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‘We love this place. And we leave it with a very heavy heart.

Lady bird is not about the latest technology and gadgets but it is a nursery the way that I have always known it and that’s really the reason I was drawn into it. It felt real. It was our second home. From the second you get greeted by Reji in the morning to the minute we walk out we see nothing but real genuine people who are willing to accommodate us in everything.

The thank yous would be endless… starting with Ms Sonia from purple class. Layla has done 5 terms with her. She was her only teacher and I hope we could find a match when we go to ‘Big School’. Ms Sonia talks about the children like they are her own. You see pride on her face and tears and smiles and joy…. Just the same emotions we have looking at our own child. I feel she mirrored the way I would want to bring up my child and that’s why I felt at ease.

Ms Karishma, the kids love you. You will be a great teacher yourself

Ms Gemma, may God bless you with all the efforts you have put the kids.

Mr Reji! Sir, I see you heading a school once you move back to India! You’ve got a head to treasure!!

Ms Helen, you were the initial reason I knew I was making the right decision having Layla join Lady Bird. A great first impression…. But everything that followed surpassed expectations.

I can go on with the thank yous…. Ms Fal, Ms Loyda and everyone out there with the huge smile and warm greetings. Thank you!

We close this chapter. And we move on.

Layla’s Mom.