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Sabriya Kashif Khan

As Sabriya will start her joirney of FS1, I wanted to say a really big thank you to every single one of your staff, you have all been part of our lives for the last 2 years and we have decided to continue for another year.

When we left Ms Emmina’s class, we were quite nervous about the next class teacher and how Sabriya would bond. From the first day of meeting Ms Julita, we felt relieved, satisfied and excited to see how Sabriya will be moulded and groomed in her class. Needless to say, learn and apply the teachings. Ms. Julita’s exceptional teaching techniques, psychological understanding and affectionate nature is admirable and we couldn’t have asked for more. Besides implementing what she learns, Sabriya has become a confident girl, improved in speech and vocabulary and is very expressive. Ms Leya and Ms Sheila have been a pillar and they all make a great team. Each one of them has impacted Sabriya in the most positive ways and we are going to miss all of them.

We love the nursery environment and look forward to stepping into the next class with the same excitement and hope of meeting some wonderful teachers.

Thank you Ladybird, we are blessed to have found you. Undoubtedly the best nursery of UAE.