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Our son has been a Montessori child since September 2013. Vihaan started his first learning steps under Ms. Emma and Ms. Rosemary in Rainbow class where he developed himself as a toddler to improve his motor skills and had a solid foundation to learning. He then progressed to Red Class in September 2014 where Mrs. Das, Mrs. Rosie and Ms. Loida.

It is amazing- as parents, we want the best for the child to learn and develop and the day arrives when they have to move to the big school. After 2 years in Ladybird Nursery, we can proudly say that we made the right choice for our son who continues to have fun whilst learning. It wasn’t long ago when Ms Emma had to wipe his tears to bid good bye to us on the first day in Rainbow class where the caring environment helped him settle in a new place where he was truly welcomed and learnt to be independent. In one year, Vihaan’s move to Red Class helped him to be a confident, curious learner to ask the logic. There are no words to express how amazed and truly grateful we are as we bid an emotional farewell to the Montessori who prepared Vihaan to start as full-time student in a big school in Foundation Stage class after summer.

Ms. Emma (Teacher, Rainbow class): You will remain Vihaan’s first teacher and although he pretends not knowing you when he enters the big Red class, we want to share that you still remain a topic of discussion at dinner time. Vihaan became independent under you and for this we remain indebted.

Ms. Rosemary (Helper, Rainbow class): Your support was amazing for Vihaan who was so dependent initially to fit in (pamper phase!) and would fall asleep by noon for you to carry him. Many thanks!

Mrs. Das, Mrs. Rosie and Ms. Loida (Red Class): You make a great team. You truly are so caring, excellent in team work and complement each other. Vihaan is developing good social skills and is comfortable in different surroundings due to your efforts.

Mrs. Das (Teacher, Red class): You must know that you have made such a positive influence on Vihaan. He has grown from being a toddler in September to a boy coming his age. Thank you for all your love, support and drive that reflects the fantastic work that you do with 110{5c8414325401ff168998cf0111bbe3e55d579e0583b9e8569c16ec54ff8d63d5} commitment & follow through. We as parents learnt from you how to strike a balance in teaching a child with love and firmness.

Mrs. Rosie (Assistant Teacher, Red class): We will forever be grateful for the things you taught that did transcend into our home. You helped Vihaan learn to share, develop interest in books, know importance of organizing things and putting things back to where he picks up from…and the list is endless. Your teachings wouldn’t be forgotten and your support is much appreciated.

Ms. Loida (Helper, Red class): We honestly thought Vihaan will never leave his bottle and will need potty training this summer too. You changed our perception, proved us wrong and helped him be independent and have more self-control to move to a big school. Your support and loving smile will remain in his mind forever and we appreciate your support through the year.

Rakhee and I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful place for Vihaan to learn, grow, blossom and see the world in a more meaningful way as a loving human being. You all have set him on a marvelous path and for this we are forever grateful.

Proud Parents,
Rakhee & Vijay Gandhi