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Choosing the right Nursery for your child becomes such an important decision, with so many aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Ladybird has been a perfect choice for Anika. From a shy little baby who took almost three weeks to settle, she now looks forward to wake up in the mornings and head to Nursery. Miss Nicole, Miss Hania, Miss Lenka and Miss Suni have been a fabulous support and have really brought out her personality and her capabilities. From being reserved and very introvert, she’s really groomed to set foot into big school. Thanks to the fabulous staff at Ladybird, Anika has become such an independent and loving child, who’s always ready to share whatever she has. The environment is so homely and cozy and there is so much openness towards discussion, regarding any matter concerning Anika. Thank you Ms Nicole in guiding Anika so beautifully in the last year and getting her ready to set foot into big school. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories we will cherish for a very long time.

Raksha and Rajeev Gehi