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Haun Ragavan

As a parent, I entrusted Shaun to Ladybird staff in 2015. Words cannot describe what awaited for me, a year of crying pangs, no interaction, and language delay on my son’s part. The teachers and their assistant played a vital role in my son’s development despite the challenges. We have seen him thriving more and more every day. The layout of Nursery and facility are well equipped with excitement and safety. We love it so much there, that we drive 30 minutes to get there, 5 days a week even though it is quite out of the way, the quality of care my child receives is worth the drive. Shaun learns so much more when he was moved into a smaller class Emerald. Within a short span, Shaun was a chatter, confident, capable and diaper-free. The best part is that he is always excited to share the letter of the week and talk about the topic. So much so, he is a solar-system expert and could name all the 8 planets accordingly. School trips are structured and rewarding, to name a few: Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Dubai Aquarium, Little Explorer made my pumpkin a confident explorer in his own way. A little peep during pick up time I have observed the teachers quizzing them about the story they shared, shows the kids are still attentive despite the long hours – Kudos to Ladybird. It will always remain very special to Shaun and the family. We will sincerely applaud Ladybird a “7star”. The staff have lived out among their philosophy of It’s Kind, “hugs first”, mindful of the importance of loving a child. This is what makes Ladybird very special from the rest of the Nurseries. A heartfelt thanks to Miss Suzie, Ms Ingrid, Ms Zee, Ms Cilla, and Ms Chandanie the admin staff and the rest of whom has touched Shaun in many ways.

Grace, Murali, Desiree & Shaun