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When we first enrolled Hector at Ladybird, we knew instantly that this was not just another nursery, it was a community that ensured the very best for each and every one of the children in their care. All the staff at Ladybird I’ve encountered have been highly committed and motivated, and have ensured Hector has been successfully engaged in learning in a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment. You know you’ve made the right decision when every member of staff from class teachers, assistants, security and Head teacher know your son’s name, it provides you with confidence that individual strengths, gifts and talents of all children in their care are developed to their full potential.

Our experience at Ladybird has undoubtedly been made all the more special by the professionalism, endless enthusiasm and sense of fun that Ms Andrea, Ms Donna, Ms Darshini and Ms Chandanie have brought to the Green Class. Hector has regularly come home with various stories from his day that have made us all chuckle – usually one that involves a superhero cape, friends and a bad guy! They have all shown they care deeply about the academic progress of Hector, but in my mind, more importantly his emotional and personal development. They’ve nurtured his confidence in fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy through a varied programme of interesting topics and activities. Hector is a natural story teller and loves dress-up and role play, and I am grateful that Ms Andrea and Ms Donna have provided ample opportunities to allow Hector to do Show and Tell, perform in class shows or facilitate the re-enactment of a superhero rescue in soft play!

Hector has made such lovely friends in Green Class and we will be so sorry to leave. I just hope Hector’s experience of FS2 is as successful as FS1 has been. The memories he has made here at such a crucial time of his development and fostering a love of learning will not be forgotten. Thank you so much!

Lucy and Ben