient and easy to talk to.

We have been particularly impressed with Ishaan’s language skills as English is not spoken as the first language at home, in fact, Ishaan would only talk in Hindi when he joined Ladybird. In less than a month’s time with the efforts of Miss Louise, Miss Ingrid and Miss Kumari he started to talk only in English.

Ishaan wakes up every morning with a lot of excitement to go to nursery and has formed excellent relationship with Blue Class teachers especially Miss Louise and I just love the fact at the end of the day, I get to pick up a happy kid who has experienced yet another wonderful day in his life.

There is something very special about every member of the staff knowing your child’s name. Thank you Ladybird and all the wonderful people that make it such a happy place. We highly recommend Ladybird Nursery to every parent out there, it is the best place you can choose for your child.

Loads of love and luck

Nicky, Ditika, Viraaj & Ishaan.