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I have been wondering how to send this feedback to you regarding 2 of your staff members because it saddens me and fills my heart with great joy at the same time.

In these trying times, when things have been so uncertain, we made a decision to place our child in Ladybird and when the lockdown happened I was unsure what this experience would be like. From the time we started to getting to know you, prior to the opening. Everyone in your team has been outstanding.

The communication lines that Ms. Helen has kept along with your other staff was just remarkable. Despite all the challenges things were communicated clearly before we even got started. As any parent when you start your first day you are filled with fear, uncertainty on how your child will adjust. This was perhaps more challenging for us than Elias as he adapted so easily to his new surroundings and I believe this was mainly due to the love and attention shown to him by his teachers.

As time progressed we have seen Elias progress so many little things, that Ms. Emmina would point out on what he’s doing, how he was progressing. She kept such a great track of every little aspect that I was so amazed how she could keep track of so many details. Her daily updates either on Seesaw or when we would come drop him off were probably the highlights of our day.

I have met other nursery teachers and I will say Ms. Emmina has probably the most contagious personality ever. She literally has this excitement bubble around her that she brings the children into. They get this sense of belonging, warmth and compassion. Children are at peace and have the best time with her, I can’t speak about other parents but I could see from the pictures how much Elias has with her and Ms. Lucy who always greets Elias with a warm smile and hug in the mornings.

Ms. Lucy also does such an amazing job that I know how picky Elias was when he was meeting new people prior to the lockdown but every day he greets her with a smile and we can see how she looks after him as well.

In order not to make this overly long if you ever get first time parents who are getting started let me have a word with them and share our experience, both of them were so astounding that we never had a day that he cried when we left him or when we picked him up. Well we did have issues when we picked him up but that was him not wanting to go home and stopping by every class to see what was happening.

Wishing Ms. Emmina and Ms. Lucy the best always and to the ladybird team who managed to find such exceptionally good teachers.