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Hello Helen,
I just wanted to write you a quick note about how impressed I am by Noah’s progress bearing in mind he only joined half way through the year. Just to mention a few, I have noticed a positive improvement in his pencil grip and coloring (within lines). I generally feel his inquisitiveness is being well nourished at nursery and that he is a happy boy going in every day and being a part of your environment. I have to say a big thank you to Mrs. Das and her tremendous ability to help Noah adjust so well and to progress the way he has been and continues to; she is a superb teacher and teachers are what make all the difference in impacting a child. Thank you to all of you for making Noah’s journey so warm and memorable. I am so not ready for him to move on to big school in all honesty! But at least we won’t be cutting any cords thanks to Tamara 🙂 I hope that she can get to experience such a rich learning experience with Mrs. Das next nursery year.
I just want to add that your entire nursery family are wonderful, genuine people, and a family is just what it is. Thank you Helen for making it all work so smoothly and keeping a laid back culture within.
Many thanks to you all!