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Arav Jain

We (Arav’s Parents) are delighted to have got the opportunity to pen down our words for Ladybird Nursery.

Arav started Ladybird Nursery in January 2017 with Ms Dianne in Dragonflies Class. He joined the Nursery in mid-year and settled in well with all the love, warmth and support he got from Ms Dianne, Ms Beth & Ms Samadhi.

The environment in the nursery is so nurturing and the classes are well equipped. It felt that Arav was always in safe hands and well take care of.

He then moved to Blue Class in September 2017 with Ms Hayley, Ms Jeannine and Ms Jenny. As his mentors they have brought out the best in him. He has become confident, communicative, expressive and disciplined. Arav has been exposed to so much when it comes to education through class activities, field trips, picnics and learning.

We love the fact that the nursery also tries to involve the parents in the school by celebrating different days and are so open to communication at any given time.

Arav has indeed come a long way in his 1.5 year journey with the nursery. What an incredible journey and foundation was laid for him to be confident enough to be able to start the “BIG SCHOOL”.

The fact that Arav is always excited and looks forward to go to his school and class every day and misses his school even on holidays show us the love and attachment that he has for the nursery. This is what makes Ladybird very special for us.

The nursery and all his teachers and friends have become a second family to us. We are going to miss the nursery and all its ever smiling, welcoming, helpful and supportive staff.

We wish LADYBIRD THE VERY BEST in all their future endeavours.



Nidhi, Viplv & Arav Jain