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Freddie Tebbit

We were recommended Ladybird by our friends and the moment our first son Henry started at Ladybird we knew it was the right kit for our family.

We love everything about Ladybird, primarily its philosophy for the Early Years and its staff. We’ve had wonderful staff teaching both Henry and Freddie. Ms Nicole and her team have been great, welcoming Freddie into the class and getting him prepared for FS1. A special mention to Miss Amy who was so warm and always up for a hug with Freddie.

The facilities and range of activities at Ladybird are first class. Both of our sons have enjoyed all the different types of music lesson on offer, sports classes and arts and craft.

We would highly recommend Ladybird for early years as we have experienced smiles and laughter all round.

Thank you Ladybird Team

Ally, Oliver, Henry and Freddie