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It is so hard to write a testimonial to describe our daughter Isabella’s fantabulous year she had in the Happy Hedgehogs class! Words don’t make their work justice. Thanks to amazing teachers Ms Tarryn and Ms Loida, we could hardly feel the reality of Covid constantly around the corner and times feeling uncertain. For her, this year has been as normal as any and her learning hasn’t suffered a tiny bit! It has been a remarkably fruitful and happy year both for her and for us!

Morning in and early afternoon out you cared, taught and loved our daughter and showed her ways to be, behave, work in a group as well as trusting herself to be independent and grow as a person. Everyday she would happily run in to leave her bottle in its place and wash her hands, and same routine when leaving; excited to see me at pick up time eagerly telling me what she had learnt that day, an exciting activity, a game she had played with friends or proudly showing me something she had made! You have guided her through this year that for us adults was so uncertain and unpredictable!

I admire the teachers ability to pull out the best in each child, and see and work with each and every detail. There is such a personalised care, both Ms Tarryn and Ms Loida see every individual child and know how to work with them; where to start and how to intrigue interest and build on their knowledge! Throughout the year the teachers have planned and delivered exciting activities that surely have left an imprint and interest to learn more! Thanks to SeeSaw we have been able to follow Isabella’s learning journey as well as witnessing friendships being built and cared for!

I highly value the teachers’ way of being with the children; the inquired-based learning, making the children think and reflect on what is happening and why. How both teachers help each child’s personal growth, letting them be who they are and finding their way that suits them best at the same time as they learn respect, how to be a good friend, taking turns, be patient and how to be polite. Ms Tarryn and Ms Loida are such amazing rolemodels in every move they make and just such lovely people to have in our lives. We will miss them dearly and will always feel immensely grateful for this year! It will be exciting both for Isabella and myself to see them around next year, whether it is in the corridor or out on the playground!

All our love and gratitude,
Isabella and mammEmma