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Chahan Daryani

“Ladybird” I am in love with this Nursery since years now. My daughter was the one who didn’t want to leave after two years and so is my son, he’s extremely upset that he’s leaving Ladybird. This Nursery has given all the values to both my kids, which includes manners, self confidence, power of talking, being friendly, respection food and they have become excellent in their academics. He’s become so good at naming shapes, colours, numbers, alphabets and much more, I have less pages and a lot to write about “Ladybird” as it been very close to my heart. Both my kids were so comfortable and got settled so well. Earlier it was Miss Sultana who I still miss and its Ms Nicole, whose been the best teacher for my son. Ms Nicole has been so supportive and so loving towards al the kids she gives all her time and effort to all the kids, I was glad I had Ms Nicole as my son’s teacher this year. He’s built up a very strong base and is leaving this Nursery with all the beautiful memories and have created an extremely strong emotions toward all the class helpers. Thank you sooo much