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Shalonica Villareal

We are the parents of Shalonica, and we are privileged to have our daughter in Blue Class.

Before Shalonica joined Ladybird Nursery, she had trauma in coming into the Nursery due to some accidents in her previous Nursery that really breaks our heart. When we decided to inquire and check Ladybird Nursery we come up with our decision to try as the environment in the Nursery and the staff gave a positive point of view that helped our child to put back the confidence and enriched her knowledge specially the things we can’t teach her while away. I can say our expectation meets more than we anticipated.

Teaching her how to use toys at a time specially on her first day in school gave us the impression of proper discipline, upon arrival from the school where to put things and where to get it; keeping shoes in the basket with name tags is rally one of the things that amaze me how you handle the kids. Teacher parent conferences and open communication also gave us the proper understanding on how we need to help Shalonica and gave us confidence that she is in good hands. Nursery activities, curriculum and the management have a big part of her growth as a child at Ladybird Nursery and will help her immensely to prepare for Big School.

Ms Hayley, Ms Jeanine & Ms Jenny we like to say that we are thankful for the nurturing care they have given to our daughter. She is soo happy to see you always and doesn’t want to miss a day of attending Nursery.

I would say Shalonica admires Ms Hayley as an idol and a role model as she always tell us “Mommy I want to be like Ms Hayley, she is so beautiful and tall, I want to be like her”, she is telling us also what Ms Hayley is eating as she is curious of what she has in her break time and she will say “Mommy I want broccolis so that I can be like Ms Hayley” that’s why we are so happy that she eat vegetables now and she is happy to try things in a fun way.

This might be the last term for her but we are also looking forward in the coming year to join back with our 2nd one.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Aaron, Elerica & Shalonica