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Our Year 2 with Ladybird was filled with even higher expectations and even more fear. We had grown so comfortable with our previous teacher that we wondered how anyone else could match that. What I am about to tell you is a real first hand experience, not only was it more than I could have imagined, our son grew to love the nursery even more. Starting from our first day when we met Ms. Julita we kept judging if she could do it like the last one, would she give us the same kind of updates and would she give our child the attention now that the classroom size was bigger.

This is where 3 super women came on board. Ms. Leah, Ms. Sheila and Ms. Julita I would call them the Awesome Threesome. Each of them not only helped develop Elias over the term but each of them could tell you what Elias did on any day. Each day we were provided with great updates, the seesaw updates, and the afternoon discussions. The morning drop offs to see how happy Elias was simply a joy, something that I never imagined. Each day he would look forward to coming in and passing by his old class waving to his old teacher and assistant and rushing to his new class.

The year was so well planned and a lot of this credit goes to Ms. Helen and Ms. Julita for building a perfect plan that could be followed. Ms. Julita as a person is probably one of the sweetest, kindest caring people you will meet. Trust me, she will grow on you, her style of teaching was very different but it allowed our son to develop himself and discover himself as a person. She has got an incredible memory to not only remember so many students but to remember what each and every single one of them did on any given day. Her advice was top notch always, how to help develop Elias, when he was ready for his next steps be it welcoming the new addition to working on his steps to getting potty trained. If Elias ever missed a day she would send us the most thoughtful message of get well soon and the only complaint I could make about her is that she made the time literally fly. I can’t believe 3 terms finished so quickly. Everyday when she read to the children she would read in different tones, encouraging the children to develop a love for reading, getting into character and changing voices. It was wonderful to see this development in our son. Building new friends over the course of the year and aligning with the parents.

Her assistants Ms. Leah and Ms. Sheila were also so wonderful I can’t say enough good things about them. They played a super part and each of them gave our son warmth, love and hugs. He grew super attached to them both equally. One the days when Ms. Julita would be busy with other parents, any of them could also give us perfect updates so they also played such an important part of his life. They would take part in arts and crafts, read to the children, play with them and aid in their development. If anyone of them was missing I don’t think this would have been possible, a real example of teamwork and spirit.

As he moves to the next year I’ll probably go with even higher expectations and I’m sure Ladybird as a nursery will not disappoint. They have outstanding staff from the front desk, to the principal to the teachers in every class and hats to Ms. Monica for finding all these gems and putting them together in one place.