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Dear Marie, Sue , Kaajal , Gillian & staff of Ladybird,
Ladybird has been Mehak’s home away from home the past year. She has blossomed into beautiful and a confident child thanks to all your relentless efforts.Especially as she was a late talker and refused to recognise basic colors we worried about her future weather she would cope in school later on and what kind of a future would she have. But all our fears were put to rest when we saw the changes in her personality -she started talking, asking us questions ,finally we were having conversations i cant tell you how much joy that bought fareed and myself. Our efforts at home had borne no fruit but Ladybird changed all that. We cant Thank you all enough. As parents we are absouloutely thrilled to see her expressing herself in all ways possible and eager to learn. Also her love for puzzles was discovered at Ladybird. A special thank you to “Ms. kaajal & Gillian”. Mehak will miss you both a lot shes constantly talking abt Kaajal miss this and that.
Ladybird will always have a special place in our hearts.