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Zaydaan’s journey at Ladybird has been a wonderful learning experience. He was a shy little boy who would not mingle with his peers at all, however after his year at Ladybird I have seen an amazing transformation.

Miss Nicole and her team have done an extraordinary job with my son. The patience and attention given to each individual child is very comforting to see. Zaydaan has been happy and excited to go to Nursery each and every morning, not only to meet his friends but to learn new things and spend time with Miss Nicole, Hania, Lenka and Suni. They have groomed my young infant into a charming young man.

I will be very sad this summer to say goodbye to Ladybird Nursery! We will all miss the lovely atmosphere, full of smiles and cheerful greetings every morning. I highly appreciated the personal efforts made by all teachers not only towards Zaydaan but also towards his mother. I will really miss our little chats every morning with all the teachers, not only about Zaydaan but other general life issues too!

A big thank you to Miss Nicole, Miss Hania, Miss Lenka and Miss Suni for taking such wonderful care of Zaydaan and preparing him for his next step in life!