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Seher Sidhu

Seher started Nursery in September 2015. This was the first time she was away from me since she was born. It was hard for both of us. She cried and howled her way through the first month. There were days I honestly wanted to pull her out and end the Nursery. Maybe she wasn’t ready for Nursery. The only thing that kept me going was Ms Hayley’s conviction that all she needed was a little time. She was my source of comfort that our daughter was in capable hands and will settle down any day.

The first month, for us truly exhibited the team spirit, caring nature and concerned ladybird Nursery has for each and every child. Right from Miss Priscilla (Principal) to every support staff knew Seher by name in that first month. They greeted her, encouraged her and cheered her on. They reaffirmed our decision to choose Ladybird Nursery. They were all fabulous.

Ms Hayley did everything possible for Seher and did not give up on one single day! Hats off to her! She has made Seher lover Nursery. The growth in Seher’s personality has been tremendous. Today she is confident, articulate and continues to surprise us at every step.

Ms Hayley, Ms Juliana, Ms Lynette and Ms Razana have been absolutely brilliant. Seher cares for them deeply.

Ms Hayley, thank you for seeing us through the tears and making the start of this journey of education so delightful. You all have handled Seher so beautifully. She will miss Ladybird, as will I.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love

Ravi and Aman