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Choosing the right nursery in Dubai for your child could be a difficult task. However, when we first started looking at options where to put Aleksander almost three years ago, it didn’t take us too long to agree and decide that Ladybird was the best place for us.

Reputational, the Nursery care with excellent recommendations, and once we visited with Alek’s, he immediately felt comfortable in the environment. This was a key factor for us. In addition to the recently improved excellent facilities, we were also impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by all of the Ladybird staff from the outset.

Throughout Alexander’s time at the Nursery all his teachers, assistant, and indeed all staff, have been wonderful with us as parents, and Alek as a pupil. The reassurance that this gives us as parents cannot be over-emphasized. Not only their professionalism, their openness, friendly approach and “open door” policy is very welcome. The class sizes are such that you feel your child receives a good balance of personal attention from the teachers, whilst at the same time getting plenty of opportunity for group learning with his Nursery friends.

We would also like to commend the Nursery for the structured events involving parents and families of the children. These are great ways for us all to see how our kids are developing as small people, especially the concerts and Sports days.

Alek has most certainly blossomed over his 2 or so years at Ladybird, and as he prepares to graduate now at the end of the term and go to FS1 in September, we would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the staff at the Nursery for helping him grow.

Thank you

Robert, Anna