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Nursery Newcomers

As we settle into the New Year, a lot of family members are going through the anxiety of settling their little ones at nursery.  As a mother of two teenage boys now I know how that feels.

Let me reassure you, helping children cope with separation anxiety from their families is something teachers do daily.  Some children handle transitions more easily than others.  Some settle in a matter of days while others take weeks but they all eventually get there!

As early childhood professionals we understand the importance of developing routines with families to facilitate this transition.  It is important to build trust between children and their families during this process.  A child needs to feel safe and secure knowing their family member will return for them.  We encourage clear messages while leaving rather than sneaking out and want parents to work with us to smoothen this separation anxiety. We often find ourselves consoling mothers instead of children!  I would like to leave you with the 3 C’s to Goodbye without tears that worked for me…

Consistency – Don’t give up if your child is having a bad day, make preschool part of your child’s routine.

Comfort – Let your child bring a comfort toy or little reminder from home to ease the separation anxiety.

Communication – Keep the communication ongoing with your child’s teacher and your child.

Best of luck and welcome to the Ladybird community!

Best Regards,
Monica Valrani
Ladybird Nurseries