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We joined the Ladybird Family January 2011. My daughter Katherine was 2 years old and Ivan was just born. Two years later both of them were there. I will never forget my first impression when Mel showed us the premises. The attitude and the atmosphere were so welcoming and accommodating. A lovely friendly nursery, nothing too big or small for the kids. Lots of fun and educating things for the children to get involved. My kids made really good friends there and through them we met fantastic parents, who are now our friends.

The Nursery has a strong leadership team. The Headmistress, Miss Cilla assisted by Mel and Sarah in the office, support a culture of high level education, care and respect.

Our biggest concern here in Dubai was the early admission in the schools. We took the risk to leave our kids to stay as long as possible in the Nursery. They had some extra stress free time, while they continued to learn and advance academically. The Nursery organizes some interesting field trips, invite different artists to perform, have really exciting book fairs, book character days, cooking classes and very interesting playing activities through which children learn imperceptibly.

With the latest changes in the school system in Dubai Ivan would have to go from pre-school year in Ladybird straight in Year 1 in September. We cannot explain our gratitude to Miss Andrea who put extra efforts to speed up his preparation for the “Big School” without him even noticing it. He is still that happy playing kid.

Our vote for Ladybird Nursery is strongly based on the energy, enthusiasm, care and affection of the staff. The team works so hard to create a welcoming, happy and creative environment for my son and his class. There is a really good variety of themes and activities through-out the day/week and as a parent I feel informed about what my son has been doing and the general goings on day to day in the Nursery and his room in particular. I am really happy with the care and opportunities to learn the team provides. The Nursery is professional, clean and organised. They provide regular and clear communication with parents and quickly respond to any requests or queries.

Thank you Miss Andrea, Miss Hayley, Miss Dianne, Miss Nicole, Miss Cathy-Anne, Miss Chandanie, Miss Donna, Miss Julie, Miss Beth, Miss Jenny, Miss Razana and Miss Darshin!

Specials thanks to Miss Hania – the nurse at Ladybird who is always caring and available to give first aid to kids and advice to parents.

When we look at them today, we feel this tremendous sense of respect and gratitude for what they did for our children.

Zlatka and Valeriy Ferdinando